Intuitive Oracle Readings


live your soul purpose and reach your highest potential 

You feel like your life is going round in cycles and time is passing you by. You know on a deep level, that your soul decided to reincarnate at this time to achieve great things. But, you feel cut off from divine energy and your not sure how to re-connect with your soul purpose. 

My Name is Matt, and I see you.

I understand your turmoil, because i’ve been there too. There was a time when I was always looking for answers, without knowing what questions to ask.

But then I started working with my intuition and opening myself up to divine inspiration and guidance. Slowly but surely, I started to envision a clear path forward and I begin to live my soul purpose without letting other people’s opinions get me down.

And now I want to help you find your path forward. So you too, can start to move in the direction of your dreams.

The problem is, when you’re cut off from your soul purpose you feel like...

You need to be living a life that others expect of you.

You’ve forgotten why your soul decided to reincarnate at this time and your struggling to reconnect with your inner spark.

You’ve had a lifetime of containing yourself and your emotions and you feel like you’re going to explode.

You’re so caught up with thoughts and emotions that aren't even yours and your wondering is this all there is to life?

Does this feel alarmingly familiar? Have you fallen asleep thinking these things? The universe doesn't want you to feel like the time your spending on the earth plane amounts to absolutely nothing. Your soul, doesn't want to return to source having failed to achieve it’s divine purpose. Now is the time to wake up and begin the most exciting phase of your spiritual journey.

Through an intuitive oracle reading, lets access your akashic records and discover the details which you sometimes overlook. Let’s celebrate the energies you can’t always see and bring them to light with love and appreciation. Let’s discover the big lessons you need to learn so you can move on from situations and start to reach your highest potential.

Ultimately, lets bring about action and change in your life so you can reconnect with your divine spark and live your soul purpose.

Ale Ojeda

Matt is amazing! Thank you so much for your time... highly recommended .. Matt gave me the clarity to keep thriving..... All I can say is that Matt is the best. I rate 5 stars as I believe his gift is a true blessing 💕

In Your Reading We Will Explore...

In your reading I will access your akashic records and we will ask questions to discover answers that will help you reconnect with your divine essence so you can live your soul purpose.

You can either opt to have your reading recorded as an mp3 and delivered to your inbox. Or we can connect live in a one-to-one video call session which gives you the chance to ask any questions and clarify the guidance you will receive.

During the reading I will be using both an oracle and my intuition and we will work on:

Your core perspective and where you stand amidst the energies that currently surround you.

You energetic health. We will look at celebrations and blockages and see what’s working and what’s not.

The past energies which may be affecting your present situation or energy. So you can find ways to release yourself of their influence.

Emotional healing which may need to take place so you can find a sense of closure or relief.

Your shadow and what attachments, negative influences our emotions are hindering your light. You will be able to cut cords with all that no longer serves you.

Ways you can access your true creativity so you can shine your light on the world.

Your strengths, skills and qualities which give you the courage to speak your truth.

Reading Prices


You will receive a 20 - 25 minute audio of  your reading along with pictures of the oracle used so you can follow along as we map out the next phase of your spiritual journey.



In this one hour session we will connect one-to-one and you will be able to see and hear me as I read your akashic records and download spiritual guidance that will help you live your soul purpose.


How to Book Your Reading

There is currently a two week wait time on all readings. When you click the button below, you will be taken to my scheduling page where you will be able to pay for and schedule your reading into my calendar. You will then receive an email with instructions that will tell you how we will connect at the time of your reading. 

If you are booking a recorded mp3 reading, please still schedule it into my calendar and I will conduct your reading then. You can expect to receive your audio no later than 72 hours afterwards. 

Beatka Marc

Fantastic and very on point and detailed reading. Highly recommend Matt to anyone.