How do Tarot Cards Work?

How is it that a Tarot reader can seemingly know the details of your life? Your hopes and dreams, your setbacks and your successes? And, more so, your future?

A common question I get asked during a Tarot reading is “how did you know that?”

In this article, I’m going to share with you how I think tarot cards work.

Firstly, A tarot deck is made up of three elements.

  • The Major Arcana (22 cards)
  • The Minor Arcana (40 cards)
  • The Court Cards (16 cards)

These three elements combine to give us a deck of cards that represent all the different experiences a person can go through in their life.

I see the Major Arcana cards as the why’s in our life. The things beyond our control.

The Minor Arcana cards represent day-to-day life, things that happen to us, and things we have some control over. The Minor (and court cards) are split into 4 suits. Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins.

Each suit represents a different aspect of our day to day lives. Cups are emotion. Wands are desires and passions, Swords are thoughts and intellectual matters and Coins are financial and earthly matters.

The Court Cards can represent a few things and are often shaped by the other cards that come up a reading. But they can mean people, attitudes or the flavour of a circumstance.

When the cards are combined they can be used to tell a story. For example, let’s take 3 cards and use them to tell a basic story. Here we have the 9 of swords, the 8 of coins and the 10 of cups.

Reading the story from left to right we could say:

You have been worrying about your financial situation and it’s been causing you a-lot of stress. So you take matters into your own hands and start to work really hard, picking up some overtime. And this extra money has enabled you to get out of debt and treat your family to a life of happily ever after.

That’s a basic example, but you get the picture.

When we shuffle the cards and lay out a spread, how the cards fit together tell us a story as to whats going on in your life. However, there’s a bit more to it as the cards need to also provide specific and accurate information.

So, how do we take this deck of “human experience” and translate it into satisfying readings that uncover what’s really going on in your life?

That’s where the “magic” and skill level of the reader comes in.

Because really Tarot Cards are just pictures on cardboard. There isn’t anything inherently magical about them. They are merely tools, which in the right hands can produce astounding and helpful results.

Before I get into that, let me first explain the nature of divination.

When we engage in a Tarot reading we are participating in a process of divination. That is we are seeking information from the divine. We are asking the universe (or your spirit guides, higher self, angels, interdimensional beings) to communicate with us and provide us with information.

The Tarot cards then become the communication device. They become the alphabet through which the divine speaks to the reader.

When a Tarot reader asks a question the divine answers by providing them with the right tarot cards to interpret their message.

The Tarot cards are a trigger for the reader’s intuition. They enable the reader to connect with higher dimensions and receive information which is then relayed back to the person seeking the reading.

When I do readings, I seek to establish a strong bond with the divine. I start by invoking the divine by saying in my mind: “I seek divine information and I seek to connect with you for the purposes of relaying messages that will be helpful and beneficial to my client.”

Then, I work with my clients to come up with a specific question that will give both the divine and my intuition something to work with.

The more specific the better.

For example, the question “What will happen with my love life?” is vague and this means the information my intuition receives will be vague.

However, a question like, “why won’t my boyfriend propose to me?” is a lot more specific. This means that the information I get from the divine will also be more specific. Thus providing my client with a much more satisfied reading.

Having said that though, it is possible to do what’s called a “general reading” this is where my client doesn’t have a specific question in mind a just wants to know what’s coming up for them in their life. The principles, however, remain the same. I connect with the divine and use my intuition to relay messages that will be helpful and beneficial to them.

With every Tarot reading I do, it’s all about connecting with the divine, using the cards as a translation device and then using my intuition to interpret the messages that are being communicated.

And more often than not, this results in a reading that really helps my clients as they give specific and detailed information about their circumstances that will enable them to move forward in their lives with confidence.

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