The Ultimate Guide to Candle Magic

Candles always bring a bit of magic into our busy everyday lives.

Lighting a candle when you take a bath after a busy day at work helps to relax. Placing a candle in the middle of the dining table makes the perfect finish to a romantic dinner.

Blowing candles out on your birthday makes it more fun and special.

But what about doing actual candle magic?


In this article you will learn everything you need to know to start practising candle magic. Use the table of contents below to see what you will learn or skip to the section that interests you the most.

Even if you’re totally new to this, candle magic isn’t all that difficult to do. While it does involve a bit more effort than just blowing out candles on your birthday cake, the basics are easy master and accessible for everyone. All you need is some time alone, a dose of willpower and some candles (obviously).

How does candle magic work?

Typically used in Pagan and Wiccan Magick, candle magic rituals absorb energy. As you burn the candle, you release that energy to the care of Greater Forces That Be.

It’s similar to doing a manifestation meditation where you try to imagine your ‘future self’ and feel the feelings you would if it came true, in order to materialise your goal today.

When you cast a candle magic spell, you often picture a clear goal.

Then you visualise what that goal would look like, if it came true.

Finally, as the candle burns, you focus your intent, acknowledging that you’re willing to undertake the necessary action to bring that goal to fruition.

Do I need to be cautious about casting candle magic spells?

The Wiccan Rede states:

An it harm none do what ye will.

In other words - whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t harm anyone.

This mantra is important to remember when casting candle magic spells - do them only with good intent, and perform them only on yourself.

You should never interfere with other people’s energy, so casting spells on someone else is a big no, unless you’ve obtained their permission for performing a specific spell.

What candles should I use?

It is a good idea to use short candles, that will burn out during your spell.

A word of caution though - while candle magic is harmless, always use a new candle.

This is because candles can pick up on and absorb all kinds of vibes.

So if you’re lighting a used candle, it is likely to be tainted with imprints of the previous session, and can mess up your magic-making.

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Candle magic color meanings

When you perform candle magic, it’s important to match the colour of the candle with your intent. Here’s a list of basic colours used in candle magic.

Remember that you can always use a white candle as a substitute for most spells.


This is an interesting one to use because it’s associated with several rather different concepts - courage, health, sexuality and lust.

While it may sound odd to place all of these in the same category, these ideas do complement each other.

Stepping into your sexuality often requires courage, and sexual energy can be transformed into creative energy that makes you feel more healthy and lively.


The colour of the sweeter things in life, such as friendship, innocence and healing. Good to use if you’re attracting your soulmate, or trying to rekindle a friendship.


This colour if often associated with the sacral chakra, where our ability for emotional connection is stored. It is also the colour of self-expression, adventures and inspiration.


Gold being gold, it’s no surprise that this colour is associated with monetary and business gains. This is the colour to use, if you’re looking for new business contacts or are dealing with the judiciary system.


The sunny colour of happiness, yellow is the colour to use, if you want to feel more empowered in yourself, boost your confidence or persuade someone to see the world from your point of view.

It is also the colour of protection and self-control (a quality that goes hand in hand with confidence).


This colour is often associated with the heart chakra, our emotional core through which we can spread love and receive love. Green is also connected to abundance and fertility.

Light Blue

This is the colour of our throat chakra which enables us to communicate about our thoughts and feelings openly. This is why light blue is also associated with healing. It is also the colour for patience and understanding.

Dark Blue or Indigo

If you’re using candle magic to heal yourself from depression and let go of emotional baggage, then dark blue is the colour to use. Connected to the brow chakra (the Third Eye), it helps us to self-realise, become vulnerable and connect with our psychic abilities.


Many painters in the past used this colour when painting royalty or religious saints. It is still the colour associated with ambition. Purple is also the colour through which we can re-connect to deities of the ages past.


If you’re trying to reconnect with the Earth or are working on projects that involve animals, then brown is the colour to use.

