Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pendulum Dowsing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could connect with Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to get accurate answers to all your burning questions about life, your purpose, money, relationships and health?How awesome would it be if there was a simple way to get some guidance to navigate life when going gets tough… Well, actually there is. It’s called pendulum dowsing.

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Even if this is the first time you’ve come across the term, don’t worry. With a bit of practice, anyone can do it, including you.Read further to find out exactly what pendulum dowsing means and how you can use it in your life, or use the table of contents to skip to the section that interests you the most.

What is pendulum dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is a form of divination. A pendulum works similarly to an antenna.It picks up on and absorbs the energy vibes all around you, whether they’re coming from people, places or things. Or – in other words – a pendulum is an instrument that lets you access the treasures lurking in your subconscious, as well as the collective consciousness of our Universe.Scientifically speaking, some research indicates that a pendulum is simply picking up on an electromagnetic energy that exists on Earth and radiates from everything on it.To practice pendulum dowsing you hold a weighted crystal that’s attached to a string or chain between your finger and thumb.You then ask the pendulum questions and you divine the answer through the movements of the pendulum. You can ask yes or no questions with some basic practice or you can use a chart to divine answers to more complicated questions.

Legend has it that great minds like Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein both used pendulum dowsing in their practices.

What can you use pendulum dowsing for?

It’s used for a number of reasons – locating missing items, connecting with your Spirit Guides, getting clear answers and even telling the future. You can even communicate with your pets to figure out what they need, by using pendulum dowsing.

So let’s get you started with pendulum dowsing!

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How to choose a pendulum

Einstein allegedly said this about dowsing:

“The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.”

And he was right. Your pendulum doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, it can be any object suspended from a string.

A word of caution though: unless you’re using a crystal or some other sturdy material as your pendulum, be aware that you’ll have to throw it away after a few uses. This is because, as I mentioned before – just like all of us, pendulums are not immune to vibes and energy.They absorb them, just like you do. And just like you, they too need regular cleansing, to clean themselves of the energy they’ve taken on.

But still, the bottom-line is: you don’t need to save up for a fancy pendulum. You can if you want, of course (and there are a number of beautifully crafted pendulums available online and in holistic shops).

But don’t be put off the practice just because you don’t have the perfect pendulum yet. If you feel called to do it, start your practice today.Take your house key and tie it to a string. Use the toy mouse, tied to a string, that you give to your cat to play. Use anything and I’ll explain how you can turn it into a fully functional pendulum.

Before you read any further, take some time to think about these questions. What do you want to dedicate your pendulum to? What do you hope to achieve by this spiritual practice? What drew you to pendulum dowsing in the first place?

Why am I asking you to think about these questions? Patience, mon ami! All will be revealed in due time.

Here are some beautiful pendulums that will get your started:

If you want to find out what your natural psychic talents and divine gifts are, then I highly recommend that you get a numerology reading. The initial reading is completely free and highly recommended.
Get your FREE READING here
A numerology reading is based on your name and date of birth. I found it to be one of the most accurate readings I have ever received.

Best crystals to use for pendulum dowsing

If you’re not convinced and would prefer to wait until you have a beautiful pendulum in your hands, I’d recommend picking one with a specific stone or crystal to assist you in your work. So spend some time thinking about what you’d like to use your pendulum for, and then have a browse at the different qualities of gemstones to find one that matches yours. I recently covered Amazonite, the stone of courage and truth, in a previous blog post. Here are a few others:

Quartz crystals

Quartz is an amplifier of energy. This quality makes it perfect for picking up on messages coming through and so they will provide a clearer channel for receiving answers. Clear Quartz, for instance, is good for awakening, amplifying and transmitting energy. It helps to clarify thoughts. It helps you connect with your Higher Self and spirit guides, removing negativity.


The crystal of strength and courage, this wonderful stone helps to ground and stabilise emotions and the physical energy. It gives strength to both the body and the mind. It can help you accept yourself and see the truth for what it is.It’s also used for eliminating negative energy and soothing your racing thoughts, your body and nourishing your spirit.


Associated with the Third Eye and the Brow Chakras, Amethyst is the stone to use, if you want to develop your spirituality and intuition. It can help you achieve strength, inner peace and stability. It is wonderful in its ability to enhance meditation and psychic abilities. It helps gain clarity and understanding. If you’re struggling with sleep, you may want to place an amethyst under your pillow.


This gemstone is revitalising and cleansing. It amplifies hope, happiness, courage and warmth. It can enhance self-expression and help boost your self-esteem and creativity, as it allegedly holds the energy of the sun. It has some powerful cleansing and revitalising qualities, and can help awaken both body and soul. It can help attract abundance into your life.

Green Jade

This wonderful stone is associated with the Heart Chakra and, as such, can help you balance your emotions, bringing purity into your life and removing negative energy. It radiates unconditional love, a clear mind and wisdom, among other qualities, such as courage and serenity. It can help you to awaken to who you really are and your higher purpose, and help protect you from harm.


