Angel Number 38 - Ascended Masters are Helping You Manifest
38 angel number

Angel Number 38 – The Ascended Masters are Helping You Manifest Abundance

Ascended masters are with you and will ensure that you will receive abundance in your life.

If you keep seeing or thinking about Angel Number 38, it’s because your Guardian Angel has an encouraging and positive message for you.

If you act on this message, you will be rewarded for your efforts and you will see abundance and prosperity enter your life.

Here you will learn the traditional meaning of angel number 38, as well as more profound mystical insights. I learnt these more profound meanings when I connected with the angelic realms and asked for deeper spiritual meanings of angel number 38.

When you see angel number 38 over and over again, it’s because your Guardian Angel wants you to know that the ascended masters are working with you to manifest abundance into your life. They are working with your thoughts and feelings to keep you on track to achieving your goals and living your soul purpose.

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Traditional meaning and significance of angel number 38

The traditional meaning of angel number 38 is rooted in numerology.

Number 3 in numerology signifies the ascended masters, creativity, communication and expressing your gifts.

Number 8 is a number of good fortune, prosperity and abundance. It also stands for truth and acting with integrity.

If we add these numbers together we get 11, a karmic number which is a number of deep wisdom, inspiration and intuition.

Combined these numbers give us a message of how you have worked hard on your dreams. Ascended masters are working though you and sending you healing energy to keep you focused and inspired. You have great wisdom and intuition and you know how to achieve success. Prosperity and abundance will soon flow into your life.

But wait; we can go deeper still…

Deeper Spiritual Meanings of Angel Number 38

In my channeling sessions I connected with the angelic realms and asked them for deeper spiritual lessons they want to impart when they show us angel number 38.

Trust in what you truly want

The angels and ascended masters want to to have complete faith in your desires. They are aligned with your soul purpose. You must trust in your ability to manifest your desires into your life for them to become a reality.

Believe that what you want, also wants you. The genuine desires of your heart are the sacred purpose of your soul.

If you have been shamed, judged, criticized or denied your natural desires in anyway then you may have developed a complicated relationship with the yearnings of your soul.

Trust that what you want to manifest will truly bring a sense of passionate, playful purpose and fulfillment to your life.

By trusting in your desires, the ascended masters will be able to work with you in order to manifest them.

Acquire a beginners mind

When it comes to manifestation and prosperity, it’s key that you remain open minded and allow the universe and ascended masters to work their magic. Show up with a beginners mind, expecting nothing and wonder about everything.

When you manifest from the position of a beginners mind, you free yourself of all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. This clears the way for your intention to meet the universe halfway. Abundance and prosperity will flow into your life much faster.

The angels want you to approach life with a keen sense of play, without attachment to the final outcome. They will send you what you need when you are ready for it.

Keeping working on your dreams, approach everything as if it were a game and you will meet success.

Embrace uncertainty

When you are pushed to step into the unknown you are pulled forward into discovering new possibilities and experience.

Remember that your soul knows better than your ego. Allow it to guide you as you navigate your soul purpose.

The angels want you to embrace the unknown and keep expanding, learning and growing.

With every step you take, you move closer to achieving your dreams. As you move forward, so to does the universe. Prosperity and abundance could be literally a step a way. So never ever give up.

What to do if you see 38 angel number

In my intuitive oracle readings, I offer the following practical advice to people that see 38 angel number.

Release yourself from negativity

Negativity and limiting beliefs will stop abundance in its tracks. It blocks the ascended masters energy from entering your life. When you spot yourself having a negative belief, write it down and re-word it into a more positive belief. As an example instead of thinking “This will never work” think instead “every action I take is learning experience which will teach me how to make it work”.

Practice gratitude

When abundance is about to flow into your life, the best way to speed it up and keep it following is though gratitude. Gratitude reprogrammes your thoughts and keeps you positive and focused on what you want. This lets the angels know that what they are sending you is what you want. Start a gratitude journal. At the start and end of everyday, write down five things you are grateful for and spend a few minutes meditating on the happy blessings you have in your life.

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