The Definitive Guide to Astral Projection

I think Astral projection is fascinating topic. It’s been extensively discussed, revered and even feared within the spiritual community.

But what exactly is it, how can you do it and what dangers should you be aware of when you’re ‘astral projecting’? In this article I will be sharing my personal experiences and research with you. 


What is astral projection?

First I will explain to you what astral projection is, how it works and highlight some key terminology.

What is the astral body?

You may have heard of the seven chakras that are present within the body and are connected with the central nervous system within the body, allowing the flow of Kundalini or Serpent energy to flow through it from the base of the spine all the way to the crown of the head.

But what you may not know is that the chakras govern the Physical body, and, according to many schools of thought that date back to ancient times, the human being is formed of seven bodies.

Theosophy classifies these as the aforementioned Physical Body, the Mental Body, the Higher Mental Body, the Buddhic Body, the Atma, the Monadic Spark and the Astral Body.

The Astral Body is the centre of our emotion - this is where all our past traumas and positive experiences are stored, whether we’re conscious of them or not.

The Astral Body is the vehicle through which a particularly sensitive person can sense the energies of others around them. The Astral Body is connected to the Astral Plane.

What is the astral plane?

Just like you can vibrate at a high or low frequency within your Astral Body, depending on your emotions, so the Astral Plane is built up of lower and higher frequency states.

Now, depending on your religious and cultural upbringing, you may not agree with this idea, but essentially Heaven and Hell are both states of correspondingly High or Low vibrational frequency.

Many believe that after you die you simply end up in the Plane where your vibrational frequency is.

The Physical Plane and Earth itself have a low vibrational frequency (at least for the time being), hence the idea of the endless cycle of rebirth and suffering that dominates in the Buddhist belief.

The Astral Plane vibrates at a higher frequency, but there are other Planes beyond it, such as the Mental and Buddhic planes.

Humans are not the only beings that inhabit the Astral Plane - spirits exist here, among other creatures.

What happens during astral projection?

Before you start practicing Astral Projection, you should probably be aware of what you might expect during your Astral travels.

Most often people mean out of body experiences (or OBEs in short) when they speak of Astral Projection.

When you enter a state of Astral Projection, your Astral Body leaves your Physical Body and enters the Astral Plane.

You could say that your soul has left your body to travel within the soul-realm.

To some degree, everyone enters the Astral Plane when they are asleep.

But more often than not, we tend to forget our dreams when we wake up. If you are practicing Lucid Dreaming, that’s also a form of Astral Projection, where you recognise that you are dreaming and are able to make conscious choices within your dream.

People who have a near-death experience are also Astral Projecting, albeit not through conscious practice.

The experience will depend on your own vibrational state and how much practice you’ve had with Astral Projection. You may experience a mix of sensations, such as moving shapes or sounds at first.

As you practice, you will be able to experience a full OBE for yourself.

This is a great book that will guide you through the process:

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What can you do while astral projecting?

This depends on how much practice you’ve had.

Initially, you may just hear sounds or see shapes and different lights.

As you raise your vibrational frequency, you may be able to have an OBE and leave your body to look around your room and your neighbourhood.

If you can transport yourself to a higher plane, you may encounter spirits or even angels.

You can even time-travel, but merely as an observer.

Sometimes you may even be able to do Astral Projection with like minded friends. A word of caution though - not everyone you’ll meet on the Astral Plane will be nice, so you have to keep your wits about it and be aware of the dangers of Astral Projection before you do it.

Astral projection history

But before we get into the dangers of Astral Projection and discuss how you can do it, let’s trace back and take a sweeping look at the history of Astral Travel.

Many believe that Astral Projection is as ancient as humanity itself. The Ancient Egyptians knew the Astral Body by the name of ‘Kha’.

There is remote evidence of this practice dating 5,000 years back.

In Ancient Greece, philosophers such as Plato, Hermotimus, Clazomene and Herodotus discuss Astral Projection in their writings.

