Chrysoprase – The Crystal of Joy, Happiness, Protection, and Hope

This green colored gemstone brings through the vibration of the divine truth.

It balances the yin and yang energies within us and induces deep meditative states.

Chrysoprase is a great stone for metaphysical work and study, or to keep around the house to feel its potent energy.


Below you will find properties of Chrysoprase, characteristics, tips on how to use the stone to its fullest potential, and interesting facts about this beautiful specimen.

Use the table of contents to navigate this post, or read on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the awesome powers Chrysoprase.

What does Chrysoprase look like?

Ranging from pale yellow, light to a more intense apple green, Chrysoprase is a result of the presence of nickel within the stone.

It is often mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewellers due to the stone’s similarities in color.

The transparency of Chrysoprase ranges from translucent to nearly opaque.

The more even the coloring of the stone is, the more desirable the gemstone is, increasing its value.

Why would you use Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase has many uses and healing properties.

This gemstone promotes hope, love, and truth.

To bring the energies of hope, love and truth into your life, I recommend wearing a piece of chrysoprase every day. Consider a bracelet or a neckless. It might also be good to get some for the home. Here's some of my favourite pieces:

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It encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships, therefore this stone is commonly used by people such as doctors or lawyers.

Chrysoprase is used to speed the healing of a wound if held over the affected area.

This healing can be attained by placing the gemstone close to your bed while you sleep.

It is known as a stone that helps you recuperate from general illness.

Emotionally, Chrysoprase promotes forgiveness, happiness, and joy.

Chrysoprase can turn your attention towards the positives in life and help you to push the negative thoughts away.

It has the power to cast away feelings of anxiety, depression, and codependency.

Chrysoprase is a strong detoxifying stone.

It eliminates waste from the body, as well as the mind, by stimulating the liver and encouraging the body to rid itself of poisons.

An excellent stone to promote relaxation and peaceful sleep.

It can mend a broken heart and is a great stone to aid in relationship problems.

It can help to heal compulsive or impulsive angry thoughts or behavior by balancing out the yin yang energy within.

Chrysoprase is commonly used to reduce claustrophobia and preventing nightmares.

Chrysoprase is said to balance the conscious and unconscious realms of the mind.

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What chakras is Chrysoprase associated with?

Chrysoprase is predominantly a heart chakra stone, but it also affects the solar and sacral chakras if the gemstone has quite a bit of yellow within it.

Chrysoprase is known to activate and energize these chakras as well as fill the physical body with universal energy.

Chrysoprase Correspondances

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Quartz (Chalcedony Family)
  • Chakras: Heart/Solar
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Deity: Vesta
  • Numerical Vibration: 3
  • Rarity: Common
  • Herbs/Incense/Oils: Apple blossom, lemon balm, vetivert
  • Flowers and Plants: Anemone, daisy, evening primrose
  • Candle Color: Apple or mint green
  • Hardness: 7
  • Associated Crystals: Green aventurine, Jade, Green Calcite

When using Chrysoprase to heal wounds, it should be placed above the affected area and not placed on the body.

To speed up healing, this stone can be placed in your pocket.

Chrysoprase is a great stone for supervisors, managers, bosses, and owners to wear and keep close, as it helps to banish feelings of superiority from within.

Other occupations in which Chrysoprase could be helpful would be doctors, therapists, nurses, customer service representatives, lawyers, and any career that has to involve themselves with other human beings.

This crystal will encourage acceptance of oneself and of others.

Anyone who is in business would benefit from this stone as well, as it aides in the success of business matters.

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Metaphysical Uses of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is known to be a money charm used by many pagans and witches.

To attract money, carry a small piece with you at all times.

Placing pieces of Chrysoprase in your purse can aid in money attraction as well.

Many tarot readers, like myself, keep Chrysoprase with their cards to help them see the unexpected during a reading.

Many psychics and mystics use Chrysoprase during inner child work, as the stone helps to heal the inner child and work out emotions stored within from childhood.

Forgiveness is a vibration that is necessary for inner child work to heal and be effective.

Luckily, Chrysoprase embodies the forgiveness vibration fully, and for that reason, it is highly sought after for inner child work or practices.

Due to the powerful spiritual protection properties of Chrysoprase, the stone is often used in divination and meditative practices.

During meditative states using Chrysoprase, it has been found to enable you to make a connection with the divine mind and see problems and issues from a more balanced and clear perspective.

Chrysoprase is a great stone to meditate with when you have to make very hard choices.

As Chrysoprase helps to make the unconscious conscious, the openness to new ideas and the clarity of thoughts and insight that this stone brings will help you to come to and choose the best option for yourself.

It is used in fertility rituals to ensure that a woman will conceive a healthy child.

When worn, the stone aids in keeping nightmares away.

