The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 111

It’s there when you glance at the clock – 1.11pm again. It’s there when you flick through a book – your finger got caught on page 111. And it’s there when you’re scanning the prices at a supermarket – you weigh up a bag of apples and they cost exactly $1.11!

It’s like the number 111 follows you everywhere you go! Coincidence? Or a message from your Higher Self?

If you’ve awakened to a lifestyle that embraces spirituality and seeks out wisdom, you may start noticing certain number sequences pop up everywhere. Congratulate yourself for it – the Universe is reaching out to you!

Now that you’ve got this far in your spiritual journey, it’s important to stay open to receiving and decode the messages that the Universe is sending you.

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There is no such thing as coincidence

Numbers form one of the few unchangeable truths in this existence. But the synchronicity of how these numbers pop up for you, is unique to your Higher Self. It’s a personal message from the Universe to YOU, designed to assist you along your individual path.

Numerology studies the significance that numbers hold in our reality and beyond in depth. Before we delve into unpicking what 111 may signify, we need to understand that each individual number in that sequence carries with it a certain weight.

The magical angel number 111 has a miraculously intense message contained within its vibrational weight.

But to understand that message fully, we firstly need to break down the energy of each component. These are:

  • Number 1;
  • Master Number 11;
  • Number 3.

The significance of number 1

The number 1 in numerology is the primal force of nature, ruled by the Sun. It represents new beginnings, a fresh start and the energetic power that comes to assist pursuing your creative talents and everything that comes naturally to you.

Just look at the shape of the number 1. Even that reflects the internal meaning of this number – doesn’t it look a bit like a self-assured individual who’s standing upright?

It also signifies leadership, and the abilities that one must develop to become a great leader. These include motivation, assertiveness, logic, independence and ambition. Interestingly, the first sign of the Zodiac is Aries, a cardinal fire sign that embodies independence. Aries is the leader of the pack, representing initiation, aggression, and a pioneering energy that faces life “head-on” like a ram. Another coincidence? I think not.

But wait, there’s more to number 1. In the Tarot, card 1 is The Magician. And as such, it is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, skillful analysis, and logic. The Magician card also represents the four fundamental elements of The Alchemist. You’re probably familiar with these already – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Why is this significant? Because an alchemist has the creative power to alter reality. When this card appears it means that you contain the energy to build a new life cycle.And if you pay attention to the message expressed through the numbers, you can work to pull together your skills and tools and channel that energy toward a desired new beginning.

The number 1 also serves to remind us that we are insightful beings.

It encompasses your own personal beginning and your true self that knows far more than you may imagine. Your inner self stays true to your inner, often deeply buried, beliefs and sacred goals. How? Because your true self is the pure expression of the Source energy.

That’s number 1 in a nutshell. To uncover the full meaning of the sequence 111, it’s important to also look at the master number 11.

Master Number 11

The number 11 in numerology is called the Master Number.

It represents illumination. These are the energies and messengers that call on humanitarianism, revelation, intuition, idealism, enlightenment, calling forth a spiritual awakening.

It holds the weight of connecting with your Higher Self. It’s a reminder that we must all strive to know and consciously embody our soul’s purpose and mission here on Earth.

Again, star signs are significant here. The 11th sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. It stands for the determination to assist others. Aquarius embodies intellect, inventiveness, and humanitarianism. The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer – an image for someone pouring out their spiritual strength to a tainted world that needs it.

In the Tarot, number 11 represents Justice. This stands for fairness, truth and the law. It means that your thoughts, actions, and serving your higher life purpose are being spiritually judged according to everything you perform. Both consciously and subconsciously, so it’s well worth noting that.

And there’s more. Master number 11 is a Karmic number. If you hold a Karmic debt with a number 11, you’ll reap incredible rewards in this lifetime by trusting your intuition over your rational mind. It may be that in previous lifetimes you did what everyone else was doing, having a comfortable life. You’ve come back to learn how to take a chance, make bold decisions and trust yourself. If you expect the best, the best will follow you – you’ll be able to explore the many opportunities open to you. Unfortunately, it works both ways – if you expect the worst, you will receive the same back, just as the Law of Attraction states.

Many people notice the number 1 before any other number. If that’s happening to you then maybe this is your first reminder that there is more to life, and the synchronicities that you notice around you will demonstrate that.

Now, here’s the last number that you need to be aware of in order to understand the full meaning of the sequence 111.

The power of number 3

Wait a second…you may say at this point. I thought we were talking about 111? Why have you suddenly mentioned 3?

The answer is simple, my friend. It’s because 1+1+1 = 3. Capish?

In Numerology, the number 3 represents self-expression, art, creativity, imagination, spontaneity, and social enthusiasm. It is symbolic of a trinity and plays a significant role in expressing spiritual ideas, including these:

  • Father-Son-Holy Spirit in Christianity;
  • Mind-Body-Soul in New Age spirituality;
  • Conscious-Subconscious-Superego in Freudian psychology.

The number 3 is also representative of the energies of the Ascended Masters in the spiritual dimension.These are the powerful teachers, prophets, and healers who held a human form once, yet transcended human limitations. They inspire those of us who seek to attain a higher spiritual consciousness. They offer spiritual guidance. Number 3 is a reminder you that your thoughts are being heard and responded to by the Universal and Divine energies.

In the Tarot, number 3 signifies The Empress. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, passion, beauty, abundance, and fertility. It reminds us to get in touch with our senses to experience deeper fulfillment and create beauty in our lives. It shows when we need to discover new ways to express ourselves and bring forth ideas that have been building up deep inside of us for a long time.

Are you seeing 111 everywhere?

The repeating number sequence of 111 embodies the combined energies, vibrations, and attributes of all of the aforementioned numbers – the number 1, Master Number 11, and even the number 3.

So let’s recap. Remember we talked about these attributes for each individual number?

INNER-ABILITY LEADERSHIP – that was number 1


CREATIVE EXPRESSION – that’s number 3

If you see the repeating Angel Number sequence 111, there’s a good chance that your thoughts and day-to-day actions in the moment are aligned with the universe and your spiritual path.

Your intuition is right – have the courage to trust in its messages!

What should I do if I see 111?

Make a mental note of the thoughts passing through your consciousness at that moment, and keep them fruitful. Remember that they will have a ripple effect on your reality – the thoughts you think will create the reality that you see.

If you practice awareness of thought, it will undoubtedly serve your awakening and mission. You’ll be able to learn to release fear-based ideas as soon as they’re born in your mind, without dwelling upon them.

This will help you attain abundance in whatever your soul craves. Your intuition will help you to know that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

If number 111 shows up in your life repeatedly, then be a lightworker. Trust that all the higher forces are supporting you at that moment so that you can become an illuminating guide for others. 111 is a message encouraging you to share your intuitive leadership and creative gifts with humanity.

Although it may not have always felt that way, your unique philosophies and experience were divinely organized. You can now utilise your gifts and make the most of them.

You can create a new consciousness starting in your own life, which will then vibrate out to contribute to the process of awakening consciousness of the collective community. There is more to this life than meets the eye.

So if you’re seeing 111 everywhere, the message to you is clear – rely on your inner wisdom. Trust your intuition – it knows things without a rational explanation.

If you are seeing triple number sequences of any kind, never doubt it has a special meaning for you at that time.

Once you recognise, acknowledge, affirm and show gratitude to this message that has been sent to you, you may start seeing new numbers.

It is possible that advancement in your consciousness is underway. Embrace this growth and anticipate that new messages will start to arrive.


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