The Fate Line and How it Shows you How to Follow your Dreams
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The Fate Line and How it Shows you How to Follow your Dreams

In palmistry, one of the major things people ask me to do for them is read their fate lines.

Their reverence of the fate line is not misplaced.

The fate line is one of the most important lines in palmistry. It can impact the way that you choose to live your life.

Following your dreams and living the life you dream about can be difficult for people. It may be a fear of failure or discouragement from family and friends holding them back. Whatever it is, people need to listen to their inner voice encouraging them. If you can’t hear that voice, it means you need to strengthen it.

In this article im going to deep dive into the fate line and you’ll discover many interesting things about yourself.

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The Fate Line: What is It?

The fate line is also known as the “line of destiny.” It crosses the center of your palm vertically. It runs from your wrist towards the center of your middle finger. There is a fate line on both of your hands. It is rare for one or both palms to be missing a fate line.


The right and left-hand fate lines are not the same. The condition of the right hand’s fate line relates to your goals. Particularly, it relates to goals that have to do with your career, as well as how willing you are to follow your dreams. Your right hand’s fate line shows how you approach your life. It also reveals how you see your purpose in life.

The left hand’s fate line is different. It represents your family. It also symbolizes your personal needs. It is much closer to home than the line on your right hand. Neither are less important than the other. Neither should be disregarded.

What Your Fate Line Means

The length and shape of your fate line are both very meaningful in palmistry. There are different implications that length and shape carry. Here are some of the major things to know:

  •   If you have a short fate line on either hand, that doesn’t mean anything bad. When I am doing a palm reading on a client and they see that their fate line is short, that spooks them. They wonder if it means something foreboding. I reassure them that it does not. If you have a short fate line, that means that you need to re-dedicate your energies to other places. The same goes if you have no fate line. Your purpose is muddled. Once you find that, you will be able to live the life you have dreamed about.

People with a short fate line are calm, quick-to-laugh, and laid back. They are casual people. They don’t feel the need to complete all their work in one setting. While this isn’t a bad characteristic, you may feel rudderless. Find something to dedicate your energy to that you love. This will sharpen your destiny and put you on a firmer path.

  • If you have a long fate line on your left hand, this reveals a dedication to your family. Someone with a long, deep fate line on their left hand has a close connection with their family. He or she likely works hard to keep the family bonds from breaking. If your fate line is long on your left hand, keep up your dedication. I caution people with a long left-hand fate line to not take on things that will distract them from their family. They’ll regret that decision.
  • A long fate line on your right hand indicates success in your career path. It also can show that someone works too much. The long fate line shows that your career is right for you. It reveals that you have the tools you need to go far in your work. Balancing the left and right-hand fate lines can be tricky. You have success in your work, but also do not want to neglect your family. I caution people with dual long fate lines to avoid becoming a workaholic. That will not fulfill them as organically as their family does.

The Origin Pointsfate-line-origin

People may think that the shape and length of the fate line are all that matters. This is not the case. Where the fate line originates from is also important. There are four places from which the fate line can start.

  •  The first, point A, is the farthest to the right. It curves towards the base of the thumb. This origin shows strong family values and traditionalism. How you were raised affects a lot of your choices, particularly career-wise.
  • The second point, point B, is more centered than point A, but it still leans right. This point shows resourcefulness and a reliance on inner strength. Unlike point A, someone with an origin point at B is not heavily influenced by upbringing. This influence is unseen when making decisions about their life or job.
  • The third, point C, leans left. This point represents an individual who leans on other people. He or she needs help making decisions and ponders everything carefully before deciding. They want to explore all the options and investigate what they want to do before they make a decision.
  • The fourth, last point, point D, leans the farthest to the left. A fate line that begins at point D demonstrates how big a role intuition plays in the person’s life. Someone whose origin point starts at the D position can benefit most from readings. Their intuition also helps them when making decisions. This inner guidance will help them a lot in their career.

Head & Heart Line Stopping the Fate Line

Some people may find that their head line or their heart line cut off their fate line. This means different things for different people.

If someone’s fate line stops at their head line, it means they get bored easily with certain tasks. They don’t like a lot of rules or restrictions. They also don’t like micromanagement.

Someone’s fate line may stop at their heart line. This shows they let their emotions interfere with their life.  They can let feelings get in the way of logic and prevent them from accomplishing tasks.

The fate line in palmistry is complex and has many different meanings. From just one small line, a large amount of information can be found. A thorough reading of a person’s fate line is essential to understanding their capabilities.

Now you’ve learned all about your fate line, it’s time to go a bit deeper. To really discover your personality traits, your future and how your life is going to play out, I highly recommend you get a numerology reading. Personalized to your name and date of birth, your numerology reading will reveal many shocking and astounding things about where your life is headed. Click here to get your free numerology reading now.

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