4 Spiritual Secrets & Meanings of Angel Number 666 Revealed

angel number 666

You wake up in the morning and check your emails. You have exactly 666 unread messages.

You shrug this off, thinking it’s about time you cleared your inbox, so you grab a coffee and get on with your day. Then, on your way to work, you notice three cars driving past you, each with 666 on their number plate.

You think that’s a little odd, but you don’t hear alarm bells ringing until the same thing happens to you on your way home!

By this point, you’re probably freaking out. But don’t panic. It means that angels are working hard at sending you an important message by sending you repeated angel numbers.

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The 4 spiritual meanings of angel number 666

In this article, I’m going to show you what the angels want you to know when they show you 666. I have received these meanings during my channeling sessions, where I have connected with the angelic realms and asked for guidance.

1st 666 meaning: help others with your gifts

Angel number 666 brings energies that symbolize empathy, grace, compromise, peace, selflessness, and faithfulness.

The angels want you to have stability in your life through your understanding of helping others. The angels are guiding you to show generosity and love to others and in return, you will experience a new emotional depth of gratitude.

666 meaning: help others with your gifts

Be curious about the needs of others and find ways to help.

You need to use your innate gifts, natural talents to help raise the vibration of others.

By raising the vibration of others through kindness and generosity, you will find that your path through life becomes clearer and the universe will bestow many blessings upon you.

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2nd meaning of 666: Trust your intuition

The angels want you to find peace during this challenging part of your life.

Trust your intuition and know that the spirit understands that we all go through difficult times but by listening to their guidance we can find our best self and life purpose.

666 meaning: trust your intuition

666 is about trusting your intuition and listening for the guidance of the angels.

The angels understand you are struggling with life issues and they want to help.

You are being given the opportunity to make positive changes in your life and this number is symbolizing that when you listen to your intuition, your life will take a positive turn. If you want to learn more about the potential directions your life could go in then I recommend looking at your numerology chart. It will help you discover your unique gifts, talents as well as any challenges you will face in this lifetime.

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3rd meaning of 666: Find your balance

Often when this angel number appears as a guiding influence, it is a sign that you are focusing too much on material things.

The angels know that if you put aside those longings and focus on the needs of humanity they can bring you abundance in other areas of your life.

Review your thoughts to ensure they are positive and leading you in the right direction.

Your thoughts are powerful and can attract whatever you are focusing on. The angels want you to continue to pursue positive energy in your life.

Angel number 666 is telling you to start focusing on your spirituality. If you do, you will find that difficult situations and decisions in your life will become easier to deal with.

666 meaning: focus on your spirituality

The angels want you to find balance in your life.

Without balance you will not be able to fulfill your divine life purpose.

It is time to refocus on being “present” in your life. Do not allow your thoughts to wander to negative thoughts and corrupt your true self.

Allow the angels to guide you on a new spiritual path that will allow you to find the comfort and peace you have been searching for. Don’t be afraid to tell your angels your fears. They know but they need you to be honest with them in order to help you.The truth is in the numbers

4th meaning of 666: Be kind and the Angels will reward you

Remember that the Angel number 666 is not negative. The angels are telling you that you need to make changes in your life. You will need to focus on what is truly important and let the negative fall away.

In many instances when you see this number you are focusing too much time and energy on the material things in your life.

With the triple energy of 666 you have the opportunity to listen to the universe and start giving back.

When you see someone in need, the angels want you to help.

This may be a monetary donation to a good cause, but it can be reaching out to others who need someone to listen, or they need compassion and empathy in their personal journey. The angels want you to help.

666 meaning: help others in need

When you allow yourself to give to others you are always rewarded in other ways. Your heart and spirit open to the universe in a positive way and the angels can then begin to help you with your greatest desires and life purpose.

The angels want you to take care of your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

Pay attention to your inner voice and intuition.

Take the time to realize how much negativity goes through your head daily and make an effort to change those thoughts to positive messages. The angels know that you have anxiety and fear at this time, but they know that they can help guide you through this if you will only ask.

Angel number 666 can also signify something negative you have been harboring in your soul for a long time.

They want you to give this up.

The universe continually feels this negative energy coming from you and wants you to be free of its pain.

Whether is is someone who wronged you in the past, something that you have done and feel guilt over or something that you feel you could have done better, it is time to let it go.

Allow the angels to support and guide you through this time.

Find those around you who need a helping hand, an organization who needs your time and/or monetary donation, take time with your family and see how the positive energy will start flowing easily through you.

