4 Spiritual Secrets & Meanings of Angel Number 1212 Revealed

Angel Number 1212 Meaning

Have you had the uncanny feeling that the number 12:12 is following you?

Have you seen this number pop up somewhere, almost every day? It might be on your clock display or a car number plate, or perhaps you’ve accidentally dialed this particular number on your phone.

If you’ve seen this angel number sequence and it’s stirred something within you, it may be a sign that angels or your spirit guides are trying to communicate an important message to you.

What is their message? In fact, there are several messages that this number conveys, so the one that resonates with you or matches your current circumstances, is the one meant for you. Read on to discover the meaning of the Angel Number 1212.

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The four meanings of Angel Number 1212

Angel Number 1212 is made up of two important numbers in Numerology – number 1 and number 2.

Number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, and it’s an important reminder that your thoughts manifest your reality.

Number 2 is concerned with balance and harmony – both within yourself and in your relationships. Once that balance is achieved, joy and happiness can flow. As a result, you’re in a high vibrational state where things can manifest very quickly.

But what happens when you put these two numbers together? And what if they are magnified by appearing as doubles – as in the case of the Angel Number 1212?

1st 1212 meaning – The angels are supporting you

1212 meaning: the angels are supporting you

Maybe you’ve been working on a project for a long time without seeing any results.

Maybe you’ve changed your career to do something more aligned with your soul’s purpose – and you’re starting to doubt whether trusting your heart was the right thing to do.

Or maybe you’ve tried different manifestation techniques, and nothing seems to be working so far – you don’t feel like you’ve come any closer to your dreams than you did a few months or even years ago.

Don’t worry. Seeing the Angel Number 12:12 is a sure sign that the Universe has your back! The angels are supporting you and letting you know that everything is ok and will work out for the greater good.

You have a powerful team of spiritual supporters behind you!

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2nd meaning of 1212 – Trust in the process

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Have you had to battle anxious thoughts? Have you been worried about the future?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then 12:12 comes as a timely reminder that you need to let go and trust in the process.

Why? Because by being too controlling, you may be sabotaging your own success.

The ability to let go and allow things to unfold without trying to consciously control their outcomes, is an important element of manifesting the kind of reality you really, really want to experience.

Just like you need to build your trust towards a new romantic partner, you also need to learn to trust the Universe.

1212 meaning: trust in the process

It’s a lifelong process and there are often times when worry and doubts will seem too overwhelming to let them go and surrender to life.

You may be wondering right now, how can this situation possibly work out for the best? But that’s because you’re seeing things from a limited perspective.

While you may have it all worked out in your head, the Universe can make it so much easier for you. It knows all the answers, all the possible outcomes, and variations, and it wants to help you get to where your heart craves to be.

If you just let go and admit to yourself that you don’t truly know how a particular situation will work out – and the results are out of your hands – you’ll start to notice a sense of calm and peace in your life. Your perspective will change, and things will unfold just the way they should.

3rd meaning of 1212 – Maintain a positive outlook on your future

The Angel Number 12:12 encourages us to stay positive.

The truth is in the numbers

But by this, I don’t mean a blindly positive attitude towards every challenging situation – and I don’t mean shutting out the bad days, or admitting that bad things don’t happen to good people. (That sounds more like denial to me.)

1212 meaning: maintain a positive outlook on your life

What I mean by ‘staying positive’ is that – despite the chaos and uncertainty that you may be experiencing around you – you are able to stay focused on your dreams and goals.

This way, you are not ignoring the negative events that may be happening around you – but you are choosing to rise above them, to defy adversity, and carry on working towards the kind of future that you want for yourself, hopeful that it will come true when the time is right.

4th meaning of 1212 – Step out of your comfort zone

Have you been meaning to change your career, but you’ve been too afraid to take the necessary steps towards it?

Have you wanted to start a new class, go back to school or start a new relationship – but perhaps you’ve been too afraid of what other people might say?

Are you the kind of person who always agrees to almost anything, even when you don’t have any time to spare because you’re too afraid to say ‘no’?

Seeing the Angel Number 12:12 is an encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and just go for it!

1212 meaning: step out of your comfort zone

Once you’ve conquered your initial fears and worries, you’ll have the ride of a lifetime! If only you step outside what feels familiar and comfortable, and take bold steps, will you see great results?

What to do if you keep seeing Angel number 1212

Although we’ve looked at some of the key messages that the Angel Number 12:12 conveys, you need to feel which meaning resonates with you the most, in order to understand the particular message intended for you.

You can work this out by trusting your ‘gut’ or focusing on the message that most closely relates to the events in your life that you’re experiencing right now.

Consider how you’re feeling, and this may help you decide what action to take when you see the Angel Number 12:12.

If you’re feeling anxious and worried about the future you may need to learn to let go and surrender to the Universe.

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Try some relaxation techniques – have a massage, take a nourishing bath, simply take a break from your daily activities, or listen to some guided meditations on letting go, every evening before you drift off to sleep.

Above all else, understand that, while you have a lot of power to manifest your desires, you cannot control all the possible outcomes.

Examine the areas where you’ve been too controlling – whether in your relationships, work, or other aspects of your life – and surrender them all to the Universe.

1212 reminds you that everything is working out for your highest good, and you need to trust in the process.

If you’ve been feeling a bit too relaxed, it’s time for lights, camera, action!

Balance is an essential component of a happy life. So if you’ve been feeling a bit too relaxed recently, it may be time to step up your game and take bold action towards manifesting your dreams and goals. Sometimes the unwillingness to take action is actually a hidden fear within you.

For example, you may be afraid of failing or you may be worried about what others may say about you. Whatever the reason, delve deep inside your own psyche and examine what that fear may be. Once you know what you’re up against, take action despite your fears.

If you’ve lost faith in things working out.

Try some positive affirmations to get yourself back on track – 1212 is a reminder that the angels are on your side. And, although things may take a little while to manifest, the process is happening nonetheless.

So keep your faith and keep a focus on your goals – you’ll reach them soon enough!

Finally, I always recommend you get a numerology reading if you’ve been seeing angel numbers in your life. A numerology reading will help you understand what you are destined to do. It will uncover your life path number, your destiny number, and your soul’s frequency. This information will help you step onto your life’s path with confidence. Without a reading, you may feel lost and you will struggle to make a decision as to what direction you want your life to go in. The numerology reading I recommend has an initial free reading, and you will find it incredibly accurate. Click here to get your free numerology reading today.

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