How to Tell if You Have Clairsentience…

What is clairsentience?

You pass a person or meet them for the first time, and you suddenly get a hunch…

You just know how they’re feeling, even if they try to hide it or are not aware of their emotional state themselves.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s very affected by their surroundings – you cannot work, unless your surroundings are harmonious; you are sensitive to light and bright colours.

Read on to find out if you may possess the psychic gift of clairsentience.

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What is clairsentience anyway?

Clairsentience is different to the other psychic abilities:

Clairvoyance – Clearing seeing
Claircognizance – Clear knowing
Clairaudience – Clear hearing

When translated from French, clairsentience literally means “clear sensing.”

Someone who is clairsentient is able to feel the emotional and physical states of others, whether they’re rooted in the past, present or future.

Clairsentience is not as mystical as it sounds – it simply means that someone who can sense the emotional states of others is more tuned into energy beyond the physical world.

They sense emotions and feelings through their heart or the energy body. Often it comes across as a gut feeling – clairsentients can feel these emotional states and energy vibrations not only when it comes to people, but also when it comes to buildings, places and situations. 

Clairsentience and being an empath

When someone is an empath, they are able to feel deeply into another person’s emotional states. They pick up the feelings that someone else is going through in their own body. Often they are the people that society wrongly labels as “overly sensitive.”

They pick up the feelings that someone else is going through in their own body. Often they are the people that society wrongly labels as “overly sensitive.”

Often they are the people that society wrongly labels as “overly sensitive.”

While people who have the gift of clairsentience are also sensitive and feel things to the same extent as empaths, they are also able to receive instinctual information about a certain event, a person or a situation.

Rather than just perceiving an emotion or feeling though, they are also able to tell why it is there.

They also get “gut feelings” or an intuitive hunch that tells them whether they should trust a particular person or a situation.

Having said that, most empaths are also clairsentient.

Clairsentience also means that you are able to pick up on subtle changes in energy not only from people but also within a room or another space.

You can tell what someone is feeling even if they appear emotionless at that moment.

Granted, whether you’re an empath or a clairsentient, it can get overwhelming to be constantly soaking up all that energy.

As well as developing your abilities (believe me, they’re precious), you need to also develop ways in how to protect yourself from being overwhelmed with negative experiences. Meditation is a good place to start to get yourself realigned.

Empathy is the psychic ability of heightened clairsentience

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10 signs that you may have clairsentience

But first, let’s find out if you have the precious gift of clairsentience. Here are ten signs that most clairsentients have in common.

1 – You are highly sensitive to people and surroundings. The words “you are just too sensitive” are very familiar to you.

2 – When you’re in a crowd, you feel overwhelmed. You might even get headaches. After periods with other people, you need solitude and quiet to switch off and cleanse your own energy.

3 – When you first meet someone, you tend to get a hunch about them. Your intuition often signals to you whether you should trust that person or not. And often, it turns out to be right.

4 – You’re able to empathize with other people’s perspectives and you usually “get where they’re coming from”.

5 – When you relate your opinion to others, you tend to say things like “I feel” rather than “I know”. Your feelings and intuition often form your opinion.

6 – You find it almost unbearable to watch the news, if there are reports of violence. You feel extreme emotions if you’re witnessing a crime scene.

7 – You are very sensitive to your surroundings. Sometimes you feel as though the air changes and someone is in the room, even though there is no one physically there. You feel a brush of cold or warm air against your skin, which feels to you as though a spirit has entered the room.

8 – You can sense if two people are angry at each other, or if there’s some tension between them, even if they are not necessarily displaying it.

9 – Your own emotional state is a bit of a  rollercoaster. It goes up and down, depending on whom you’ve talked to. Often negative vibes stay with you for a long time, and you carry around feelings like anger, resentment or sadness that you’ve picked up from others. But the same goes with positive feelings, such as joy and excitement – you pick those up easily, too.

10 – You can usually tell if someone is being dishonest or lying – you just feel it in your gut.

5 ways to develop clairsentience

If you didn’t tick any of the signs above, don’t panic. Clairsentience is an ability that can be developed and you’ll get better with practice.

Here are 5 ways how you can develop “clearer sensing.”

1 – Develop trust in yourself.

When you have clairsentience, you’ll often get a gut feeling about a person or a situation.

Sometimes you may disregard it because it’s not always telling you nice things about someone you’re dealing with.

But try to put more trust in it. Truth isn’t always pretty, and that intuitive hunch is there to protect you.

You can also keep a journal and note down when you get an intuitive hunch. Revisit what you’ve written from time to time, to check if you were right. If you are clairsentient, most of the time you will.

2 – Read someone you’ve never met before.

Here’s a fun exercise that you can try with a friend.

Ask your friend to show you a photograph of someone they know but whom you’ve never met before, and know nothing about. Look into the eyes of that person on the photo.

Tune into their energy and feel what sensations and ideas come up about them.

Now, tell them to your friend.

How accurate was your description?

You can then repeat this exercise by using an object (like a watch or a piece of clothing) instead of the photograph.

3 – Practice clairsentience on a friend.

Ask your friend for their permission to tune into their feelings.

Sit in silence for a moment and feel into them.

Tell them what you’ve discovered.

How accurate were you?

As with this and the previous exercise, don’t feel put off if you don’t always get it right. Remember that only practice makes perfect.

4 – Make chakra meditation a regular exercise.

You may have heard of chakras before.

Chakras are energy points – seven centers of spiritual power within your body.

Each is responsible for a different area, such as self-expression, security etc.

If they are not aligned, the misalignment can manifest as physical or emotional symptoms in your life.

Try realigning them by practicing chakra meditation. If you are an empath or clairsentient, it’s particularly important for you to realign and cleanse from other people’s feelings and emotional states, and chakra meditation is one of the best ways to do that.

5 – Focus on your solar plexus Chakra.

When you enter a room, imagine something like a funnel in the place where your solar plexus is located.

It’s facing out, gathering details about energies and emotions in the room. What can you tell about the room or the people within it after completing this exercise?

Although you may have got used to the label of “being too sensitive” don’t ignore your gifts.

These exercises will help you step into your own power and trust in your abilities more and more. Having clairsentience is a powerful psychic gift.

If properly developed, it can help protect you from bad decisions, negativity or trusting the wrong people. It can also bring forth healing gifts to enable you to help others, leading to a rich and rewarding life, so it’s well worth exploring.

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