How to make your intuition flow like a river when reading tarot

  • Fed up of trying to memorize tarot meanings from a book?​
  • Do you find your keywords don’t fit when doing a reading?
  • Are you struggling to piece the story in the cards together?

This free tarot mini course is for you. Instead of learning card meanings by rote, you will be taken through a process that will unlock your intuition. You will see beyond the traditional card meanings. You’re readings will flow like never before and you’ll astound your friends with your accuracy, guidance and advice.

In this free course you will receive:

  • A beautifully illustrated ebook containing games and exercises that will help you to unlock your intuition when reading the cards.

  • 5 email lessons, delivered once per day which contain easy to follow steps.

  • Guidance and advice gleaned from thousands of professional tarot readings that will reduce your learning curve by years. 

The course will be ready shortly and you’ll receive instant access the moment it’s released.


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