angel Number 40 - The Angels Will Help You Build Your Foundations
40 angel number

Angel Number 40 – The Angels Will Help You Build Your Foundations

If you keep seeing or thinking about Angel Number 40, it’s because your Guardian Angel has a message for you about your current life direction.

If you act on this message, you will capitalize on the success you’ve had so far and build strong foundations for the future.

In this article, you will learn about the traditional meanings of angel number 40 as well as the deeper spiritual significance.

When you see angel number 40 over and over again, it’s because your Guardian Angel is close to you right now. They are sending you support and unconditional love. They are helping you put in place strong foundations for the next phase of your spiritual journey.

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Traditional meaning and significance of angel number 40

Angel Number 40 is a combination of the energies of number 4 and 0.

In numerology, number 4 signifies hard work, progress, stability, order, and structure.

0, in numerology, is a number of great mysteries. It is the number of potential, limitless expanse, and infinity.

When we combine these numbers, Angel number 40 carries a message of building strong foundations in order to continue your spiritual journey and soul purpose. You have achieved and learned much. Now is the time to look at what’s working for you, and what isn’t, and keep only the things that will help you on your journey.

The angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your Guardian Angel are with you. They are sending you healing energy so you can feel more connected to the angelic realms. You will feel at peace, and confident that you can achieve your dreams.

But wait; we can go deeper still…

Deeper Spiritual Meanings of Angel Number 40

During meditation, I connected with my Guardian Angel and asked them to channel further lessons the angels want us to consider when they send us angel number 40. Here are three lessons they gave to me:

The next phase of your journey will be controllable and safe

You’ve had a whirlwind of experience up to now partly because the angels wanted you to experience many things so that you could find yourself. You’ve learned, evolved and adapted through everything you’ve been through.

The angels want you to know that now the next phase of your journey, however daunting it may be, will be controllable and safe.

Number 4 has a very grounded, practical and slow moving energy.

Don’t expect things to move at a breakneck pace like they have been doing. Expect a slow, orderly progression toward your goals.

This next phase of your life is all about being considerate and orderly as you move towards living your soul purpose.

Think carefully about your decisions, take stock of your state of mind and use your powers of discernment. If you do this, you will find that you will be able to channel your creative, mutable power and transform it in tangible, practical ways that will help you achieve your soul purpose.

Find lessons in your most difficult experiences

As you progress on your spiritual journey, it’s important that you learn from everything you have been through. There are lessons to be learned even in the most darkest of experiences.

Don’t just focus on the positive. By bringing light to your shadows, you will heal, grow and evolve.

By reframing your difficulties, stresses, and trials as growth experiences, you will be integrating new knowledge into your consciousness. This will assist you on your spiritual path.

Angel number 40, is a reminder to look to the past, and mine every experience for a lesson that you can integrate into your way of being.

Ask the angels for help. Ask them for protection and healing as you plumb the depths of your soul to find the diamonds in the rough.

Your strength and courage will only increase

The angels recognize that you’ve been through some stressful times in your life. They understand that you’ve felt lost and alone. But, they want you to know that they’ve always been there for you, sending you healing and unconditional love.

They want you to know that everything you’ve been through has helped you in some way. You are no longer the person that you were ten years ago. You have grown in strength and courage.

And the angels want you to know that you will continue to grow. Your strength and courage will continue to increase, as you connect with your higher self and live soul purpose. This will, in turn, lead to lead to spiritual growth that will propel you forward on your divine mission.

Angel number 40 is a potent message that you are consolidating your strength and now is a time for reflection.

The angels want you to know that you are strong enough to navigate through any challenges and obstacles, a fact that emphasizes your ever-expanding state of consciousness.

What do to if you see 40 angel number

In my intuitive oracle readings with people that see 40 angel number, I offer the following practical advice.

Connect with your Guardian Angel

It is during this period of your life that you will need love and support as you lay down the stable foundations for the next phase of your spiritual journey.

Through meditation, connect with your guardian angel and ask them to envelop you with their mighty wings of love and protection. Bask in their energy and feel all negativity, worry and stress drain away. Do this regularly.

To deepen your connection with the Angelic Realms, and get a specific message from your Guardian Angel that applies to your life, I highly recommend you receive a free Guardian Angel message from my trusted friend and angel messenger Maria. Click here to get your free Guardian Angel message.

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