There are No “Good” or “Bad” Cards in Tarot

In Tarot, people may have a misconception about certain cards.

They may believe that there are some cards that are “good” and others that are “bad.” In reality, it’s not that simple. There are no “good” or “bad” cards in Tarot. It all depends on the reading itself. It also depends on what the cards are juxtaposed with.

In this article, we will discuss two major cards: the Star card and the Tower. The Star card is an example of a card with a reputation that is too rosy, and the Tower is a card with an undeservedly bad rap. I tend to compare some cards to roses. While the flower itself is beautiful, there are thorns that can prick you. I think of the others as hidden blessings. What seems fearsome may not be so.

Too Good to be True: the Star Card

star card

The Star card in Tarot shows a nude woman kneeling down by a small pool, pouring a jug of water into the pool. She also pours the second jug into the earth, creating a small river. The woman has bright golden hair, and there is a large star in the sky behind her. This huge golden star is set alongside smaller, whitish stars. The grass is green, and flowers bloom around the woman. All in all, this is one of the most beautiful cards in the deck.

The symbolic meaning of the Star card is undeniable. There are many positive elements, such as:

  • The cycle of fertility: the green earth represents this phenomenon. As the woman pours the water, she encourages growth. This growth mirrors personal achievement. You may find that you are expanding and growing as a person.
  • The Star is the main image. It represents your chakras. Chakras are rooted in Indian thought. Chakras are the spiritual centers of the body. The Star, along with the smaller stars, are spiritual in nature. They represent the need to open your chakras and cleanse your spirit.
  • The position of the woman’s feet matters to the card’s meaning. She has one foot planted on the ground. This symbolizes levelheadedness and grounded thinking. Her other foot is in the water, but not submerged. It rests on the surface. This foot’s placement represents her inner resolve and intuition. Her feet position shows a well-rounded individual.

The Star card encourages personal growth. It is a sign of transformation. If you draw a Star in Tarot, this means that you will have the opportunity to grow as a person and change. Perhaps you have been feeling stagnant and uninspired. The Star card is a sign that this will change.


I caution people that the Star card doesn’t always mean what they think it means. If it is reversed, and you get an upside-down Star card, that does not bode well. A reversed Star suggests that something is holding you back. This barrier to personal growth can be fear of failure or discouragement. The Star card is an example of a positive card whose shadowy aspects should be heeded.

Is the Tower as Bad as You Think?


Answer: not really.

In my sessions, people are afraid to receive the Tower card, as well as the Death card and the Devil card. The Tower card is one that has a bad reputation. It tends to cause a twinge of panic in people who receive it, but that panic is unneeded. The card comes immediately after the Devil (another card that is ill-reputed).

In the card, there is a large dark tower with flames bursting from the top. The flames come from a lightning bolt that strikes from heaven down to earth. It knocks a crown from the tower. There are also bodies falling to the ground. These bodies symbolize prisoners shown in the Devil card. There are flames in the night sky behind the tower, as well as gray clouds.

The symbolism in the Tower card is very detailed. Here are some of the main points:

  • The tower itself symbolizes death and destruction. The tower is composed of false premises and lies. It is built on the unsteady ground, and this unsteadiness is what causes it to crumble.
  • The lightning bolt striking the tower signifies a flash of insight. The lightning bolt is what is destroying the tower. It is destroying the harbinger of death and destruction. This makes way for another structure to take its place. This is why the Tower card is not as black as it’s painted.
  • The falling prisoners have escaped the tower. While it may seem like they are plunging to their deaths, they are actually leaving an evil place. The lightning is destroying their prison. These prisoners, once again, had been chained. Now, they are free and starting a new journey.

Mars is the ruling planet of the Tower card. I remind people who draw the Tower card that Mars is the fire planet. It symbolizes action and energy. It is an active planet that speaks to the inner strength and the power of the individual spirit.

I explain to people who receive the Tower card that this is actually a sign of insight about to strike. This insight is a catalyst for major change that is coming. This change can be radical, switching a stagnant situation for something far more exciting. What are our towers? Our towers are lies we tell ourselves. Our towers can be bad relationships, dead-end jobs, and bad living situations. The Tower card shows that this will soon be destroyed.

The Tower card is falsely portrayed as a harbinger of evil. In reality, that’s not the case. In my sessions, people who draw the Tower are relieved that it does not symbolize its stereotype. It can mean great change is coming, and soon.

Tarot cards are a mystery. Their meanings can be subtle and intricate. They can also be bold and expressive. Understanding what your Tarot cards mean will give you a fuller insight into your future. The wrong conception of a Tarot card can leave you with misinformation. The Star card is not all good, nor is the Tower card necessarily evil.

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