Clairaudience: What is it and do You Have it?

Clairaudience: What is it and do You Have it?

Do you tend to hear things that other people don’t?

Noises, rustling, ringing or creaking sounds that seem to come out of nowhere?

Or maybe someone calls your name, but when you turn around, you realise that no one said a word?

Do you need your time out to recover from the noises of the world, with music and lights off?

If you answered: ‘Yes, oh my gosh, that’s totally me!’ to any of these statements, then keep on reading to discover if you might be clairaudient.

What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is different to the other psychic abilities:

Clairvoyance – Clearing seeing
Claircognizance – Clear knowing
Clairsentience – Clear feeling

If you’re an intuitive soul, you probably spend a fair amount of time recovering from all the chatter and the noise in the world.

This could be a sign that you’re clairaudient. Clairaudience is the ability to perceive spiritual messages that are inaudible to other people.

You might be thinking of hearing voices as something negative, or even a mental illness.

But don’t worry – clairaudience is not about that.

It comes with a disclaimer – your Spirit Guides always wish you well, and they would never make you or order you to do something that did not come from your own free will.

So now that we’ve convinced you of how great clairaudience is, let’s find out if you already have this psychic gift.

Are you clairaudient?

The average day of someone with clairaudience would go something like this….

When you get up in the morning and set on your commute, you need a dose of uplifting music to get your day started! But it has to be music that you love – the kind of music that harmonizes with your inner being. Some genres tend to upset your sensitivity, so you prefer to steer clear of any chaotic-sounding chords. And if you’re in a car, you’ll most definitely sing along.

Some genres tend to upset your sensitivity, so you prefer to steer clear of any chaotic-sounding chords. And if you’re in a car, you’ll most definitely sing along.

Throughout your day, you debate with yourself a lot – almost as though there were several versions of you, all holding opposing opinions – and you receive ideas as though someone is talking to you.

When you get back home, you need some time to just relax from all the noise of the day.

And when you finally hit the hay, you might be getting up to just turn off that annoying tap making that dripping sound that no one else in your household seems bothered by. And it baffles you – it’s dripping so loud, how can anyone sleep soundly to this noise?

Does that sound like your average day, too?

Then keep on reading to check if you might be clairaudient, and tips on how to develop this psychic ability.

10 signs that you may possess clairaudience

1 – You look around, baffled. “Did someone just say my name?” you ask. Your co-workers just shrug their shoulders. Apparently, no one did. But you could have sworn you heard someone call you. (This happens quite frequently for you.)

2 – Too much noise makes you irritable, unbalanced or can even give you a headache.

3 – You tend to talk to yourself a lot. Not audibly, obviously – it’s more like an ongoing inner dialogue, perhaps several opinions presenting themselves to you at the same time.

4 – When you do get your sacred quiet space, you know that you’ll be able to not only recharge but to hear clearer guidance from your Divine source.

5 – You had an imaginary friend as a child. And you chatted with them. It might just have been an angel or a Spirit Guide!

6 – You may be into creating music, or have a deep appreciation for harmonious sound. They reach right through you and engage with your soul, creating a fountain of inspiration within you.

7 – You prefer listening to books rather than reading them. You connect with and find it easier to memorise things that are said out loud, rather than written in a book or on a piece of paper.

8 – Lyrics and chords seem to flow to you quite effortlessly, if you’re into composing music. And you pick up on signs that the Universe is sending you most often by things that someone says or through some song lyrics.

9 – You give great advice. Whether written or spoken, the wisdom of your advice even takes you by surprise. It’s as though sometimes you become a channel for Spirit to talk through you.

10 – Do your friends and family come to you to seek other-wordly wisdom or for comfort? Do you practice counselling without a degree on a daily basis? Then it’s likely that you enjoy doing it. And it could be another sign that you’re clairaudient.

If you tick one or more of these, then read on to find out how you can develop clairaudience further.

5 ways to develop clairaudience

Like with all psychic abilities, it may take some time to develop clairaudience.

If you’re new to the practice, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t seem to get any results straight away.

It’s a lifetime skill, and one that improves with regular practice. But you’re sure to see changes along the way and get some rewards, or even watch your life being transformed into a different path.

Here are 5 ways you can develop ‘clear hearing’.

1 – Meditate.

The essential practice that helps develop any psychic ability, meditation will help you distill the thoughts in your head, allowing them to dissolve, to get to the deeper truths that come from your soul.

2 – Switch off and tune in.

Completely. Embrace the quiet of your room and the soothing effect of darkness.

Put a towel on your face or tie your eyes with a blindfold. Now, having tuned out of your other senses, tune into your hearing.

Try to recognise the different sounds around you, tuning into more and more distant and delicate sounds that you didn’t hear straight away. Try to name those also.

3 – Now do the same with some classical music.

Pick a musical piece with several distinct instruments playing.

Still with your towel or blindfold intact, try to focus your hearing on the different music instruments this time.

Can you distinguish the violin? What about the trumpet? And the flute? Try switching between these to really develop your attention to the different qualities of sound.

To take this practice a step further, try to actually imagine the sounds – summon up a different image or vision for each instrument.

4 – Ask your Spirit Guides to send you messages.

Let go and surrender to the prayer of asking your Spirit Guides for guidance.

Don’t try to picture how you’re going to receive their messages. Just trust that you will. As you wait to receive the answer, know that it can come in a number of ways, and it might arrive at the most unexpected moment. Nonetheless, it will be the right moment.

5 – Don’t be afraid and trust in the messages.

It can be scary to think that you’ll start hearing messages and voices in your head. But let go of any negative expectations.

Use positive affirmations, such as “It is good to trust the messages coming from my inner voice”, “I trust in my Higher Self” to build your confidence in the messages that you’ll receive.

If in doubt, remember this – your Spirit Guides and Higher Self would never send you messages that would bring you harm.

Equally, they’ll never force you to act in a certain way or say something that you don’t feel like saying, if it goes against your will. Remember that you are always in charge of your actions.

If you believe that you possess clairaudience, keep developing this precious gift.

The more you practice, the more intuitive you’ll become, allowing your intuition, Spirit Guides and your Higher Self to guide you through difficult circumstances. You’ll soon be navigating life like a pro!

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