Angel Number 23 - Creative Manifestation
Angel Number 23

Angel Number 23 – Creative Manifestation

Angel number 23 is a message that you need to focus on things that make you happy. It is a message from the angels that you need to believe in yourself and focus on enhancing your natural abilities to realize your highest desires and aspirations.

This number symbolizes that you may have gotten busy with life and have neglected things that bring you joy. It is time to get back to your creative and talented self and make your personal needs a priority.

Even more help from the Masters

As we look at the numbers separately, the 2 is a symbol of balance, teamwork, cooperation, trust and faith in believing what you are feeling. The universe is constantly giving you signs to help you follow your dream life path. You just need to trust it and follow the angels lead. Your life purpose is within your reach.

In Angel number 23, the 3 symbolizes creativity, growth and encouragement as you pursue joy and happiness in your life. The Ascended Masters are related to the number 3 which means that you have the highest-ranking angels working on your behalf to help you.

You should also be aware that communication is key with this number and as 2 and 3 are added together, 5 symbolizes that you may need to work on your areas of communication in order to share your optimism with others.

Together, the Angel number 23 symbolizes that you need to utilize your natural talents and abilities to find true happiness. Keep your life balanced and allow the angels and Ascended Masters to guide in the right direction.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

If you are in a “rut”, someplace that you feel stuck and don’t know how to get out, look at everything Angel number 23 is saying to you. It is time to make a change and remember the things that make you happy. Your creative, trusting, talented self will lead you in the right direction. If you loved to play music but haven’t been around an instrument in a while, it is time to pick it up. Whatever brings you joy; painting, writing, cars, reading, etc, start enjoying it again. The universe is telling you to get back to what you love and that will lead you to your divine life purpose and true happiness.

As you pay attention to the signs from the angels and Ascended Masters, they will guide you to the areas of life that bring you joy. You may feel that you can’t follow your heart, but trust in the spirit and know that by finding and living your passion, your life purpose will take shape and there will be no need to worry, but you will be truly happy.

Follow your path to happiness

Angel number 23 is all about finding your passion. The angels, archangels and Ascended Masters are all here to help guide you in utilizing your creativity and natural talents to make yourself happy. When you are happy and following your own journey, others around you will be happy, too.

As you define what happiness looks like in your life, remember that the angels want you to communicate honestly and openly with those around you and that by giving back to others, you will ultimately get what you need. The universe wants you to keep a positive attitude and balance in your life and your life purpose will be attainable.

Use your talents, gifts, and creativity which will bring you pure joy in life purpose.

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