The historian Plutarch of Queroneia relates a story of Arisdeu from AD 79. He was a dishonest man who suffered a near-fatal incident and experienced an OBE.

Just as he was about to be buried, he returned to his body and continued to live as a changed man, following ethics and morality.

Astral Projection is essentially Universal and has been practiced in other cultures throughout the ages, including the various shamanic rituals across the globe, and more recently by organisations, such as the Theosophical Society, co-founded by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky and The Monroe Institute that aims to advance the exploration of human consciousness.

Although there are some things that you should be aware of before you try Astral Projection for yourself, there are numerous benefits to Astral Projection.

There is even a science called Projectiology, dedicated to the study of this phenomenon.

The basics of astral projection

We’ll dwell in the details of Astral Projection later in this article, but for now let’s look at the seven basic steps for Astral Projection, provided by the founder of The Monroe Institute, Bob Monroe back in 1971:

Ensure that you’re physically and mentally relaxed. Don’t attempt Astral Projection when you’re exhausted or emotionally drained, as you’ll likely encounter beings that match your own low vibrational state.

Enter into the state of half-sleep (hypnagogic).

Once you’re in this state, focus on your mental sensations rather than your physical senses.

Pay attention to the vibrational quality all around you. When you’re in a state of deep attention, this becomes possible.

Relax into the vibration of your physical body. This will help you ease into your subtle or Astral Body and gently remove it from your physical body.

Focus on leaving your body, one limb at a time.

Focus on leaving your physical body effortlessly (Monroe calls this ‘lifting out’).

It’s worth noting that the growing interest in this phenomena since 1971 has meant that new techniques, some of them scientific, have been developed ever since to aid one’s practice of Astral Projection.

How long does it take to astral project?

There’s no straight answer to this question.

The truth is, some people spend years practicing while others have spontaneous OBEs, sometimes as near-death experiences, other times as a result of the knowledge they’ve accumulated in a past life.

To develop the ability of Astral Projection, practice is paramount.

There are a number of techniques, and most of them will involve a daily practice of raising your vibrational frequency.

You can find some of these on International Academy of Consciousness website. How long you practice isn’t as important as practicing regularly - a short practice every day will bring great rewards but you must remain patient.

How do you stop astral projection?

It’s comforting to know that no one can enter your body while you’re astral projecting.

Your body is yours alone. Your physical body has its own needs, so if you become too cold, for example, or hear a spooky noise, your physical body will likely pull you back.

It’s important to stay relaxed while having an OBE, so if you feel afraid or fearful during the astral projection experience, you might feel pulled back into your physical body.

Generally speaking though, coming back to your Physical Body is much easier than leaving it in the first place.

It helps to think of your physical body whenever you wish to return, or visualize one of your fingers or limbs moving, and feeling them move. Equally, you can place your focus on breathing.

How to know if you astral projected

Here im going to explain the difference between astral projection and your imagination, etheric projection and lucid dreaming.

The difference between imagination and astral travel

Imagination is a powerful beast, so it can sometimes be tricky to tell the difference between imagination and astral travel.

But there are a few pointers that can guide you, so you know for sure if you’ve had an astral travel experience or your own imagination played a trick on you:

  • If you’re having an astral projection experience, then you’re not the villain or the hero of the scene. When you’re dreaming or imagining things, everything tends to revolve around you, but the Astral Plane exists in its own right.
  • If you can shape-shift into another creature or animal, you’re probably astral projecting.
  • If the spirits you see on the Astral Plane are not paying too much attention to you (you’re kind of strolling by, without anyone making a big deal about it) then you’re probably having an Astral Travel experience.
  • Gravity and the laws of physics don’t apply, if you’re astral projecting. And neither does time limitations - you may be skipping days or even weeks when you’re Astral Projecting, and upon your return to the Physical Body nothing has changed.

As you progress you will soon want to master astral projection. It is a powerful healer and a great way to get inspiration. This is one of the books that really helped me.

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Difference between astral and etheric projection

There’s no clear-cut way of defining what the Etheric Projection is, as opposed to Astral Projection.

