Angel Number 39 - Get to Work Lightworker!
39 angel number

Angel Number 39 – Get to Work Lightworker!

If you keep seeing or thinking about Angel Number 39, it’s because your Guardian Angel is trying to send you a divine message about your soul purpose.

If you act on this message, you will align your thoughts, intentions, and actions with celestial energies and begin to live your soul purpose fully.

Here you will learn about the traditional meanings of angel number 39 as well as the deeper spiritual significance.

When you see angel number 39 over and over again, it’s because your Guardian Angel and the ascended masters have recognized that you are a powerful lightworker with the capabilities to bring forth great healing energy into the earthly realms. This is part of your soul purpose. 

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Traditional meaning and significance of angel number 39

Angel number 39 is a blend of the energies and vibrations of the numbers 3 and 9.

In numerology, number 3 signifies grow, expanding your skills and talents, expansion and creative self-expression. It is also the number of the holy trinity and of working with the ascended masters.

Number 9 in numerology signifies spiritual enlightenment, the end of a cycle, humanitarianism, and lightworking.

When we blend these energies, the message of angel number 39 is that the ascended masters are working with you, expanding your skills so you can become a lightworker that spreads healing, happiness, and positivity to all those around you.

But wait, we can go deeper still…

Deeper Spiritual Meanings of Angel number 39

During my angelic channeling sessions, I connected with my Guardian Angel and asked for the lessons they want us to learn when they send us angel number 39. Here are three things they told me.

You are a channel for cosmic energy

You act as a conduit for the wisdom, healing, and love of the universe.

Through you, the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters can spread love, light, and positivity.

The angels want you to have faith in your innate abilities and your path as a lightworker.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up your job if you enjoy it to pursue a career in the healing and guidance arts. But that you should always look to lift the spirits of others, no matter what the setting.

Allow this divine energy to flow through you. Allow your thoughts and actions to align with the grand plan of the divine and become one with the universe.

Have faith that the Ascended Masters want the best for you and they will not send you anything they didn’t think you could not handle.

Maintain energetic boundaries

Being a lightworker is no easy path. Spreading love and light all the time can leave you feeling drained. If you’re also an empath, you may also take on the negative emotions of others leaving you feel frazzled.

When you see angel number 39, it is also a reminder to set boundaries. Learn to say no sometimes. The angels want you to know that you can’t be everything to everyone all the time. You need to take some time for yourself.

So when you see angel number 39, rejoice that the ascended masters are with you, but also remind yourself to take some time out every now and again.

By not over-committing yourself, you will have more stamina and energetic strength to help more people over the longer term. You don’t have to achieve everything in a day.

Heal your wounds

Most lightworkers have their own dark wounds which they try to bury without healing them. They presume that if they ignore them, they will go away. But, these wounds can hold you back. They create trapped negative energy which blocks up your aura and your chakra. This prevents you from being a completely open conduit for the universe.

When you see angel number 39, it could be a message that you need to spend some time healing. Find, name, honor and acknowledge your wounds. Forgive situations, people and circumstances that have caused you pain and release yourself from their influence.

By healing yourself, you will be better able to heal others.

What to do if you see 39 angel number

In my intuitive oracle readings, I offer the following practical advice to people that see 39 angel number.

Practice self-care

Self-care is so important for lightworkers. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. Make some time to work on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Often, we are very good at working on one aspect but neglect another. Keep a balance. Get plenty of exercise, eat well, meditate and sleep well. This will keep your energy positive and vibrant so you can take up the lightworkers calling with vigor.

Heal your wounds

Having hurt and negativity buried deep inside you can prevent you from showing up as your true authentic self and helping the world to heal. There are a million and one ways to go about healing, but the two I always start with are journaling and cord cutting.

Journalling allows us to see things from a different perspective which helps traumas heal. While cord cutting releases us from the negativity of the past.

If you want to learn more about yourself and discover what your divine spiritual gifts and soul purpose is, then I highly recommend you receive a numerology reading. Based on your name and date of birth, a numerology reading will map out the energetic frequencies which guide and influence your life. You’ll discover what your soul purpose is and where you fit into the grand play of the universe. Click here to get a free numerology reading. I found mine to be inspirational and it really helped me clarify which path I should take in life. 

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