Archangel Michael – Angel of Protection

Archangel Michael

The word ‘Michael’ translates to ‘Who is Like God?” It’s no coincidence that this name has been given to the very Archangel who is the defender of faith, justice and righteousness.

He is believed to be in charge of the host of God’s armies.

Revelation 12:7 describes how Michael and his angels battled with the dragon. He’s also mentioned in The Torah and the Qur’an, often envisaged as the angel stood to the right hand of God. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, believed to be the most powerful of all angels.

He’s often depicted as carrying a sword in his hand, able to cut through any negative energies or attachments. Some Catholics believe that he’s also the angel of death who helps escort people’s souls into the afterlife.

What does Archangel Michael do?

Archangel Michael is the defender of mercy and justice.

As the most powerful of all the angels, he can help you stand up during a time of distress. He can help you face a crisis with strength and courage. He can aid you in releasing fear and doubt, when making important life changes.

If you feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, or are filled with negativity, then Archangel Michael can come to your aid and help you to release it.

Archangel Michael has a particular affinity with healers or spiritual teachers. He comes to your aid when you’re confused and afraid, concerned for your safety, or can’t see the either the path ahead or your life’s purpose clearly. Archangel Michael can give you the courage of a warrior, boosting your morale and your belief in your path.

Signs and messages from Archangel Michael

Angel numbers

There are several angel numbers associated with Archangel Michael, but the most prominent two are 33 (associated with being a compassionate teacher and a humanitarian) and 6 (associated with compassion and nurturing).

Royal purple and cobalt blue

People have often described their encounters with Archangel Michael by seeing bright royal purple or cobalt blue light around them. The angel may also appear by giving off small flashes of light.

Dreams and psychic gifts

You can also recognize his presence through your dreams or psychic abilities (such as clairaudience, clairvoyance etc).

Direct messages

Archangel Michael communicates very clearly. When you’re faced with a crisis and call upon him, he will usually communicate with you directly, in clear messages or with a gut feeling that will give you a clear sense of what’s true or what’s the right action to take.

You might even have a clear picture of the Archangel in your mind. Either way, you will feel like you received a clear message.

A sense of comfort

When Archangel Michael is near you, you’ll be surrounded by a comforting and caring aura that will reassure you that God is with you and is looking out for you, no matter what. As well as being the warrior angel, Archangel Michael is full of loving kindness and makes those who call upon him feel safe and protected.

How to channel Archangel Michael

Facing a crisis

If you find yourself in the midst of a crisis, Archangel Michael will come to your aid, if only you call upon him. He will give you instant help, helping you navigate your way out with courage. No matter what you’re facing, Archangel Michael will give you the courage and strength you need to come out of this situation.

Call upon him

Archangel Michael can take quick and powerful action – using his sword, he can cut through negative attachments and lower energy vibrations that are keeping you hostage. Simply call upon him to help you and he’ll come to your aid. All you need to do is say out loud or just think to yourself: “Archangel Michael, I need your help. Please connect with me now!” He will surely answer your call, and provide immediate relief and help.

Automatic writing

This is a great way to channel angels, but especially effective when channeling Archangel Michael, as he tends to connect with us and send direct messages, so you can ask him direct questions. How to do it? Grab yourself a pen and paper, settle your mind by taking a few deep breaths, and imagine that you’re surrounded by Divine Bright Light. Invite Archangel Michael to connect with you, and write down a simple question for him. If you’re stuck, try writing ‘What message do you wish to communicate with me now?’ or read my full guide on Automatic Writing for more tips.

Archangel Michael Prayer

Praying to Archangel Michael is not so much an act of prayer as it is an act of invocation. All you need to do, really, is call upon his name and invoke him to help you. But you can also try this extended prayer to invite his aid.

Archangel Michael
please connect with me now
turn my sorrows to joy
cut the chords of negative energies
and raise my vibration.

Help me find an answer
to this situation I’m dealing with
come to my aid
and send me a message
on how best to cope with it.

Release my negative attachments
and cleanse my aura,
so I can meet my tomorrow
in a new and positive light,
surrounded by your love
and protection.

Thank you.

Archangel Michael meditation

You can connect with Archangel Michael in meditation. Try this powerful meditation with Carmen A Scheid to invoke Michael’s protection and cut etheric cords that no longer serve you. It’s almost an hour long but will surely help you cleanse your aura and connect with Archangel Michael.

If you’re pressed for time, try this Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael meditation by Sarah Hall, to help protect you against psychic attacks, toxic energy building up, or negativity.

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