Angel Number 6 - The Angels Want You To Raise Your Vibration - Find Out How
Angel Number 6

Angel Number 6 – Compassionate and Nurturing

Angel number 6 brings messages of love, compassion and nurturing into your life. The angels are sending you positive energy to help you raise your vibration. By raising your vibration, you can connect with your inner truth and shine your light on the world.

Up to now, the angel numbers 1 – 5 have been about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The angels have been sending you messages of inspiration, to help you to stay focused on living your truth. But when angel number 6 appears, the angels want you to take a breather and connect with others and the universe.

What the angels want you to do when you see angel number 6

When you see the number 6 over and over again, the angels want you to shift your focus and spend time deepening your spirituality. If your seeing 6 in a triple sequence then the energy is stronger. Angel number 666 has a slightly different meaning. In my channeling sessions, I asked the angels what they want you to do when they send you angel number 6. Here’s the information they gave me.

Balance your worries about the material, with faith in the universe

The angels have sensed that your worries about the material world are preventing you from developing a strong connection with the universe. When you worry about day-to-day concerns, like your job, relationships or money, it creates a vibration of fear. When you are operating from a place of fear and a lack mentality it can put the wrong vibration out into the universe, and you will attract what you are worried about.

So angel number 6 is a gentle reminder from the universe that you need to balance your worries with faith. Sure, it’s important to keep one eye on your day to day concerns because everyone has to pay the bills. But when you become fixated on your issues, it can prevent the universe from helping you manifest.

Have faith that the universe will help you work it all out. Remember that your Guardian Angel is here to support you in your journey to living your divine truth and soul purpose.

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Be of service to others

Being of service to others is one of the best ways of raising your vibration. Helping others breeds success in you. When you make a difference in someone else’s life, the universe will respond in kind and send blessings your way.

Another benefit of being of service to others is it will transform any feelings of low-self esteem, failure, and anger to feelings of joy and happiness. When you put a smile on another’s face, you can’t help but smile yourself.

By shinning your light on others, the light reflects back to you.

Have an attitude of gratitude

When you see angel number 6 over and over again, it’s time to become grateful. This doesn’t mean the angels think you’re ungrateful; it just means they want you to take up a practice of gratitude in order to help the universe understand what miracles you wish to manifest in your life.

Gratitude is like fuel for the heart. When you stop and take the time to appreciate all the good things in your life, it fills you up with positivity which in turn raises your vibration and deepens your connection with the universe.

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