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The Ultimate Guide to Moon Rituals

This year started with an astrologically significant event. The moon grew full in Cancer, reaching its peak on the 2nd of January. What does this mean to you personally? The lunar energy is calling you to bring your creativity and ideas forth! If you’ve been waiting for positive changes to occur for a long time, then this is the year of inspiration and opportunity. And the moon can help you manifest your dreams, if you know how to harvest its energy with the help of certain rituals. Here’s your ultimate guide to moon rituals that you can perform in your own home. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Candle Magic

Candles always bring a bit of magic into our busy everyday lives.

Lighting a candle when you take a bath after a busy day at work helps to relax. Placing a candle in the middle of the dining table makes the perfect finish to a romantic dinner.

Blowing candles out on your birthday makes it more fun and special.

But what about doing actual candle magic?

Continue reading