How to Have an Awesome Spiritual Adventure

How to have an awesome spiritual adventure

Are you curious to discover profound truths about yourself and the Universe?

Are you ready to learn new spiritual skills and to toughen up your psychic muscles? Are you prepared to step outside of your comfort zone to expand your consciousness?

Are you ready to let go of control and trust the Universe to guide you? Or perhaps you’ve seen the number 555 everywhere you go, and you know the Universe has plans for you.

Then you may be ripe for a spiritual adventure. Here’s how to make sure it’s awesome!

But wait a minute… What is a ‘spiritual adventure’ in the first place?

The word ‘adventure’ has several meanings. It’s a word packed with excitement and ‘newness.’ There’s a buzz about the future and all the exciting possibilities that it presents. It suggests that a welcome change is at hand.

But an adventure can also present challenges. When we’re on an adventure, as much as we enjoy ourselves, we’re also forced to learn new skills and navigate new terrains. We’re forced to step outside of our comfort zone, challenge our assumptions and adapt to a new environment.

Nonetheless, there’s value in all this, and there’s a bigger purpose behind what we’re doing.

And this purpose provides motivation when the going gets challenging. We know that, at the end of an adventure, we’ll emerge as new people. We’ll be far more experienced, and filled with many beautiful memories that we can look back on.

An adventure is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for those who wish to be challenged, those who are brave enough to face discomfort. It’s for those who are curious and want to have an unforgettable experience. Above all, it’s for people who want to feel alive with every cell in their body.

The purpose of a spiritual adventure

There’s a lot of spiritual advocates out there who will tell you that the outcome of spirituality is abundance.

The bestselling book The Secret introduced The Law of Attraction to mass consciousness. It advocated that, once you start to change your emotions to raise your vibration consciously, you can utilize the Law of Attraction to supply you with everything you could ever wish for – a new car, a dream job, a bigger house. Everything from health to wealth and the perfect love.

There’s nothing wrong in getting the things you want. Abundance is your birthright, as is happiness. But the ‘Law of Attraction’ advocates will have you convinced that the outcome of practicing spirituality is to manifest what you want.

However, we are interconnected beings…

And while the Universe is abundant and can provide each one of us with everything we could ever need, the ultimate spiritual outcome is not a new car or more money.

Nor is the ultimate purpose to suppress our true feelings, to maintain a ‘happy front’ or positivity that will attract good things to us. You can’t fool the Universe.

It’s ok to be authentic and fall apart once in a while.

While it’s good to recognize that the Universe can supply you with everything you may ever need, it’s also important to realize that the ultimate purpose of practicing spirituality is not for your selfish gain.

Your spiritual adventure should have these values at heart: to surrender your ego thinking and raise your vibration so that it serves and helps to elevate humanity.

Essentially, the purpose is to raise our collective vibration and bring all of us a step closer to enlightenment. (And have fun in the meantime!)

But what spiritual path should you follow to begin your spiritual adventure?

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Finding the right kind of truth

Many spiritual leaders have a convincing way about them.

They speak with an air of authority, and they are confident and charming.

They are so compelling, in fact, that you start to believe that they do indeed hold the key to the ‘ultimate truth.’ But there is no such thing as one ultimate truth – only subjective opinions, based on our individual experience. Certain things work for some people, while other things don’t.

It’s easy to get sucked into cults, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable. But anyone who draws you away from seeking the truth within yourself – and, ultimately, eliminating the need for a spiritual teacher – probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

We each have a highly individualized spiritual curriculum, and it’s best to trust your gut feeling when you encounter spiritual teachers.

If your gut says that this person is not to be believed, then don’t. If you find it difficult to respect that particular spiritual teacher, then don’t force yourself to respect them – there may be a good reason behind how you feel. Trust your intuition.

