Angel Number 36 - Maintain Your Connection With the Celestial Realms
36 angel number

Angel Number 36 – Maintain Your Connection With the Celestial Realms

If you keep seeing or thinking about Angel Number 36, it’s because your Guardian Angel is trying to send you a divine message.

If you act on this message, your inner resolve will strengthen, and you will continue on your life’s journey with confidence and conviction.

In this article, you will discover the significance and spiritual meaning behind angel number 36, and you’ll learn why you keep seeing it. I will explain the traditional meanings, as well as more profound spiritual teachings which I’ve discovered when I connected to the angelic realms and asked for further information about this number.

When you see angel number 36 over and over again, it’s because your Guardian Angel wants you to summon your inner courage and maintain a connection with the celestial realms as you progress on your spiritual journey to living your soul purpose.

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Traditional meaning and significance of angel number 36

Angel number 36 is a blend of the energies and frequencies of numbers 3 and 6.

Number 3 in numerology signifies growth, expansion, working your soul path, momentum, and freedom.

Number 6 signifies unconditional love, being a lightworker, reliability, responsibility, balance, and harmony.

When we add the numbers, we get 9. This is a number of achievement and coming full cycle. It is a number of spiritual awakening.

When we blend all three numbers, the message becomes one of having used your skills and talents to express yourself creatively and live your soul purpose. You have achieved a great deal, and your inner and outer worlds are perfectly balanced. You have come to find your place in the universe, and you have a great sense of your own spirituality.

But wait; we can go deeper still

Deeper spiritual meanings of angel number 36

I connected with the celestial realms and asked my Guardian Angel for further insights into angel number 36. They shared three profound pieces of spiritual wisdom with me:

Keep the momentum going

Angel Number 36 is a positive reminder that your life is headed in the right direction. You have worked hard to achieve what you have and now is not the time to be discouraged by any minor setbacks.

The angels want you to know that the momentum of your success will require your resolve and assertiveness. Especially when it comes to dealing with other people.

Do not be afraid to stand strong and speak your truth.

If you feel overwhelmed, judged or criticized by others, remember that the angels are here to love, nourish and support you. Reach out for their help. They will assist you as you stand your ground and remain steadfast in your convictions. Do not let others put you down.

Open yourself up to divine inspiration

When you see angel number 36, it’s a positive reminder that the angels are sending you inspiration and sparks of creativity.

Use this divine inspiration to propel you forward.

You have achieved much up to now, and the angels are proud of you.

Know that your hard work, strength, and perseverance have created the foundations for the success you are now enjoying, so embrace the rewards that come your way.

Angel number 36 is also a message about actively looking to expand your range of skills and talents. If you’re thinking about undertaking further studies when angel number 36 shows up, know that the angels think this will be a good idea for you and it will serve you well.

Keep your channel to the celestial realms open and keep asking the angels for signs and messages as you move forward with strength and conviction.

You will attain higher states of consciousness

The hard work you have done will come to shift your perspective. The culmination of your efforts and spiritual growth will lead to higher states of consciousness and a better understanding of your place in the universe.

By working on your dreams, you have learned many spiritual lessons, and now you will come to understand your karmic path, and how you are a powerful co-creator of your reality.

To fully embrace your new mindset, it’s essential that you release yourself from issues or pains from the past. It is time to face thee with compassion and self-love. Acknowledge and honor your pain to bring it into the light.

Remember that your reality is whatever you make it.

What to do if you see 36 angel number

In my intuitive oracle readings with people that see 36 angel number, I offer the following practical advice.

Choose your battles carefully

At this stage in your journey, you are bound to come across people that have an opinion on what you are doing. They may judge and criticize you and say you would be better off following a more conventional path. Remember that people hear what they want to hear, not what you tell them. So bite your tongue, their reality is their reality. It’s not your job to change it. Don’t allow their criticisms in.

Expand your skill set

Now is a great time to learn something new. Something that will serve you well on your journey to living your life’s purpose. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go back to school, sometimes a few books and a short workshop will be enough. The more you can learn, the more your reality shifts. So look around, what workshops are on in your local area? Visit a bookshop and browse around. See if you are drawn to anything.

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