It helps to reconnect with all things in nature, making us feel more grounded.


This is the colour associated with negativity and thoughts, such as jealousy, abandonment or envy. If you’re feeling negative towards someone, or you feel bad vibes coming towards you, then black is the colour to use.


Although you can use white for any candle magic ritual, white is associated with purity, truth and your connection to your Higher Self. Use a white candle for blessings or restoring unity.


If you wish to develop your intuition and psychic abilities, such as astral travel, dreaming or clairvoyance, then choose a silver candle.

Candle magic colors for days of the week

Another way to use different colours in your magic spells is coordinating them with the colours of the days of the week. Rooted in Astrology, magick rituals that involve the colours for the weekdays are often practiced in Wicca and witchcraft. Why not try a different candle magic ritual at the end of each day?

Monday - The Moon - Prophecy, Dreams, Intuition, Feminine Power

After a busy Monday at work, unwind with some silver, white or blue candles to reconnect with your intuition and psychic abilities.

Tuesday - Mars - Red, Orange, Black

Mars was the god of warfare in Roman mythology. When it comes to candle magic, use red, orange or black colours to gear yourself up for victory and success.

Wednesday - Mercury - Purple, Orange

Having reached mid-week, take a moment to stop. Light a purple or an orange candle to reconnect with your creativity, feel inspired and boost your luck.

Thursday - Jupiter - Blue, Purple, Green

Wealth, healing and abundance. Light a green colour on Thursday to give yourself some strength and protection.

Friday - Venus - Pink, Turquoise

If you’re seeking to restore a friendship, improve your love-life or enhance your fertility, try lighting a pink candle to wind down for the weekend.

Saturday - Saturn - Black, Purple

Wisdom, protection and spirituality. Reconnect with your Higher Self and banish negativity on Saturdays by lighting a black or purple candle.

Sunday - The Sun - Yellow, Gold

If you’re looking to increase your prosperity, wealth and abundance, as well as work on your persuasion skills, try burning a yellow or gold candle on a Sunday.

How to do candle magic?

Now that you’re familiar with what each colour represents (and have bought yourself a stash of them), let’s start making some magic! Here’s our 3-step-guide to performing candle magic spells.

Step 1 - Dress your candle

Some practitioners of Wicca and magick agree that it’s not so much the candle or the wax that’s important, but the flame that the candle lights and sustains.

Having said that, before you start working on your candle magic spells, you need to dress your candle first.

Why? Because it’s important to anoint the candle with your energy. You can use natural oils and herbs to do this.

Using natural oils.

Apply a drop of oil to the top of the candle and rub it all the way down until you reach the middle. Now do the same, but start from the base of the candle and work your way up. Plenty of people choose grapeseed oil as it has no particular aroma.

Using herbs.

Depending on the type of spell that you’re practicing, you can use herbs to anoint your candle. Simply roll your candle in the herbs that you intend to use.

Step 2 - cast a candle magic spell

Each spell is different and open for interpretation. Follow your gut when performing these, and only do what resonates with you. In other words, choose spells that ‘feel right.’

Candle magic spells for beginners

Casting spells using candle magic is surprisingly easy. Anyone can do it, and it doesn’t take much practice. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with candle magic, here are a few basic candle magic spells for beginners.

Candle magic love spells

Here’s some candle magic to attract that perfect partner into your life!

Attracting romantic love into your life

Materials you’ll need:

A pink candle

A pen

Some paper (ideally, pink)

A toothpick or a sharp object

Natural oil

How to perform this spell:

If it’s romantic love and companionship that you’re after, then pick a pink candle for this spell and get started!

Since Friday belongs to Venus, the goddess of love, then try this ritual as you wind down from your week at work.

As your rub your candle in oil, try to open your mind and heart to send out a pure intent into the Universe.

Listen to something upbeat or practice positive affirmations to ensure that your mind is in a good, positive state.

