Angel Number 2

The Universe is communicating with us, sending us messages all the time. You will start seeing the same number on your phone, in an address, passing a billboard, on a license plate. That number is obviously meant for you. Your angels are trying to reach you. These repeating numbers are a reminder that something really …

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Angel Number 1

Angel Number 1

Are you seeing angel number 1 every time you look at your phone? Or maybe you’re seeing it in a sequence like 11:11 or 111. When you see angel numbers, listen closely and pay attention to what events are occurring in your life. The numbers may appear random and meaningless to others, but they stand …

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Stop Negative Thoughts

3 Spiritual steps to release yourself from negative thoughts

Imagine you could release yourself from negative thoughts. How much better would your life be, if you could stop those nasty, self-loathing germs from ruminating in your mind. If you could clear some headspace for positive and uplifting thoughts that would help you manifest the kind of life you truly want to lead.