Your angels want to see you successful and happy. By helping others, you will continue on your divine life path.

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Overall, to see 666 repeatedly is a great sign for you and the angels might start to send you other signs. I’ve written about the other major angel numbers so be sure to read about them if you start to see them too: 000111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999, 10:10, 11:11, 1212 and 1234.

The Deeper Spiritual and Numerology Meanings of 666

Now we’ve discussed the angelic meanings of 666, it’s time to go deeper and look at the correspondences and numerology meanings of 666. but before we do, I want to dispel a common myth:

Isn’t 666 the ‘number of the beast’?

 You might feel a sense of dread whenever you notice the number 666.

I don’t blame you.

Thanks to centuries of rigid religious rule, 666 is still perceived as ‘the devil’s number’ in our culture. You may have even heard the famous passage from the Book of Revelations in the New Testament, so often used in popular culture and music.

“Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.”

But by perceiving this number through the lens of fear, you may be completely missing its spiritual message. Far from being associated with darkness and evil, the number 666 has a special meaning in numerology.

The meaning of 666 in numerology

Consider Carbon, one of the elements composing our DNA. Carbon is made of 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons.

Symbolically, the number sequence 666 stands for your material form which you chose on a soul-level before you entered this world, to attain a certain purpose. But, naturally, as we grow through life, we often forget (or are conditioned into forgetting) our own greatness. 666 reminds us to regain a sense of balance in our thoughts and actions, and once again align ourselves with the Universal mind.

To uncover the full meaning of 666, we need to pick the number apart and investigate what each element of the sequence means. We need to work out the meaning of 6, 66 and 9 before we can focus on 666.

The significance of number ‘6’

Number 6 is regarded as one of the most harmonious digits out there. It’s sometimes called the ‘motherhood number’ and is associated with such motherly qualities as caring, protecting and healing. 6 is the glue that brings and keeps a community together. It also points towards stability and problem-solving.

Here’s a full list of the qualities associated with the number 6:

  • harmony and a sense of balance;
  • home and relationships, family, being a parent;
  • domestic affairs;
  • selflessness, serving others and self-sacrifice;
  • empathy and caring towards others;
  • integrity, being honest with oneself and others;
  • compromise and healing;
  • peace;
  • simplicity and economy;
  • providing for others;
  • being just and conscientious;
  • acting gracefully and with dignity.

In our Western culture, many of these qualities could be classed as ‘feminine’. No surprise then that when it comes to astrology, the number ‘6’ is associated with the feminine star sign Virgo and the influence of the planet Venus.

In essence, number 6 calls for an evaluation of a balance in your life. Here are some questions that the number 6 invites you to ask yourself:

  • Have you been too focused on materialistic gains and neglected your family?
  • Have you been too uncompromising, whether that’s at work or at home, failing to see others’ perspective?
  • Have you been thinking too much about yourself and too little of others?
  • Have you lost the balance between your materialistic goals and spiritual needs?
  • Have you lost touch with your true self?
  • Have you been a little irresponsible or dishonest in your dealings lately?
  • Have you felt a lack of gratitude, or have you been complaining that life isn’t working out for you the way you wanted it?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so don’t beat yourself up if you answered positively to any of these questions. The most lasting changes are those that take time and slow, consistent effort – meditate on these questions when you can, and let the angelic messages absorb in your heart and slowly unfold in your mind.

Here are some things you can try to regain a balance or change your thought patterns to take your focus away from materialistic concerns:

  • Write down three things you’re grateful for at the end of each day, to train your mind into developing more positive thinking patterns.
  • Take an honest inventory of your actions and see where you may have caused hurt or upset – and, if possible, apologize or make amends to the people involved to heal the situation.
  • Meditate and engage in creative activities to reconnect with your true self.

The energetic qualities of number ‘66’

Number 66 carries similar energies to the number 6, except that they’re far more amplified. Doubled, in fact. This number sequence is asking you to pay attention to and introduce more of the following qualities in your life:

  • developing a humanitarian spirit;
  • being part of and serving a community;
  • providing service to others, as well as your family;
  • taking social responsibility;
  • being more graceful and gracious in your day-to-day life;
  • living with simplicity.

Number 66 is a powerful signifier of the presence of divine love – if you put your trust and faith in the Universe, abundance will flow. In fact, your daily needs that you worry about so much, are being continually met. All you need to do is let go and relax a little more, and pluck the fruits of your efforts with a grateful heart. In fact, gratitude is an important factor in manifesting your desires and goals – and you need to trust that Universe is allowing those to flow in your life, even if it may not seem so right now.

