What is a Lightworker? 8 Signs You May be One
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What is a Lightworker? 8 Signs You May be One

A lightworker is someone who aims to bring love and light into this world, by healing themselves and sharing their inner gifts with the world.

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to learn about lightworkers and discover if you are one too.

What kinds of lightworkers are there?

There are two types of lightworkers. There are ones who have existed in previous life and there are ones who are new to this existence.

Newly awakened lightworkers seem to heed the calling of their soul through an intensive awakening experience. This could be in the form of a significant life event that’s spurred them into action, or an awakening experience.pastlife of lightworkers

Because of the powerful effect of their awakening, they seem to be able to just dive right into their calling and make massive life changes.

They may be less likely to be held back by fear, compared to lightworkers that have existed in a previous incantation.

Fear is the eternal challenge of the lightworkers who have been here before.

They have lived many lifetimes already, and may subconsciously be afraid of being persecuted yet again.

They may be aware that time is at hand to complete their mission, but they may find it difficult to take a significant step towards discovering what their purpose is, or heeding to its call.

They need to face their own shadows and fears before they can share their important message with the world.

What is a lightworker’s mission?

Whether a newly-awakened or an experienced type, all lightworkers share the same mission.

Their aim is to raise the collective consciousness of humanity to a higher level.

This can be a subconscious drive – something that you may feel intuitively is your purpose in this life, no matter how different your present circumstances are, or how far you feel you are from this path.

If this does sound like you though, then check out these eight signs that can help reveal whether you are a lightworker.

1. You enjoy seeing others grow

spiritual growth

Lightworkers are not limited to any particular profession or vocation.

No matter what type of work you are doing, you enjoy seeing progress in others, even more so than you enjoy when your own work is praised.

So whether you’re an office admin, a sales executive or a counsellor, it’s likely that you’ll feel most fulfilled when you’ve enabled someone else to grow and develop.

This is because – beyond the duties of your paid work – your true devotion lies with your mission of elevating the consciousness of the people around you.

Like the sun that shines on all beings equally, so your joy does not distinguish between friends and foes – you enjoy seeing progress in everyone equally, and this eventually overpowers any feelings of hostility.

2. You have a natural drive to share what you have with others

At this stage, you may not be aware of what your talents are, or what gifts you could share with the world.

It can leave you feeling frustrated at times, because you may experience a deep need to share them and a sense of urgency to do this.

This is why you are a lightworker – a light shines within you. It’s nothing but pure energy that needs some way of being unleashed.

If you suppress that energy, it may actually create negative emotional and physical consequences in your own life.

The Gospel of Thomas, one of the early Christian writings discovered with a bunch of others at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945, summarises this well.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

So if that’s you, be open and embrace the possibility to one day share your gifts with others, even if you don’t yet know what they are.

3. You are attracted to a career in counseling, teaching, mentoring, psychic or spiritual fields


Lightworkers are here to raise the collective consciousness of the human race. If you are one of them, naturally, you will be attracted to areas where you come into close practical contact with your mission.

Since you have an innate desire to see others grow, you may find yourself interested in teaching or mentoring.

If you find that your career doesn’t feel rewarding to you, then you could try volunteering for a few hours per week for a charity to see if that satisfies your existential cravings.

If it does, then you may well be a lightworker, so doing more of that kind of work, will be deeply rewarding and enriching for you.

4. You have an innate understanding of spirituality

Your intuition just gets things without necessarily seeing a scientific proof for them.

You don’t disregard science, but you may be someone who places more importance on the wisdom of your heart than mind.

For example, you may understand the concept that everything is made up of energy and therefore everything in the physical world is an illusion without ever reading up about the String Theory.

You may understand that if someone wants to shift their physical reality, they must first shift their non-physical reality (thoughts and feelings) without having read Einstein’s quote “if you amplify the frequency the structure of the matter will change.”

This may be because you’ve already spent lifetimes working in the spiritual field – you may have been a nun, a sage, a witch, an energy healer or a psychic, and your past experience informs you to this day.

5. You may feel like an outcast – people may say that you’re quite eccentric

You might at times feel as though your efforts to fit into the society aren’t yielding any results.

The more you try to fit in, the more you feel as though a part of you is being denied.

This is because social norms are clichéd but lightworkers have a very unique and individual path to travel.

Lightworkers path

While this may seem discouraging at first, consider this. In society, talks of war and violence are always in the air, consumerism poses many threats and we’re all afraid of the looming eco-crisis. Is this a society that you want to belong to? Or do you feel that the world could be a different, more enlightened place to live?

Instead of trying to fit into society’s expectations, you should be proud of feeling like an outcast.

You have your own unique path to travel, and not everyone will like it.

Consider some of the most enlightened people in history. Buddha’s family must have thought that he was absolutely nuts when he left his palace with all of its treasures and comforts to pursue a spiritual way of life.

More recently, Osho (considered to be one of the most influential mystics of the 20th century) outlined in his talks that his entire family considered him crazy for his wish to remain in meditative silence and reject the family business in exchange for studying philosophy. Throughout his lifetime, he was fiercely loved by his disciples and ferociously hated by those who opposed him.

