[Tarot Reading] Predicting Facebook's Future Share Price

[Tarot Reading] Predicting Facebook’s Future Share Price

Can you use Tarot Cards to predict the future prices of stocks?

In this post, I will talk you through an example reading that shows how I use the tarot to make investment decisions.

The company used was Facebook Inc.

I asked the tarot 10 sub-questions to divine the specific information I needed in order to come up with my intuitive insights about Facebook’s stock price and investment opportunities.

I show you the cards that came up for each position and I’ll tell you the answers the cards had.

At the end, I’ll tell you whether I would buy or sell Facebook inc shares.

What is the current overall health of the company?

7 of Cups

The company is doing very well. They have numerous opportunities for expansion. They are in the position where they can resource expansion plans giving them true freedom of movement and execution.

Each opportunity leads them down the path of acquiring more money, power or fame. Some of their opportunities are risky than others.

What is the current overall health of the board and management?

Ace of Swords

The board and management are winners. They have everything going for them to ensure victory in whatever they set their minds to. They have the best team in place.

What are the current market conditions?

2 of swords

2 of Swords

The water represents Facebook’s growth. The tide is rising, but slowly. The woman represents potential customers. At the moment she seems unreachable. She has her back to Facebook, she cannot see Facebook, and her hands are otherwise occupied so more pressing concerns. Currently, in this market, it is challenging to reach more people, potential because they are not digitally mature.

How has the company performed over the last 6 months?

Queen of wands

Queen of wands.

The company continues to innovate and be a market leader in the social media market. There’s been good levels of progress made in multiple projects as a result of Facebook’s approach to HR, team building, problem-solving, risk taking and innovation.

What is the strategic plan for the next 6 months?

The Hierophant reversed

Facebook’s strategic plan for the next sixth months is to continue to destabilize social norms. But ensure everything is done safely, carefully and properly.

What are the plan’s strengths?

five of pentacles

Five of Pentacles

The plan will help find the people that were previously cut off from society, health, wealth and spirituality.

What are the plan’s weaknesses?

Page of Wands

The plan requires people that resonates with fire energy. They need to be passionate, enthusiastic, keen to make progress and grow. Plodders and your average joe aren’t cut out for the work the company does. Employees will need to have thirst for personal growth. Finding these people will be challenging.

What are the competition planning?

The Empress reversed

The competition is focused on growing their user base. They have projects and products planned but there is blocked energy here. I don’t see them coming to fruition in the next 6 months.

How will the company perform over the next 6 months?

Knight of Cups

Facebook will perform well over the next 6 months. The knight’s armor represents Facebook’s serious approach to security. They will be better prepared to keep traveling to find, meet and adopt new users. The cup represents facebook’s offering. It is one of happiness and emotional connection.

How will the stock market react to Facebook’s performance over the next 6 months?

Two of Wands reversed

Investors will continue to look elsewhere for investment opportunities causing the price to continue to move lower. Given facebooks strengths, I think that a longer-term approach will see positive gains without taking on too much risk.

Would I buy Facebook Shares?

I don’t look to profit from intraday price swings. When using the tarot for stock price prediction, you will be more accurate, and profitable if you look to enter the market for longer periods of time.

Longer-term investment outlook: Buy and Hold.

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