The Etheric Body is the matrix of the Physical body - an energy layer surrounding your organs and body parts, if you will.

This is where the Chakra points reside - as explained earlier in this post, they are attached to certain parts of the nervous system.

So the Etheric Body generally has a lower vibrational frequency than the Astral Body. Many sources therefore interpret an Etheric Projection when you encounter creatures of low vibrational frequencies, such as demons or malevolent spirits.

To elevate yourself to an Astral Projection, you need to raise your vibrational frequency, where (according to some sources) these spirits cannot enter.

Difference between lucid dreams and astral projection

A Lucid dream is a dream in which you become aware that you are dreaming.

You may be able to change the scenery or you may be able to will yourself to be awake again.

But you may not necessarily be conscious of how you fell asleep.

In Astral Projection, you are usually aware of your Astral Body leaving your Physical Body, and often (though not always) you’ll see your body and the room where you’re in while leaving your body.

So the main difference is that in Astral Travel you’re aware of the entire process, whereas in a Lucid Dream you’re aware that you’re falling asleep and then lose consciousness, only to find yourself in a dream later on.

Difference between remote viewing and astral projection

Both Remote Viewing and Astral Projection is part of Astral Travel.

However, when you are Remote Viewing you can only perceive things that are in the Physical Plane.

You cannot perceive things that reside in the Astral Plane - these are usually things that you’ve never seen in your lifetime, as they do not exist on the Physical Plane.

Astral Projection therefore takes a lot longer to develop than Remote Viewing.

Astral projection dangers

While Astral Projection can be fun, and significantly expand your consciousness, there are some potential Astral Projection dangers that you need to be mindful of before you start practicing it.

Is astral projection witchcraft?

Since every person possesses an Astral Body, Astral Projection is available for everyone, with enough practice.

Therefore, it is not exclusive to witches.

In fact, numerous religions, spiritual practices and cults have writings on Astral Projection, which points to the fact that Astral Projection is Universal and available to anyone, regardless of their culture or religion.

There is nothing particularly magical or witchy about it!

Astral projection and demons

While you may encounter demons during your Astral Projection, they cannot actually harm you, unless you invite them in.

If a demon does attach itself to you, then you’ll feel drained by the time you come back. So you need to ground yourself before you try Astral Projection, and you need to keep your intention clear.

Make sure you stay protected also by doing some protective rituals.

If you do encounter a demon while Astral Projecting, just remember that it’s still your choice whether or not to engage with it.

Call on your Spirit Guides, God or your Higher Self to help you get to higher vibrational planes. If you don’t feel comfortable, remember that you can always return to your Physical Body.

Can you get lost?

This question usually stems from two myths surrounding Astral Projection.

One of them is that you may get ‘lost’ somewhere in the spirit realm, and not be able to find your way back.

This is a misconception. Astral Projection is a bit like dreaming, which means that you are still in control of your body, although your attention is directed somewhere else.

It means that you can always return to your body and no one is able to possess your body while you are engaged in astral travel.

There are steps of caution you should take though, such as having someone with you (like a teacher or someone who’s done Astral Projection before) who can stay by your side while you try Astral Projection.

If you really want to explore the astral realms then there are several resources that I highly recommend. These books and the TV series really help me develop my astral projection skills. 

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How to astral travel safely

Here are a few extra tips to pack with you on your journeys!

  • Get a good life balance before you try Astral Projection - once you’ve tried it a few times and got some results, you may get too obsessed by the experience. You can avoid this by getting a good balance in your other areas of life, such as professional success, health, family and friends.

  • Surround yourself with positive people who love you for who you are. This will help you vibrate at a higher frequency and ensure there’s a support network in place, in case you want to share your experience.

  • Have a teacher or a guide with you. It’s best to try your first Astral Projection experiences with a teacher or a knowledgeable guide by your side.

The best astral projection techniques

now lets get into some specific techniques and tips you can use to ensure success while astral projecting.

