The Ultimate Guide to Automatic Writing

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Have you ever wanted to contact your Spirit Guides and receive clear messages from them? Or maybe you want to find out what’s lurking in the mysterious depths of your subconscious mind? Perhaps you want to remember some old memories – with all the senses intact – but you don’t know how to access them? Then automatic writing may just be the tool for you.

What is automatic writing?

Automatic writing is a state in which you’re producing writing without having to think about it.

You put the pen down to paper and write whatever comes to your mind.

Once you’ve written for a while, you enter a strange, subconscious state which feels a bit like meditating.

You feel like your self disappears and the writing you produce is coming from a different source – perhaps your Higher Self or simply your subconscious – but definitely not your conscious mind. And when you come out of this state and re-read the stuff you wrote, you often feel like wow, where did that come from? Did I write this? Be careful though because you do risk channeling negative spirits if you don’t protect yourself. Like this nun who channeled the Devil and used automatic writing to take down a letter from him.

How did automatic writing develop?

As a spiritual practice, automatic writing was first reported by Hyppolyte Taine in 1878. Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet reported seeing “ethereal visions” when he engaged in the act of automatic writing.

He described the experience as feeling like he was claimed by someone else, almost possessed.

The British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who came up with the detective series featuring Sherlock Holmes, also encountered automatic writing. He believed that the act of automatic writing takes places, when the writer is led by their subconscious mind or external spirits that make the writer act as a medium for their message.

Today, automatic writing is practised in spiritual circles, as well as in psychology when treating traumas.

Why do automatic writing?

It’s a great way to communicate with your spirit guides, if you have a fear of spirits, or if your other psychic abilities are not yet fully developed (for example, you’re not clairaudient and you can’t hear spirits talking or spirit guides helping you find some answers). It can also help you develop your intuition and inner voice, as well as some of your psychic abilities.

How can automatic writing help you develop your psychic abilities?

Automatic writing is an important tool, when it comes to developing your psychic abilities.

As well as reading, automatic writing is an important skill to practice, if you wish to develop your claircognizance.

It can help you reflect upon your own psyche. In doing so, you’ll be able to better understand other people’s points of view, and make more sense of the world around you. The more you do automatic writing, the more aware you’ll become of the symbolism in the messages you receive, and it will become easier for you to interpret the messages you receive.

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Where do the messages come from?

People who are into spirituality tend to say that the messages come from your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self or the Universe.

Higher Self

If you need to gain some perspective on an issue that’s bothering you, then your Higher Self is the man/woman for the job!

Your Higher Self is believed to be your Higher perspective.

He/she is the one who knows things beyond your current circumstances, far beyond your reach.

Your Higher Self ‘gets’ the purpose and intention of your life (some believe he/she actually set it before you were born). You in this life are a physical expression of this much older, spiritual and wiser you. And it’s possible to tap into its wisdom using automatic writing to gain perspective of your own life.

Spirit guides

Your spirit guides or angels may be ready to communicate you, but they’re waiting for your permission.

You can use automatic writing as a tool to invite their guidance into your life.

They will advise and offer you guidance, but remember that free will and choice is always yours. Therefore, if you feel like your spirit guides are ordering you to do something, then disregard these messages, especially if they’re telling you to do something harmful to yourself or another person. They are here to guide and protect you, not to cause you or anyone else any harm.

The Universe

Whatever you’re doing, you are an expression of The Universe – it’s always expressing itself through you.

But when you practice automatic writing, because you are no longer trying to achieve something or be someone, you become a magnet for Universal messages.

Our culture is so geared towards achieving that we often forget to take a back seat.

But when you practice automatic writing, you completely let go of an outcome.

You’re not trying to plot or plan a story (just like we often try to plot and plan our own lives). You’re simply opening yourself up to the Universal messages, becoming a channel, and expressing whatever it wants to express through you. You experience a total state of being which can make you feel nourished and invigorated, like you’ve got something off your chest or meditated.

Messages channelled from a light source are usually light and provide you with clarity.

The messages may not always be what you expected – they may even shake up what you perceived as true. They often sound authoritative. But If you feel heavy after engaging in the act of automatic writing, you may not have been channelling a light source and you should disregard the messages, or interpret them as potential expressions of your emotional body.

To really develop your automatic writing skills, I recommend you get a couple of books and read through the exercises and take your time. Approaching it this way will see you get real results and you’ll be opening channels in no times. Here’s my two favourite books on automatic writing.

The process of automatic writing

I have found that there are several ways great ways in which you can engage in automatic writing – choose one or practice several methods that resonate with you.

Before each, I highly recommend meditating and invoking your spirit guides / the universe by saying – I invite my guides to fill me with their wisdom as I write. It also helps if you have a subject to focus on. Ask your guides what they think about your current situation. Or perhaps you have a decision you could ask them for advice on. Here are the three methods. With each though, the basics remain the same – clear your mind. Put your pen to paper and just write!

  1. Set the timer to 20 minutes. As soon as it starts counting the time, put your pen to paper and write continuously without stopping. You’ll notice your writing starting to change in tone after some time, as your conscious mind takes a backseat and you begin to channel messages.
  2. Ask your Higher Self or Spirit Guides a question, then write down the answer that you feel. It’s important that you don’t let your rational mind interrupt the process – the answer has to come in the form of free-flow. Simply carry on writing and don’t actively invent the answer.
  3. Begin the act of automatic writing by addressing your Higher Self, Spirit Guides or angels at the top, as though you’re writing them a letter.

Tips for automatic writing

If you feel like writing’s not your forte, you can try the same exercises with painting, singing, dancing, doing yoga or other creative outlets. Whatever you do, if you engage in the act effortlessly without a particular goal or aim – when you well and truly let go and become a channel – that’s when the Universe starts talking through you.

Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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1 thought on “The Ultimate Guide to Automatic Writing”

  1. I’ve long acknowledged myself as a channel, can hear uncounted voices, that doesn’t make me crazy, but they never fully agree with one another.. I have practiced “automatic writing” without realizing that such process possessed a name.
    I have found many wow moments from the fact that my writing has provided me with my own answers to questions that I end up asking later on. It’s only when I ask the question, then that is when the previously scribed answer reappears to be understood as such. I’ve been reading since 2 years old and writing since the age of 4 years old. In the past month, I’ve written more than 40 pages front and back about various subjects; mostly geared towards spiritual connection and growth. I write my conscious questions and ponderings down and then let the pen glide over the lines to write whatever is to be. I don’t say anything, and there are different voices that speak in an inner monologue as I read what is being written by my own hand, but not. The mind blowing feeling is amazing, and others have witnessed the revelations of answers to questions, and advice pertaining to my current self from my previous self[speaking of younger me to present me]. I do not experience fear, but overwhelming lightness of mind and heart. My “best” writing has been formed whilst I sit in or below a tree.

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