With regards to your personal life, 66 signifies that good times are at hand and domestic issues will resolve if you are willing to be more open, honest and trusting with your partner or spouse. Leave your worries on the sideline for the moment, and simply enjoy the time spent together with your loved ones. Your relationship is bound to get stronger.

Here are some things you can try to heed to the angelic message, represented by the number sequence 66:

  • Make a list of your biggest goals or the goals you are actively pursuing. Then evaluate how many of these goals are concerned with materialistic needs rather than your heart’s desires? Add some new goals to the list that feel more in sync with your true self.
  • Meditate on all the qualities you appreciate in your partner or spouse, and all the little things they’ve done for you (that have perhaps gone unnoticed on your part).
  • Plan a short holiday or a day trip with your family, to rekindle your bond.
  • Consider ways in which you could contribute to your community, or become more involved in a community project.
  • List your worries (especially material concerns) on a piece of paper, then set it on fire. Try to open your heart and mind to receiving guidance and help from your angels in taking steps forth towards problem-solving.

The meaning of number ‘9’

Now, you may be wondering why the heck are we analysing the spiritual message of the number 9 when we’re interested in 666? This is because, in numerology, we need to do some maths before we can get the full message of the number sequence. We need to add all the digits together, and then reduce them to a single digit which we can then interpret to get a part of the full angel message.

This is how it works.

Add all three digits together, like so 6+6+6, and you get 18.

Then, add those two digits together to get a single digit, like so 1+8. And that’s how you end up with the number 9.

So, what’s the spiritual message of the number 9?

9 is the last of the cardinal numbers, and as such it could be seen as the most sophisticated of the bunch. It is similar to the number 6 in the qualities of humanitarian efforts, sharing and giving love to those in need, providing for the community and being more conscientious.

The difference, however, is that the number 9 sees a bigger perspective than the number 6. It resonates with the global consciousness. Number 9 is tolerant of differences and does not judge. It asks us to look at the world as a whole – to perceive a brother or a sister even in someone from a very different culture or background to us, and treat them with the same kindness and generosity that we’d display to someone much closer to us.

9 sees even further than that. It is concerned with the value of work, rather than the monetary reward of any endeavour. The angelic meaning of the number 9 is concerned with humanitarian causes, compassion and enlightenment. It may mean that your angels or spirit guides are encouraging you to consider taking steps towards that humanitarian cause you’ve always wanted to undertake.

In Tarot, number 9 signifies attainment and completion. Since every ending is a new beginning at the same time, 9 also means renewal. This number also signifies such personal qualities as charm, idealism and magnetism. It also calls for attention wisdom and inspiration that the Universe will provide, once you undertake your soul’s mission or heart’s desire.

Here’s a full list of the qualities, associated with number 9:

  • Universal love;
  • karma and spiritual awakening;
  • charity and selflessness;
  • destiny and faith;
  • learning to set boundaries and say ‘no’;
  • loyalty and sensitivity;
  • a higher perspective, altruism and ideals;
  • tolerance, humility and freedom;
  • communication, non-conformity;
  • divine wisdom.

The angelic message of number 9 may be saying that you’re a lightworker and need to awaken and become excited about your soul’s purpose. No more daily grind. If you know what your soul is searching for, then now is the time to take steps towards attaining it, while trusting in the guidance of the Universe. Attaining such a purpose may also mean ending relationships that no longer serve you, and knowing when to say ‘no’. You have been given the natural skills and talents to make it all happen – now is the time to put them to use!

The spiritual angel meaning of 666

Concluding, what does it mean to be seeing the number sequence 666 everywhere?

As we’ve explored in this article, the sequence contains several digits, each representing different elements, that all come together to form a whole symbolic meaning. Nonetheless, it will be highly individual to you.

The main thing after reading this article is that you pay attention to when this number pops up in your life, and search your soul for the desires of your heart and true self, as well as ways to restore harmony and balance in your relationships.

Trust in the guidance you’re receiving, and do away with negative thought patterns or relationships that don’t serve you. It’s time to set your soul alight by becoming more compassionate, grateful and caring – and to take that to the next level by considering how you could serve the rest of humanity. Above all, trust that when you take the steps towards rekindling your true self, the abundance, financial security and guidance from the Universe will follow.

Meditate, show gratitude, reconnect with your family, friends and your community, re-evaluate your goals and set your heart alight by pursuing a cause that’s truly meaningful to you.

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