Archangel Gabriel – The Divine Messenger

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is perceived as the divine messenger of God or the angel of revelation.

He was the one who appeared to the Prophet Daniel, to help him interpret a vision of the birth of Christ (Daniel 8:16). He also appeared to Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, to announce John’s forthcoming birth (Luke 1:11, 19). And it is believed that angel Gabriel was the one who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary (Luke 1:26-28).

Archangel Gabriel plays a significant role not only in Christianity and Judaism but also in Islam and other faiths, regarded as the angel who delivers divine messages from God. He is also said to rule over the element of water (perhaps it’s no coincidence that Mary received her divine message next to a water well).

What does Archangel Gabriel do?

As well as sending divine messages, Archangel Gabriel sends clarity to anyone who calls upon him. As well as helping people receive divine messages, Archangel Gabriel helps people to interpret these messages and decide what action to take in response.

But this is not always an easy encounter.

In fact, receiving a divine message may throw you in at the deep end, make you take on a certain responsibility which you’d much rather avoid. When receiving a divine message from Archangel Gabriel, change is inevitable, and you can either resist it or succumb to it.

To give you an idea, just picture what Mary may have felt as a teenage girl, about to face the shame of announcing that she’s pregnant before being married.

Nonetheless, Gabriel’s name is often interpreted as ‘God is my strength’ or ‘Strong man of God’ and he is here to provide guidance on how to carry out your revelation or face the change with God’s strength by your side.

Signs and messages from Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel has different ways in which he can communicate with people.

White or copper light

As the angel of revelation, Archangel Gabriel often appears surrounded by bright white light. Sometimes he is also described as appearing draped in copper light.


Did you hear someone tell a story that struck a chord with you, as though it was intended just for you? Or read a message on a poster that seemed to resonate with you? Messages delivered through the channel of intuition will leave you feeling calm and collected, despite feeling it in your gut that what you’ve just heard is true. It’s important not to confuse intuition with fear or judgment. When an intuitive message is delivered, you will not feel frightened (you may start to feel afraid later, as you reflect upon the content of that message, in case there’s a great challenge ahead but not during its delivery).


Archangel Gabriel may send you messages in dreams. Because dreams are bridges to our subconscious mind, the messages may appear cryptic or symbolic. For instance, you may dream of being chased by lions or have a dream of all your teeth falling out. It may not necessarily mean what it appears to look like on the surface. To better understand these messages, it’s worth keeping a dream journal, paying particular attention to what emotions you felt in the dream. After a few months of doing this, you may notice certain patterns emerging that will allow you to interpret your dreams better.

Angel numbers

Many sources agree that Archangel Gabriel’s angel number is 36 and 9. The combination of 3+6+9 is a powerful triad, signifying the birth of creation. If you see these numbers appearing in your life, pay attention as you may be about to receive a divine message.

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How to channel Archangel Gabriel

Evoking water

Since water is the element that Archangel Gabriel is believed to rule over, it may be easier to reach out to him while using a ritual that involves water.

In his book Gabriel: Communicating with the Archangel for Inspiration and Reconciliation, Richard Webster writes that the purpose of using water in ritual is to stop the reasoning part of your mind from interfering with the subconscious part of your mind.

Water can help to purify not only your body but also your mind. If you take a shower or a bath, for instance, try to enter a meditative state, slowing the process down by paying attention to your senses and noticing the details around you, so that you can gain clarity from your thoughts and access the messages from your subconscious mind.

Asking a question

If you’re stuck in the muck of existential questions, trying to work out what the purpose of your life is, Archangel Gabriel can come to your aid.

Think of a certain question, formulate it clearly in your thoughts and then ask him. You can do this while meditating, praying or while conducting a Candle Magic ritual with white or copper-colored candles.

But don’t worry too much about the logistics – the ritual is intended to purify your mind and give you clarity. If you know what your question is and your intention is clear, go ahead and ask! Archangel Gabriel may not answer immediately, but be sure that, once you’ve unleashed your question to the Universe, the answer will, eventually, come.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer

Archangel Gabriel can help purify your thoughts so that you can become more receptive to the divine guidance. He can also give you wisdom and clarity, or help you find an answer to a difficult situation.

Remember that divine solutions are not only about you – they are about finding a path that serves everyone equally well, and that may mean giving up certain attachments of the ego that you may be holding onto. It may mean that the answer you need is not necessarily the one you’re looking for – so be ready for that.

Prayer for purification

Archangel Gabriel,
Thank you for your divine advice
I am tired of the storms
That life throws my way
Help me clear my mind
And purify my thoughts
For the greatest good of all.

Prayer for clarity

Archangel Gabriel,
I am lost in a storm
My mind is too busy
I need your divine counsel
To help me clear my thoughts
And put my mind at rest
So I can do God’s work.

Prayer for guidance

Dear Archangel Gabriel
I thank you for your presence
And for coming to my aid
Whenever I call upon you.
I need you now
To help me find a solution
To this problem that I face.
I have sought and wondered
And I can’t seem to think straight.
Please come to me
Show me the answer
That I cannot see
For myself.

Archangel Gabriel meditation

Meditation is important when communicating with angels, as it helps to cleanse any thoughts from the conscious mind that may be interfering with the divine messages that are channeled through your subconscious mind. Try this Archangel Gabriel meditation by Emily Sweeney for healing, support and guidance.

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