Try to clear your mind of all worries, and trust that true love can and will happen for you. Now light your candle.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen, and describe the kind of lover that you wish to attract in your life.

What are they like as a person?

How will they make you feel?

What do they look like?

And, most importantly, what inner qualities would you like them to have?

If there is someone in your mind already, make sure you’re not describing them.

Although you may have strong feelings for them at the time, focusing on that particular person might block someone more suited to you from coming into your life. So try to list qualities that you would truly desire in a perfect mate.

Now, write the same from their point of view. What are the qualities that they would appreciate in you? How would you make them feel?

Now go through what you’ve written. Were there any overlapping words? Dwell on these as you watch the candle burn. Feel into the energy and vibration of these words as you watch the flame flicker.

When you’ve finished, dispose of the candle.

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A quick and simple candle love spell to attract romantic love

What you’ll need:

A white tea-light. (That’s it!)

How to perform this spell:

If you’re feeling burned out by the time Venus day Friday comes around, try practicing this simple alternative spell instead. Pick a basic white tealight and place it on your windowsill. This way, you are calling out for your love to step into your life.

Candle magic money spells

What you’ll need:

A green or gold candle

A piece of paper (in the same colour)

A metal bowl or other fire-proof container

How to perform this spell:

Can you recall the colour of abundance, fertility and financial success? It’s both green and gold.

Choose a candle in one of these colours and pick a piece of paper in the same colour. Prepare your candle by anointing it with oil and place it in a candle holder.

Now, write an abundance affirmation on the piece of paper that you have. For example, you could use one of these statements or come up with your own.

I will become abundant.

I will be prosperous.

Finances will flow my way

As you write this affirmation down, visualise yourself achieving it.

What would financial abundance look like to you? What would you be doing, if you were prosperous; how would you spend most of your time? How would financial abundance make you feel?

Now, as you focus on that intent, fold the piece of paper.

Let one corner of the paper catch the fire from the burning candle.

Hold the piece of paper, still focusing on your intent, for as long as it’s safe to do.

Finally, place the piece of paper into a metal bowl or another fire-proof container where it can burn out safely. Leave the candle to burn out completely, and then dispose of it.

Candle magic spell for healing

Are you in need of healing, whether that’s physical pain or emotional anguish? Perhaps you feel a bit low or even depressed? These candle magic rituals will help you feel more balanced and help bring healing about.

Healing someone else

Before performing this spell on someone else, remember to obtain their permission. This is crucial if you wish the spell to be successful. The spell has been taken from WitchCraft Healing Spells.

What you’ll need:

Some purple paper

White string


Flowers - violets (fresh, with stems) and a small vase

A purple candle

A pen

Best performed: At full moon

How to perform this spell:

After you’ve initiated your candle, light the candle. As it burns, fill the vase with fresh water, then place the flowers into the vase, as you say a chant.

The chant doesn’t need to be complicated - it can be one of your own making, or you can try researching some healing chants online.

As you recite the chant, focus your mind and thoughts on the well-being of that person. Truly wish for their ailment to be healed.

Now, take the purple paper and scissors and cut out the shape of a heart.

Write the person’s name on one side and a message “Get well!” on the other.

In the top right corner of the paper heart, create a small hole. Put the white thread through the hole. Tie it and attach it to the vase containing flowers.

Present the vase to the person in need as a gift.

Scented candle magic for healing yourself

If you’re not convinced by candle magic, try some aromatherapy instead.

Although seemingly simple, scented candles can be very powerful when it comes to healing.

The scents found in some essential oils help to stimulate the brain receptors that are responsible for mood and emotions.

It can be a great way to give your mind a break and find some balance!

There is a range of scented candles available online.

Citrus scents are great for energising when you’re gearing up to go, while scents such as lavender or chamomile can help you unwind and sleep better.

It’s worth speaking to an aromatherapy practitioner before deciding which scents work best for you.