If you follow the truth within, you are bound to displease some people, but trust in your path. Only this way you’ll create a change that will eventually enable more and more people to break away from the status quo.

6. You’ve suffered a lot in your life

We’ve all suffered to some extent.

It may seem unjust that someone who wants to help others to elevate their consciousness, has to go through so much suffering themselves. But in the words of one of the leading figures in the self-help field Gabrielle Bernstein: “Your wounds are your wisdom.”

If you’ve been down, you will know exactly what it feels like for others to be in the same situation. Without knowing what true pain feels like, how can you empathize with others?

Because of your experience with suffering and your intuitive understanding of others’ pain and deepest feelings, you may get a bit overwhelmed in a group situation.

You may be picking up on vibes and details that others simply don’t see. You are likely to be quite self-aware and this knowledge enables you to look deeper within other people, seeing past the front that they put on.

This knowledge may be quite unsettling, but just notice what you’re observing without taking any action or judging it.

This is valuable and secret knowledge that enables you to connect with others on a deeper level, or guard yourself against dark motives.

This is not to say that suffering is a necessity.

It is a common misconception that suffering is necessary for spiritual growth. Whatever happened to you and caused you to hurt, you are entitled to feel whatever you feel about the situation.

Perhaps it wasn’t just; most likely you didn’t deserve it. You are allowed to feel anger, sadness or apathy.

You are allowed to mourn all that was lost, and likewise allow others to feel these feelings without judging them or trying to make things better.

Sometimes a lightworker just needs to be there for someone and hold them in their pain. And sometimes a lightworker needs to be there for himself.

7. You want to heal yourself and the world

Heal the World

Perhaps there are some dark clouds in your life that seem so overwhelming that you would do anything to make them part.

But don’t despair – if you’re reading this article, then the time of healing may well be upon you.

Set an intention to heal yourself and you’ve automatically accepted the path of a lightworker.

Trust that the right people, the right circumstances and the right opportunities will flow into your life when you set that intention.

A big challenge in your path will be learning to accept love instead of fear. Remember that healing yourself is a massive step towards healing the world. When you are well and a light illuminates your being from within, it shines and touches people’s hearts in ways that you could never imagine.

When you conquer all your shadows, you’ll be able to thrive.

8. You remain humble

This is an extremely important characteristic of a lightworker.

Being humble doesn’t mean being a doormat. It’s quite the opposite. You may be well aware of your divine nature, but you’re not trying to impose it on others.

If you have a specific idea of how the world should be like, an ultimate truth, and you’re trying to convince others of that idea, then you are not a lightworker.

A true lightworker delights when his/her students find the truth out for themselves, rather than relying on him/her for guidance.

In fact, they may feel quite repelled if someone keeps coming back to them with more questions, because they know that their mission is to make their students independent of a teacher, so that they can always rely on themselves for an answer.

In a sense, a lightworker is trying to set themselves and others free from any outside influences (such as the opinions of the society and family etc). But a lightworker remains humble to the tests of faith, accepting that he/she is still only human and therefore perfectly susceptible to making mistakes and learning from them himself.

He knows that it’s important to remain authentic and therefore is not ashamed to openly admit his mistakes.

Does this sound like you? What steps should you take next?

If you’ve identified yourself as a lightworker, you may feel a lot of fear and confusion on what steps to take next.

The idea of sharing your gifts with the world may seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t yet know what they are. But remember that you only need to do two things – accept your own healing, and set an intention to follow the light that shines within you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and equally your unique purpose will unravel as you live each day from that intuitive space.

Heal yourself

Remember that the most important step for you is to face your own shadows and heal yourself.

This means that you have to get comfortable with the concept of being selfish. Every day, try this simple method from one of the world’s most interesting lightworkers Teal Swan who has battled many of her own shadows.

Before making any decision, ask yourself: “What would someone who loved themselves do?” It’s such an effective method that Teal even calls it a shortcut to Enlightenment! Here’s one of her short videos that explains the process:

Trust your intuition

Your intuition may be better developed than that of others, so trust your inner guidance system. It may be that your early life experiences have made you question it, but try to set yourself free of any external influences.

Spend time in your own company and meditate. If someone asks you to follow a certain group or imposes a belief on you, check first whether it agrees with your inner guide.

Remember that the greatest teachers are always the ones who want you to discover the truth for yourself, so you don’t have a need to rely on them for an answer.

Anything that deviates from this is a false prophecy.

Choose love over fear

Fear seems like such a potent force.

Ironically though, it’s nothing but an illusion.

Various practices have their own names for it – in Christianity, it’s called the devil; in positive psychology, it’s called negative thinking.

However you see fear, believe that you can be free of its grip. Pray to your inner guide to reveal a little more of your light every day to help you overcome fear.

Trust that the right circumstances will arise and that you are always being carried.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about lightworkers. Did any of it resonate with you? If so, write a comment below sharing your experience!

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