Angel Niumber 35 - The Path to Your Soul Purpose Will Light Up and Sparkle
35 angel number

Angel Number 35

If you keep seeing or thinking about Angel Number 35, it’s because your Guardian Angel is trying to send you a divine message.

If you act on this message, your energy will be protected and the path to your soul purpose with light up. This will enable you to shine your brand of magic brightly on the world.

In this article, you will discover the significance and spiritual meaning behind angel number 35, and you’ll learn why you keep seeing it. I will explain the traditional meanings, as well as more profound spiritual teachings which I’ve discovered when I connected to the angelic realms and asked for further information about this number.

When you see angel number 35 over and over again, it’s because your Guardian Angel is letting you know that you are making great progress on your spiritual journey and your desire to live your soul purpose. They want you to embrace changes and take decisive action toward your goals.

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Traditional meaning and significance of angel number 35

Angel Number 35 is a blend of the energies of numbers 3 and 5.

In numerology, number 3 signifies creative self-expression, expansion and living your soul purpose.

Number 5 in numerology signifies changes; life learns learned through experience and progress.

Combined we get the message that you are learning and evolving as you progress on your spiritual journey. Changes may be coming into your life which will enable you to expand and live your soul purpose with confidence and conviction.

But wait; we can go deeper.

Deeper spiritual meanings of angel number 35

During my channeling sessions in which I connected to the celestial realms, My Guardian Angel gave me the following spiritual lessons they would like us to think about when we see angel number 35.

Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique

Angel number 35 is a potent reminder that everyone is on their own unique journey. Everyone has incarnated on the earth plane to experience different things and learn different lessons.

Your journey is different from everyone else’s. Don’t get caught up in a cycle of judgment or jealousy. Doing so will only hinder your progress.

You have the capacity to move along freely as expansive energy without limitations or reins. The key is to embrace your soul purpose and realize that you are a unique gift to the world with your own light and magic to share.

When you align with your soul purpose and accept your journey as your own, sparks of inspiration and creativity will fly. Your path will be lit before you, and you’ll inspire others to follow their own path.

Now is the time to take constructive action

You are an old soul. You have seen and experienced more than most, and you use your wisdom to your advantage.

Through many lifetimes, you have honed your skills, talents, and abilities.

When Angel Number 35 shows up, the time is ripe for taking constructive action and working towards your goals.

The magical energies of expansion and change are with you. Harness them and align with them to move in the direction of your dreams.

Your angels are always there to support you. Call on them for love assistance and guidance, and you will move with ease and grace.

Work on your spiritual health

The numbers 5 and 3 and combine to give us 8. This is a signal from the angels to keep working on your spiritual health.

You are making significant progress, but it’s key that you maintain your connection to source energy.

As you progress on your journey and live your soul purpose, you will enter phases of your life where things feel outright overwhelming due to responsibilities or limitations. These worldly pressures may create boundaries surrounding your sense of freedom and self-expression which will cause you to slip into lower vibrational states.

To protect yourself from lower vibrational energies, you must ground yourself, connect to source energy and ask that divine inspiration keep you aligned with your soul purpose at all times.

What to do if you see 35 angel number

In my intuitive oracle readings with people that see 35 angel number, I offer the following practical advice.

Ground yourself every morning and evening

Grounding is the practice of using meditation and visualization to realign your energy. You connect both to source energy from above, and earth energy from below. This makes sure cosmic energy can flow through you at all times. People that don’t ground themselves often feel out of balance and find it difficult to navigate life.

Use psychic protection

After grounding yourself, you should apply psychic protection. This stops negative energies from attaching to your aura and dragging you down. If you live in a city with lots of people then this is a must. The easiest way to apply psychic protection is to visualize a cloak of flaming purpose surrounding your energy field.

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