The Definitive Guide to Astral Projection

I think Astral projection is fascinating topic. It’s been extensively discussed, revered and even feared within the spiritual community.

But what exactly is it, how can you do it and what dangers should you be aware of when you’re ‘astral projecting’? In this article I will be sharing my personal experiences and research with you.

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4 Reasons why you keep seeing 555: The Meaning of 555

Are You Seeing the Number 555 Everywhere?

555, again. It was there on the clock when you woke up, and again on the clock when you randomly glanced at your dashboard in the car. You rewind a movie to a part you missed and happen to stop at the 5:55 mark without trying. And it seems every time you look at your cell phone, there it is – the battery is at 55%. Of course.

It’s like 555 is teasing you, following you everywhere you go!

When you see repeating numbers like this, the angels are trying to communicate with you. Angels use a variety of things to send you messages, like symbols, signs, and synchronicities. Numbers are one of the most obvious ways the angels will send you messages because they are so hard to miss. Continue reading

How do Tarot Cards Work?

How is it that a Tarot reader can seemingly know the details of your life? Your hopes and dreams, your setbacks and your successes? And, more so, your future?

A common question I get asked during a Tarot reading is “how did you know that?”

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The Ultimate Guide to Automatic Writing

Have you ever wanted to contact your Spirit Guides and receive clear messages from them? Or maybe you want to find out what’s lurking in the mysterious depths of your subconscious mind? Perhaps you want to remember some old memories – with all the senses intact – but you don’t know how to access them? Then automatic writing may just be the tool for you. Continue reading

Green Prehnite – The Stone of Unconditional Love and Healing

Green Prehnite is a stone that has many excellent qualities and magical powers.

This green colored gemstone is a crystal that is known to ‘heal the healer’.

Green Prehnite will attune you to the divine energies and help you to truly feel the unconditional love of the universe.

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