This is a stone associated with mystic powers and protection. It helps to clarify thought processes and increase your energy. It is great for direct energy with more intensity and connecting with your Higher Self. This, in turn, can help you find your spiritual purpose. This gemstone enhances intuition, raises your consciousness and connects you to the energy that governs the Universe. It can help you reflect and shows someone’s true intentions.

How to choose the right crystal for your pendulum

Choose a pendulum that ‘feels right’. Despite the list I’ve just shared with you, try not to overthink it – just trust in your intuition and let it lead you. If you’re drawn to a certain crystal in a shop – if it looks interesting, captivating, attractive or beautiful – simply pick that one and trust that it will be right for you.

How to use a pendulum

Whether you’vie tied a bottle-top to a piece of string, or chosen a beautiful crystal that resonates with you, We’re almost ready to put it into practice and do some pendulum dowsing.


First things first – you need to clean and dedicate your pendulum before it’s first use.

This is an important step before you can use your pendulum, in order to get accurate answers.

Cleansing your pendulum

Think of a champagne bottle being broken on the side of the ship on its maiden voyage. We’re surrounded by rituals, even if we don’t recognise them as such. And cleansing your pendulum can become a ritual, too.

Here are some ideas on how to cleanse your pendulum.

Use sunlight/moonlight to cleanse your pendulum.Leave it on the window-sill or outside, where your pendulum can soak up tons of goodness from The Sun or The Moon.

Put some sea salt (it has to be sea salt) into a glass filled with water. Leave your pendulum to soak for 8 hours. You can then lay it out in the sunlight to dry for an hour or so.

White sage is often used to cleanse a room or crystals of different energies. Burn some white sage in a fireproof bowl or container. Place your pendulum in the smoke, and hold it there for a few minutes. Your pendulum may dance or slow down but carry on for up to 5 minutes.

Remember that you’ll need to repeat this process time and again, as your pendulum will need cleaning in between uses to get rid of all that energy.

Dedicating your pendulum

Before you can start dowsing, there is one more important thing to do – dedicating your pendulum.

The reason for this is that you want to make sure that you connect with your pendulum on an energetic level. You also want to be absolutely sure that you allow only beings of light to use the pendulum. This is why this step is so important.

Make it into a short ritual. It’s up to you how you dedicate your pendulum – again, trust in your intuition. It’s a good idea to light a fresh candle that you’ve cleansed before, as explained in my ultimate guide to candle magic. You can also use sage.

Make sure that at some stage you say out loud that you’re dedicating your pendulum to the light. Only light beings and spirits can use it. You want to absolutely certain that you observe this step before you start dowsing.

Don’t forget to also set an intention for your pendulum. Do you remember those questions I asked you to think about earlier? Well, this is where you get to put them to use.

After you’ve cleansed and dedicated your pendulum, you now need to set an intention for its use as your final step in this process. This will ensure that your pendulum can focus on that task more effectively.

If nothing comes to mind yet, don’t worry. The most important thing is to cleanse and dedicate your pendulum. You can set an intention for it later, once you’ve used it a few times and have a better idea of what you’d like to use it for.

Place the pendulum above the candle flame or the smoke of the sage, and keep it there until it stops to move.

How does pendulum dowsing work?

No one is entirely sure how pendulum dowsing works.It’s a bit like using your TV antenna to find your favourite channel. But just because they don’t know how it works doesn’t diminish the fact that it works.And you don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to try it for yourself. With your pendulum ready for use, let’s look at some pendulum dowsing techniques.

What type of questions can you ask?

The short answer is – you can ask any question. Your pendulum is not limited to one area of life, but if you have set an intention for it, the pendulum will be most accurate and focused on questions related to that question.

This book has a list of great questions to ask your pendulum:

If you want to find out what your natural psychic talents and divine gifts are, then I highly recommend that you get a numerology reading. The initial reading is completely free and highly recommended.
Get your FREE READING here
A numerology reading is based on your name and date of birth. I found it to be one of the most accurate readings I have ever received.

For example, if your intention for your pendulum was to receive and share love, then your pendulum will be well-equipped to ask questions about romantic partners, friendships and other questions related to love.

Here are a few others examples of the type of questions you can ask:

Locating lost objects or missing pets, underground pipe leaks, sources of malfunction in your equipment, health problems in your body.

Testing for chemicals in water, pesticides, allergies.

Determining compatibility between things and places, as well as people. Checking the health of animals and plants; checking if someone is being honest.

Assistance in making big decisions, such as career change, relationships, investments and stocks, and many others.

How to divine answers from your pendulum

Although there are some ways in which a pendulum typically tends to swing to give you a specific answer, remember that each pendulum is unique. That’s why it’s best to start by asking your pendulum to show you how to read it.

How to calibrate your pendulum for a yes or a no answer

Hold your pendulum in the hand that you write with. Ask your pendulum to show you ‘yes’. Observe in which way it moves.

Now, do the same with ‘no’ and make a note in which way it moves.

Do the same with ‘maybe’ or ‘I don’t know’. The final direction is reserved for more complex answers, when your pendulum wants you to be aware of something outside the scope of ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’.