Candle Magic for Divination

Is there a question that’s bothering you? Are you unsure about the future? Then a bit of divination magic may be just the thing you need!

Divination is a way of seeing into the future to predict outcomes and find answers to things that you’re not sure about at the moment.

Divination often requires some sort of a tool, through which you can channel or see these answers. In candle magic, candles are used as a tool to perform divination. Here are a few easy divination spells that you can try for yourself.

Divination using candle wax

What you’ll need:

A candle in any colour

A bowl or a container for hot candle wax

How to perform this spell:

So often we’re used to being in an ‘action mode’ - a state of mind that enables us to go after our dreams and make our goals a reality.

But for this practice, try to put yourself in the ‘receiving’ mode as you’ll need to be open to receiving guidance to your question.

After you’ve prepared your candle, meditate on a question that you would like to be answered. Before you light the candle, try to formulate a specific question in your mind. The more specific, the better.

Now, light your candle and watch it burn for a moment. Then, tilt it sideways and let the wax drip into the container.

When you’re ready, take a look at the shapes formed by the wax.

What do they symbolise to you?

Try to feel rather than think about it, and go with your first instinct.

Although you can read up on divination interpretations that have been passed down for generations (of tea leaves, for example), don’t overthink it.

If you don’t seem to be getting a clear answer, don’t worry! Trust that the answer will come at the right time.

You can also try to rephrase your question or repeat the ritual again on another day.

Candle magic flame interpretation

What you’ll need:

A simple candle of any colour

How to perform this spell:

The power of the candle is locked up in its flame. The wax is only a medium - it’s the flame that invokes the energy to clear negativity and unleash powerful vibrations. This means that you can perform divination by watching how the candle burns.

A candle doesn’t always burn in the same way - it can sizzle, burn with a steady flame or exhume puffs of white or black smoke.

To perform a candle magic flame interpretation, follow the same steps as with reading candle wax. However, instead of reading the candle wax, read the flame instead.

Here’s a list of candle magic flame interpretations to help you, provided by Original Botanica.

Full Moon candle magic

I am worthy. I am loved. I am perfectly-made.

How often do you say these things to yourself?

If you’re like the rest of us, you may be loading your mind with limiting self-talk instead, stating things like I am not good enough and success is not for me.

Often you may do this subconsciously without even realising!

Whatever you repeat enough times, becomes a belief. And if your mind believes in something, then it will find evidence to support its claim in almost any situation.

The Full Moon is a great time to reserve or dissolve some of your negative beliefs by practicing candle magic affirmations.

Positive affirmations candle magic spell to perform during a full Moon

What you’ll need:

A candle in a colour of your choice (you can try silver to represent the Moon)

A piece of paper

How to perform this spell:

According to Wicca and Magick, some candle magic spells are more powerful when performed at Full Moon. So next time you see the moon ‘wax full’, try this spell, suggested by Llewellyn.

Write down a list of positive affirmations that are personal to you. You may want to focus on reversing negative statements about yourself. (For example, instead of saying I am too sensitive, try to say I value and cherish my sensitivity instead.)

When you see the Full Moon rising, light a candle. It can be in any colour, although you may wish to choose a colour associated with self-love, self-fulfillment or silver to represent the Moon. Start by chanting this simple spell.

Full Moon, Moon of Fulfillment,
Your beauty assures me of the enchantment
At work in the world around me.
You remind me that I have the power
To shape my own reality.

Now, recite the affirmations that you wrote. Do this as many times as you wish, although it’s a good idea to repeat the affirmations at least a few times (Even if you cringe as you do it!), so they become a sort of mantra to your mind.

Close the spell with this simple chant:

O Moon of Completion,
So it is and so shall it be.
O Moon of Celebration,
I revel in the joy of being
As I affirm the fulfillment of my desires.

You can also burn your affirmations in a fireproof container, symbolising the act of surrender and trust in the Universe.

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