Chrysoprase can also be worn for eloquence, success in new undertakings, and to attract friends.

Chrysoprase is used as a general shield against negativity.

A small bowl of Chrysoprase kept by the front entrance of the home is a very wise procedure to protect your home.

When placed in the home, Chrysoprase will bring abundance to the home.

A green candle is used in ritual practices when calling upon the energy of Chrysoprase.

This stone is known to attract new love, therefore it is used in many love ritual when calling upon finding a soulmate or twin flame.

Carrying Chrysoprase in the pocket can be beneficial for those needing to release fear and bitterness.

Chrysoprase contains nickel. I recommend that it be used for indirect method of crystal elixir making, due to the harmful effects of the nickel.

If you want to make an elixir with Chrysoprase, place the stone on top of the water jar.

The healing effects of the crystal will be transmitted to the water using this method.

Like many other green stones, Chrysoprase has a strong connection to nature and to the elemental beings.

It brings the gifts of nature’s growth to life, and may connect you closer to Mother Gaia and to earth spirits.

Affirmation that Chrysoprase teaches us: I see myself and others through the lens of the heart’s compassion, and I grow in the paths that serve the good of all.

Another affirmation that Chrysoprase teaches us is: I make decisions with my heart.

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Chrysoprase Folklore

It is said that Alexander the Great wore Chrysoprase on his belt during all of his battles.

One day, when returning from a victory in India, he stopped to have a bath in the Euphrates River.

While his belt lay on the riverbank unattended, a serpent came upon it and bit off the precious gem, and then slid into the water with it.

After having lost his special talisman, Alexander never won another battle.

As a magical amulet of protection, in the 13th century Chrysoprase was engraved with the image of a bull and worn.

It is said that Chrysoprase should only be set in silver if made into jewelry, and that it has the most power carved into the shape of a heart.

In Greek tradition, Chrysoprase was said to ensure a happy marriage, good health, and its power was said to be recharged when placed out in the open during half moons (first quarter and last quarter moons).

In the Middle Ages it was believed that by putting a piece of chrysoprase in your mouth, you would become invisible.

It was also thought that the stone would lose its colour in the presence of poison.

A Roman folklore claims chrysoprase enabled its owner to understand the language of lizards.

In the bible, Chrysoprase is said to be the layer of foundation of the city walls.

How to cleanse Chrysoprase

As with many other crystals, Chrysoprase is cleansed most effectively by sitting out under the moonlight.

First Quarter, last quarter, new moon, and full moon energies have the most powerful effect on the crystal.

Chrysoprase can also be washed under warm soapy water, but should be kept away from harsh household chemicals.

Chrysoprase can lose its color and fade if it comes in contact with too harsh of a chemical.

Always make sure to completely wash off all soapy residue from the stone after washing.

Chrysoprase should also be kept away from extended periods of direct sunlight or extreme heat, as the sunlight can cause the crystal to fade in color and eventually weaken it enough to crack.

But don’t fear!

If your Chrysoprase crystal’s color fades due to extreme heat or prolonged exposure to sunlight, in many cases the color may be restored after absorption of moisture and left in the dark.

What other crystals work well with Chrysoprase?

Harmonious stones that Chrysoprase pairs well with include Light Agate, Amethyst, White Pearl, Beryl, Turquoise, Emerald, Coral, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, and Carnelian.

Inharmonious stone combinations are Chroprase paired with Garnet, Hematite, Onyx, Black Agate, Sardonyx, and Jasper.

A doubtful peaceful combination pairing for Chrysoprase is Gold Topaz or Motley Agate.

These stone pairings are based on the friendship and enmity relationships of the planets to which the stones belong.

Pairing a stone with another whose energy differs greatly could pose as counterproductive or cancel out both stone’s properties entirely.

For aiding in relief of anxiety and panic symptoms, pair Turquoise and Chrysoprase together.

To aid in loving heart energy and forgiveness, pair Chrysoprase with Variscite, Green Calcite, Emerald, Pink Kunzite, Morganite, or Rhodonite.

For general happiness and depression relief, pair Chrysoprase with Peridot, Euclase, Ocean Jasper, Sillimanite, Sardonyx, Green Tourmaline or Rainforest Jasper, as the combination can stimulate optimism and joy in your life.

Other high crystal energy stones that will work well with green Chrysoprase, to strengthen the energy of the heart chakra vibration, includes Phenacite and Moldavite.

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Where in the world can Chrysoprase be found?

Previously, mines in Poland were the most abundant sources for gem quality Chrysoprase, but today, Australia produces 85% of the World’s supply.

Chrysoprase mined from Central Queensland, (Australia), is considered to be the world’s highest quality specimens, displaying translucency and color similar to that of high quality Jade.

Chrysoprase can also be found in Brazil, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, India, Kazakhstan, and the United States (Arizona, Oregon, and California).

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