These are the four directions in which a pendulum tends to swing, and you should repeat this process until you get a good feel in which way your pendulum is swinging for a particular answer.

Forward and Back

Side to Side


Counter Clockwise

Now, to take your pendulum for a test ride. Write down some statements about you or your life to check the accuracy of your pendulum. For example, you could write:

My car is red.

I work at (insert your company here).

I am (insert your age) years old.

I am male/female.

I have a pet.

I have/don’t have children.

Ask your pendulum to answer each one. Do the same as before – hold it in your dominant hand, ask the question or state the statement, and your pendulum will show you the right answer.

If you got more than 90% right, then you’re all set to start pendulum dowsing!

If you got in the region of 70%, then your pendulum could use a bit more tuning. Or maybe it needs to soak up on your energy some more – try carrying it in your chest pocket or somewhere close to you for a whole day and repeat this practice again.

If you got less than 70%, then try cleansing your pendulum again. If it still plays up, ask your pendulum if it is being controlled by a being of light. If it says yes, then cleanse it again and ask your guardian angel to take ownership of your pendulum.

For more great ways to use your pendulum I recommend this book:

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Going beyond a simple yes and no

Although it’s fun to begin with, getting simple yes and no answers can get frustrating in time. Don’t worry – there are a number of methods and techniques you can use to get more complex answers quicker.

Using a list

For practice, write a list, listing different objects that you have and don’t have in your room. Stick to ten for now, three of them being objects that are definitely not in your room.

Now, ask your pendulum to state whether each object is in your room. Hold it in your hand and guide it over each object on the list, noting which way it swings for an answer. How accurate were you? If your pendulum got most of the answers right, you can move onto more complex methods. (If it didn’t then re-read the previous paragraph to make sure your pendulum is not being exploited!)

Using an 8-ball answers list

You can come up with your own list or get a ready-made one from 8-ball answer lists. This list can help you extend the answer range from simple yes, no and maybe to more complex responses. Remember that you still need to ask accurate questions though.

Using a phonebook

You may be asking yourself – will this plumber will give me best value for money? Is this company trustworthy? Is this estate agent the best one for me to use? The list goes on…

Ask the question, the swing your pendulum over the phone book. It should swing in a different way for different providers.

Using a calendar

You can also use a pendulum to find out the best day for performing certain activities. (When should I go to the hairdresser to cut my hair? When should I sow those seeds I’ve been meaning to plant for a while and keep putting off?)Ask the question, then swing your pendulum over the calendar. Note that your pendulum may swing in a different way to indicate a date than it does when you ask a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. As always, practice makes perfect!

Using pendulum dowsing charts

There are a number of pendulum dowsing charts available online. Here’s a website that provides a range of free printable dowsing charts for you to play with.

Where do the answers come from?

That’s an important question to ask here. If you’ve dedicated your pendulum to light, then the answers you receive should come from light beings. Your spirit guides, angels or the divine Source of all. This is why dedicating it for the right use is such an important step.

But don’t worry – pendulums can only show you answers to what’s already there. They cannot open any doors or portals for spirits to enter your home.

If you are concerned about your pendulum being used by dark forces, then ask your pendulum these two questions before each use:

Are you absolutely energetically clear?

Is a being of the (highest) light working this pendulum?

If you get a ‘no’ to either of those questions, then don’t proceed. Cleanse your pendulum again and ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to remove the bad spirit.

If you really want to learn how to pendulum dowse then i recommend getting a couple of books and a nice pendulum so you can take your time and develop your skills. You will unlock your intuition in no time. Here’s my favourite books: 

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How to protect yourself from dark spirits when pendulum downsing

If you’ve dedicated your pendulum to the use of light, all should be well. But from time to time you may encounter a situation where a dark spirit has entered your room. Don’t worry – you are still in control! Here are some tips on what to do, if this happens.

Don’t use your pendulum when you’re tired or exhausted.Being in a lower vibrational state, you’re likely to attract other beings that vibrate on a lower energy pane. So make sure you’re fully charged up before you start using your pendulum.

Use sea salt to protect you.

As the agent for cleansing and purification, sea salt has been used by a number of witches and mystics over the years. Take a handful of salt and infuse it with a prayer. Ask the Highest light beings or God to infuse the sea salt with the energy of light. Your intent is very important here – chant a prayer as you sprinkle the salt around you to form a protective circle.

Burn sage in the room.

White sage is excellent for cleansing a room of any negative energy or low vibration. If

the smoke isn’t too pungent for you, it’s a good idea to get a few bunches of sage before you start to practice pendulum dowsing.

Other than that – have fun! Let me know how you get on with pendulum dowsing in the comments box below – I’d love to hear from you.

If you want to find out what your natural psychic talents and divine gifts are, then I highly recommend that you get a numerology reading. The initial reading is completely free and highly recommended.
Get your FREE READING here
A numerology reading is based on your name and date of birth. I found it to be one of the most accurate readings I have ever received.

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