Discover the Magic of Angel Numbers & Connect With Divine Guidance
Angel Numbers

Discover the Magic of Angel Numbers

Your Angels are always sending you messages that contain divine guidance and wisdom. One of the ways they do this is through numbers. When you see the same numbers showing up in your life over and over again, you can be sure it’s a message from the Angels.

You could be waking up at 5:55 every night. You look at your phone during the day, and you see it’s 5:55 pm. You check your email and see 555 unread messages, and then you go to buy some lunch, and it comes to $5.55. It seems this number is following you everywhere. But, this is a message from the angels. By getting your attention with repeated numbers, they are trying to help you, by providing you with divine assistance and guidance. Remember, Angels cannot interfere directly in your life as it would violate the principle of free will, but what they can do is send you important messages, situations, and synchronicities that will aid you on your path to becoming your true self and living your divine purpose.

Why do the Angels use numbers to communicate?

Angels are divine beings of pure truth, light, and love. They vibrate at such a high frequency that us humans cannot see or directly communicate with them in our everyday experience. If you wanted to communicate directly with them, you would need to raise your spiritual vibration to match the frequency of the Angelic Realms. You would then be able to channel information from the angels through one of your psychic senses.

However, most people don’t vibrate at the frequency required to communicate directly with the angels all day every day. It’s only after a period of intense spiritual practice and psychic development that you will be able to communicate with the Angels directly.

So, to make contact with us, the angels will use signs, symbols, and numbers to send us divine guidance and messages of love and support.

Numbers express the very building blocks of life in existence. Everything can be reduced down to mathematical formulas and expressions. Numbers are universal, and they show up everywhere. There are patterns in nature that can be expressed through very elegant numerical formulas.

It’s because of the universal use of numbers that Angels use them to communicate with us.

How to interpret Angel Numbers

Behind every number, and number sequence is the science of numerology.

Numerologists assign meanings to numbers based on the vibrational quality of that number.

You then need to combine all the vibrational qualities in each numerical sequence to find out the message that the angels have for you.

Here is a list of single-digit angel numbers and the vibrational qualities that I have discovered through my channeling sessions:

0 – Zero is the essence, it contains the frequencies of all numbers and all experiences. Zero means that your Angels are present and ready to help. Look at the numbers surrounding zero to see what the angels want to help you with

1 – One is the number of new beginnings. When you see 1’s, it means you need to keep your thoughts aligned with what you want to manifest as situations will start to unfold which will give you the opportunity to fulfill your destiny. I talk in depth about angel number 1 here.

2 – The number Two is about relationships. When you see this number, it’s a reminder to be conscious of the relationships you have with yourself and with others. Be gentle, be kind and spread love and light. By helping others, the universe will repay you tenfold and help you. Here’s more information about angel number 2.

3 – This is the number of creativity. When this number shows up, the angels are reminding you to use your innate gifts to create the life that will see you fulfill your divine purpose. Read more about angel number 3 here.

4 – Four is the number of structure and stability. When four’s show up, it’s time to ensure you have the foundations in place to build the life of your dreams. if you’re seeing angel number 4, read this article to find out what it means.

5 – five is the number of change. When the Angels send 5s into your life its time to consider changing what you are doing or the direction you are going in. It could also signify that significant change is coming. Here is an idepth article on angel number 5.

6 – Six is the number of the mother. It signifies care, compassion, and harmony. It is a reminder that the angels care for you. It can also mean that you need to look at your friends and family and see who needs your care and compassion right now.

7 – Seven is the number of mystics, magic and the unknown. When you see this number it is a sure sign that you are about to enter a very mystical phase in your life. You will come to understand how manifestation works and how to apply the law of attraction in your life.

8 – Eight is the number of harvests. When you see 8s, it is a sign that all the hard work you have been doing is about to pay off. You will reap what you have sown, and you will soon see a reward for all the effort you have put into your life so far.