How to clear your mind for astral projection

The key to Astral Projection is a clear, positive intention and a focused mind.

So meditation techniques are useful in order to clear your mind before you Astral Project.

But when you do them, don’t try to actively ‘clear your mind’. Instead what you want to do is watch your thoughts, as you focus on your breath - simply allow them to be, so they are passing but no longer distracting you.

The idea is to achieve a relaxed state, where you feel safe and you’re not tensing up.

Choose a suitable environment

When you are attempting Astral Projection, make sure that wherever you are, you won’t be disturbed.

So choose a suitable and safe environment - if you feel safer by having someone with you, then ask a trusted friend, teacher or guide to stay by your side while you try it.

Make sure that there are no sounds, no loud sudden loud bangs that could disrupt your Astral Projection experience.

If something disturbs your physical environment, then you’ll likely be pulled back into your body without a smooth transition. This can leave you feeling dazed and confused for a while.

The best way to astral travel

Relaxation is key to Astral Travel, so here’s some techniques you can try at home, pioneered by Robert Bruce, the English-born mystic author who currently resides in Australia.

  • Relax! This is an important step and one that some people struggle with. Try body relaxation or mindfulness meditation, or try to meditate as you take some very deep and slow breaths. Make sure that all your physical needs are attended to as well - the idea is to be in a state of physical and emotional well being, so don’t try Astral Projection when you’re tired or drained.

  • Get yourself in a hypnotic trance-like state. This is where you’re nearly asleep but not yet. In this state, try to focus on a single object - keep looking at it until you can see it in your mind’s eye perfectly.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your chosen object in darkness. If you see any light patterns forming before your eyes, simply ignore them.

  • Now here comes a very important step - you need to enter into a state of vibration. You can find further guidance on how to do it on the International Academy of Consciousness website. Once you’ve induced the body vibrations, you now need to learn how to raise their frequency at will. This may take some time to develop.

  • Imagine there’s a long rope or silver cord hanging above your body. In your mind’s eye, reach towards it. The key is not to move your body or open your eyes. Once you’ve grabbed hold of it, bring your hand back into your physical body and end the session.

  • Repeat this again, but try to make your entire body (one hand, then the other; one leg, then the other) reach for the rope. Keep going until you’ve mastered the technique!

Binaural beats for astral projection

Binaural beats is a fascinating phenomena, and one that can help attain the deep meditative state needed for Astral Projection.

You still need to follow the other steps of getting yourself relaxed, ensuring that you feel safe and protected, but Binaural beats can certainly help induce a deeper state of meditation.

Do a quick search on YouTube and you will find plenty of videos that will help with Astral Projection.

Best crystals for astral projection

I’ve found that crystals can be of huge benefit and speed up the results when astral projecting. Here’s some you may find useful to surround yourself with:

  • Blue Calcite - As a stone linked with relaxation qualities, Blue Calcite can help you attain a deeply relaxing state, as well as block you from negative energies on the Astral plane.

  • Iolite - Iolite enhances your mind’s ability to wonder in the subconscious realm, and helps you to recall your experiences of Astral Projection, once you’re back in your body.

  • Ametrine - This stone will help you strengthen your determination and will to do Astral Projection, a skill that takes a lot of practice to master.

  • Black Tourmaline - This highly protective stone is a must-have to take with you on your Astral Travels, as it will help protect you from negative energies that try to meddle with yours.

  • Labradorite - When combined with Iolite, Labradorite will help you ease into the Astral Projection experience and help your Astral Body enter the Astral Plane.

In conclusion

So there you have it, my tips and tricks for astral projection. Let me know in the comments what your experience’s have been like!

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  1. I’m so new to all this terminology but have had an idea of what’s been happening to me. I’m not clear as to the purpose of Astral Projection or even if its what drove me to this point. Im not clear as to exactly was happening. Can you explain the purpose of it?? I have to take baby steps cuz I’ve been suffering and shut down from my gifts because I was so sick of people gossiping and calling me crazy.i have never been around people like me so it was unaccepted.

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