Osho, the leader of the Rajneesh movement, and one of the most famous spiritual teachers of the 20th century was a great advocate for listening to your own wisdom, rather than following others. He often advised his followers to rely on their intuition rather than listen to him. He argued that Jesus became who he was because he didn’t follow anyone else’s methods, and Buddha became the great spiritual teacher that he is because he found a spiritual path that was unique to him.

Discover your truth

In other words, the spiritual adventure that these spiritual leaders embarked on led them to travel deep within and emerge with a practice that has transformed the lives of so many people since.

All of these spiritual teachers had a highly individualized spiritual quest that came from within, and they followed its call.

So listen to your inner guide above anything and anyone else, and don’t engage in actions that your heart strongly opposes.

How do you know that the adventure you’re on is right for you?

When practicing spirituality, there may be times when you feel challenged or overwhelmed.

You may go through times when you feel like your emotions are being purged. However, on the whole, your spiritual adventure should feel uplifting.

What you learn and apply in practice should be helpful to your circumstances, make you feel grateful and more abundant. It should raise your vibration and bring about inner healing and transformation, so that you’re more willing to share the love with others naturally, without forcing yourself to ‘do the right thing.’

A word of caution though… beware of spiritual escapism

There’s so much information available at our fingertips every day that it’s easy to get sucked into researching and reading about all kinds of spiritual practices – without actively applying these teachings into our lives.

Whether you’re trying to learn about meditation, researching a new spiritual diet, or how to feel more abundant, don’t forget to integrate those theories into your life by taking conscious and consistent action.

Reading and researching all the possible diets under the sun may be a great mental exercise. But it won’t make you shift any pounds.

Equally, learning about things like meditation, positive thinking or the benefits of gratitude, won’t change your reality or transform your inner world, if you don’t actively practice these principles in your daily life.

It’s exciting to learn about spirituality and discover new schools of thought, but always make sure that you take the time to integrate the practical element of each teaching into your life.

For instance, if you’re taking the time to read about chakras and energy balancing, make sure to take a week or two to do the practical exercises, and note down the differences you notice in your life.

Sometimes the changes will be so fast that you’ll feel like you’ve been struck by lightning (this usually happens when the Universe is trying to steer you back on the right path, encouraging you to change your life drastically).

Other times, the changes may be so slow that you may not even notice them at first. Just like dieting can take months before you suddenly start to lose loads of weight. So stick with the practice, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation that occurs.

If you don’t apply the spiritual teachings that you read, you may be using your spiritual adventure as a form of escapism.

Share your adventure others

Remember that the purpose of your ‘spiritual adventure’ is to raise the vibration of all of humanity (starting with you). And that can be as simple as sending out positive thoughts to others before bed or sharing your spiritual journey with a friend. You could even share your spiritual journey publically, to enable others to learn from it, in the form of a blog or social media posts.

You may have a plan for your life all worked out in your head, but the exciting thing about a spiritual adventure is that you never know where it will take you! So be willing to ‘go with the flow.’

For instance, Marianne Williamson, now a renowned spiritual teacher who travels the globe, started out by sharing her transformational experience that occurred after she began applying the principles of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles to her life. Her first audience consisted of just a handful of people, and she’s become a bestselling author since, transforming the lives of thousands.

Connecting with like-minded individuals via Facebook, MeetUp groups or spiritual retreats can also boost your dedication to the spiritual practice and renew your energies. It’s an opportunity to meet like-minded friends who share your values and develop life-long and nurturing friendships.

Above all, enjoy yourself! A spiritual adventure, even if it feels challenging at times, is a fun and profoundly transformational experience. It will lead you towards living a fuller, more nourishing and meaningful life. And that’s a reason to celebrate.

If you want to take your spiritual discovery further and find out why you incarnated onto the earth plane at this point in time, then I highly recommend that you get a numerology reading. The initial reading is completely free and highly recommended.
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A numerology reading is based on your name and date of birth. I found it to be one of the most accurate readings I have ever received.

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