The sign of the triangle (head line, life line, hepatic line) and what it means
palmistry sign of the triangle

The sign of the triangle (head line, life line, hepatic line) and what it means

Not many people are familiar with the sign of the triangle in palmistry.

The triangle can be present in different positions on the palm. These positions each mean different things. If the triangle forms with clear, deep lines, then that bodes well for the person in question. A triangle that is flawlessly formed and not hard to spot is a good omen.

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Back to palmistry…. There are some terms to know before discussing the triangle itself. You need to know all about the mount. The “Mount” of several planets details the location that they are in. Look at the picture to see where each “Mount” is.


Here are what the different “Mounts” mean:

  • The Mount of Mars comes in two forms. These forms are Upper and Lower Mars. Mars is powerful and officious. It is connected with the courage and action parts of your spirit. People with well-developed Mounts of Mars tend to be strong leaders.
  • The Mount of Jupiter is located under the first finger. The Mount of Jupiter relates to educational achievement. It is also related to willingness and spirituality. Someone with a well-developed Mount of Jupiter will attain high honors in their education. They will also be hard workers and diligent leaders.
  • The Mount of Saturn is located under the second finger. This Mount is compassionate. Someone with a well-developed Mount of Saturn will be passionate. They will also have a deep love and respect for mankind. They also will have good luck. Their success will come to them easily. The Mount of Saturn is often viewed as a deity of luckiness.
  • The Moon (or “Luna”) has its own line. People with a well-shaped Moon on their palm are voyagers by nature. Their career path is one that suits them well. They are responsible and are capable at their job.
  • The Mount of Venus indicates love and passion. It is named after the goddess Venus. People with a well-developed Mount of Venus will be very passionate and loving people. They will run the risk of being slightly shallow, as they value beauty above all.

Triangles in These Areas

Now that you know where the Mounts are, you can understand the triangles. Triangles in each Mount are significant. There are both positive and negative meanings to triangles found in each. The reading that you get will be more effective when you consider the palm as a whole.

  • A triangle on the Mount of Mars reveals that someone is courageous. They may have shown bravery at their profession or on the triangle-on-luna-mountbattlefield. They are also patient. In addition to courage and patience, a triangle on Mars signifies that someone is bold. But, if the triangle breaks, it will have the opposite effect. Someone with a broken triangle on Mars will be cowardly and unpleasant.
  • A triangle on the Mount of Jupiter is a positive thing. Triangles in these areas show that someone is ambitious. He or she wants to progress in life. They are not stepping on anyone’s throats to get ahead. They are diplomats by nature. They won’t sacrifice relationships to get ahead, but they do want to get ahead. If the triangle is broken, the person is proud and boastful. They will be selfish in how they achieve success.
  • A triangle on the Mount of Saturn is interesting. I believe that someone with a triangle in this area will benefit from psychic readings. He or she may also become a successful psychic themselves. Triangles formed in this area mean that a person is skilled with charms. They are also dependable. If the triangle breaks, it signifies that someone is a thief. A broken triangle shows dishonesty.
  • A triangle in the area of the Moon is a signal that traveling abroad would be a wise choice. Someone with a triangle on their Moon area has opportunities to achieve success. These opportunities aren’t limited to their home country. Traveling abroad is a great way to meet new people. Someone with a triangle in this area will take the opportunity to expand their horizons. A broken triangle on the Moon area of the palm signals hesitancy. It also can be indicative of an unwillingness to travel and grow as a person.
  • If there is a triangle on the Mount of Venus, the person will be friendly. They will be simple and sweet, with high standards of their relationships and living. They will also be sentimental and care deeply about others. However, if the triangle on the Mount of Venus is broken, the person will be a womanizer. They will tend to be reckless in their love life.

Star or Cross

There can also be shapes inside of the triangle. The most common are a star or a cross. These shapes both signify something different. They can have a major effect on the reading itself. A palmist should always be sure to look to see if either of these are present in the triangle.

  • A star inside the triangle signals bad luck in love. Stars are important in palmistry. In order for them to be positive, they need to be placed faultlessly. Otherwise, it is a bad sign. Stars are related to good health and love life. If there is a star shape inside the triangle, it is not placed faultlessly. Therefore, it is not a good sign. It means that there are relationship problems ahead.
  • A cross inside the triangle is unfortunate. It signals that there may be accidents ahead. These accidents can be related to family problems or career issues. Either way, the cross signifies trials to come.

The sign of the triangle is one of the things to watch for in palmistry. This sign affects your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. Your characteristics are directly related to the Mounts of your hand. The triangles’ locations on the Mounts are also relevant. Whether the triangle is intact or not matters too. In palmistry, the sign of the triangle is meaningful to the reading as a whole.

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