9 – Nine means that a cycle in your life is due to end. You will soon be entering a new cycle in which you can start afresh on aspects of your life that don’t align with your soul purpose.

There are two types of angel numbers: Repeating numbers and number sequences. Repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888 and 999 take the meaning of the single digit and supercharge them. They also carry additional meanings that I have discovered in my channeling sessions.

Number sequences use a combination of single digit numbers to send you a combined meaning. For example, the number 132 combines the meanings of the numbers 1, 3, 2. So we would combine new beginnings, creativity, and relationships to discover the meaning. In this example, it could be that you will soon meet someone that will help you use your creativity to start something new in your life.

A more in-depth look at repeating angel number sequences

Repeating number sequences are the most common angel numbers that will show up in your life. I think this is because they are easy to spot and the meaning is easy to interpret. Here the number sequences and what they mean. These meanings are a combination of the traditional numerological associations, as well as the meanings that I have channeled when I connect with the angelic realm.

Angel Number 111

When you see this number, it’s a sure sign that your life is about to be taken in a new direction. Make sure you control your thoughts and only focus on those things that will help you achieve your soul purpose and life destiny. It can also mean that the angels want you to raise your spiritual vibration and be open to spiritual experiences.

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Angel Number 222

This message is all about being conscious of the relationships you have with yourself, your environment and others around you. It is also a reminder that your thoughts are in a relationship with your experience, so if your life isn’t where you want it to be right now, be conscious of the thoughts that are running through your mind.

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Angel Number 333

It’s time to get creative when you see 333. Look at how you can express your truth through creativity. Also, take time to create something that will be of service to humanity.

Click here to learn more about the meaning of Angel Number 333

Angel Number 444

When 444 shows up, it’s time to create stability in your life. To manifest your dreams, you need to work from a safe and secure foundation. 444 is also a sign that your angels are protecting you from negativity so you can focus on living your truth. Remember to listen to your intuition and remember that anything worth having requires effort and hard work!

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Angel Number 555

Eeek! This angel number means a significant change is coming to your life. This is because you are aligning your experience with that of higher consciousness which attracts more synchronistic events into your life. Make sure you don’t have any negative thoughts about what’s happening. 555 is a sign that although you may be going through change, the angels are with you, guiding and helping you.

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Angel Number 666

When 666 shows up repeatedly in your life, it’s time to nurture those around you. Someone needs your help, and the angels are asking you to help them. 6 is the number of helping others, so 666 contains a message that we are all one, and everyone needs help and support.

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Angel Number 777

If you see 777, then the angels want you to wake up to the magic that is within you. You have spiritual and psychic gifts that can be put to use in your quest to fulfill your divine purpose. You need to take the time to develop your gifts so that you can step onto your spiritual path.

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Angel Number 888

If you see 888 repeatedly, then it’s a message that you will soon step into abundance. All the hard work and effort that you have been putting in will soon be realized, and you will harvest what you have been sowing. Also, 888 is about learning spiritual lessons. So you may have just come through a rough patch in your life, and the angels are asking you to reflect on what you have learned from a spiritual perspective.

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Angel Number 999

If you see 999, then the angels want you to know that a cycle is about to end in your life and you will soon step into new energies and experiences. This will give you the opportunity to reassess your life and consider whether what you are doing and experiencing is in alignment with your soul purpose.

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What it means when the Angel Numbers stop appearing in your life

When you see angel numbers you will usually see one or two show up regularly until you have applied the spiritual lesson in your life. At this point, the angels will stop showing you that number and will then wait in the wings until you next need Divine guidance and assistance.

Don’t worry, just because the numbers have stopped showing up doesn’t mean the angels have abandoned you. It just means that you have listened to their guidance and made the necessary changes in your life.


Matt is a professional psychic that specializes in Numerology, Tarot and Energy Work. Matt has been trained in psychic abilities by Alison Wynne-Ryder (Co-Host of Canada's Rescue Medium TV show) and Dusty White (A Bestselling Author who writes about Tarot)

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