What a short or broken life line means (it doesn't mean you're about to die)
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What a short or broken life line means (it doesn’t mean you’re about to die)

A short or broken life line doesn’t mean that you’re going to die soon…

In my readings, when people have a life line that is small or broken, that tends to cause a little panic.

It’s understandable.

When you think of “life line,” you make the connection to something keeping you alive.

However, in palmistry, the meaning of the life line is different. It is also more complicated. Having a short or broken life line does not mean something bad is going to happen to you. It has its own significance, but that significance is different than the stereotypes.

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What is Your Life Line?

In palmistry, your life line has to do with health, relationships, and your well-being. It shows your health, both emotional and physical. The life line curves from the base of your wrist to the area between your thumb and first finger. It curves in almost a “C” shape.


A palmist is not able to divine how long your life will last. This is impossible for anyone to do, no matter how talented the palmist. Certainly, there are some things that can be discovered through the life line. This is not one of them.

The length, depth, and breadth of your life line all mean different things.

  The Different Types of Life Lines

  • If your life-line is short and deep, this signifies that you are resilient. You are able to overcome physical ailments due to an inner strength.
  • A short and shallow lifeline is more concerning than a lifeline that is short and deep. A short, shallow lifeline shows that people have influence over you. You may be easily swayed. In some cases, I worry about clients with a short and shallow lifeline. They may seem as though they are controllable by others. Listening to others and taking their opinions into account is one thing. Being influenced by them and controlled is another.
  • A long, deep life line is a positive sign. It indicates a person who is healthy and energetic. Someone with a long, deep lifeline are well-balanced. I find that clients with this type of lifeline are social and engaging. They are cheerful and direct. There is an aura of vitality around them.
  • A broken life line can be a harbinger. A broken lifeline indicates a struggle. It may signify that a change is going to come that will not be pleasant. This differs based on whether you have a broken line on one hand or both. A broken life line, on one hand, means that you may get ill and then quickly rebound back to health.

Broken life lines on both hands, by contrast, mean that you might get a serious disease. The recovery process could be slow. Broken life lines suggest that there may be some problems. These problems are rooted in your childhood. These issues could affect how you interact in your day-to-day life. Childhood trauma, if it is not dealt with, does not go away on its own. At some point, you will have to face it.

  • A chained life line in palmistry is one that appears braided. The life line looks like a little chain. The chained life line means that youchained-life-linemight be susceptible to health problems. It also suggests a vulnerability to emotional problems. Health problems that the chained line could suggest would be digestive in nature. Emotional problems could include a wide variety of potential issues.
  • A double life line is not often very common. But, for those who do have it, it can possess multiple meanings. A double (or triple) lifeline has to do with interpersonal relationships. It signifies that you are surrounded a positive energy. This energy is kin-like. You might have a twin or a partner who understands you. This symmetry in your life feeds your chakra.

The double life line could have a darker meaning. It could symbolize that you’re living a “double life.” You could be pretending to be a different person around others than you are when you’re by yourself.

  • A forked life line tends to symbolize change. This depends on the way the line is forked. It can show a life change or interruption. It also can indicate that you have split energies. This is not unlike the “double life” represented by the double life line. A forked line can also indicate traveling to far-away places.
  • Having no life line is not a good sign. It indicates that someone is high strung or nervous. This anxiety causes them to feel untethered in life. I see, with clients, that when they don’t have a life line, they share a common personality trait. This trait is fearfulness.
  • Lastly, a branched line has different meanings. If the branched line points upward, it is a signal of success. It bodes well for your achievements. If the branched line points downward, it takes on an opposite meaning. The branched line pointing downward can show bad health. Physical and emotional strain are associated with the downward-facing branched life line.

If the branch on your life line extends past your life line, that can signal that you are resilient. You are able to overcome things more quickly. By contrast, if your branch goes below your life line, it is a sign that you are wasting energy on something

Your life line is an intricate part of your being…

It relates to your physical and emotional health.

Your life line does not indicate how long you will live. That is a common misunderstanding about palmistry.

The lines of your palm are not able to tell you the duration of your life.

Instead, your life line gives indicators of how well you are doing. When I am reading someone’s palm, I like to gauge the way they behave.

Life lines can tell a lot about a person. The way he or she conducts themselves during a reading can confirm what their lines say. The shape of your life lines, whether just on one hand or two, is very revealing.

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