Amazonite – Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth

Amazonite is a beautiful blue green stone with powerful energy. The stone helps to give you courage and to speak the truth. There are also many other benefits to this crystal and lots of ways of using it that I will tell you about in this article. 

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What does Amazonite look like?

It may range in color from pale green to deep green and may even appear to have blue in it. The color of the stone depends on the amount of lead that it contains.

The stone is generally opaque or translucent. The darker the stone, the more intense the vibration and effect is said to be. But don’t count stones of a lighter shade out. This stone packs a powerful punch when and where it is needed.

Named After the Amazon River

Amazonite has been used for many years.

Amazonite, as with most blue stones, it opens the throat chakra.Its use dates back to Ancient Egypt and the Amazonians, a tribe of female soldiers in the thick and lush Amazon region of South America.These women were powerful and aggressive, their main concern revolved around war. They would rub their wounds with polished amazonite to avoid infection, as well as keep the stone on them at all times in case they would find the need to use the stone’s healing powers for other wounds they may incur. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that amazonite was a powerful good luck and fertility stone. But this stone also has the ability to open the heart and third eye chakras as well. Amazonite is able to help to calm and release negative energies in the nervous system and brain that have accumulated and restore harmony to these areas.

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What Can Amazonite Be Used For?

Amazonite is believed to provide its keeper with success and luck in gambling.It is also said that this stone is a great tool for aiding in taking a risk to ensure success.Ruled by Uranus, this stone balances the masculine and feminine energies and promotes kindness and practicality. Amazonite is a stone of the element of water. Stones such as these aid in emotional communication, cleansing, intuition, and love.

This specimen is also known as the “Stone of Courage”. It has the ability to fill the heart with determination helping to bring about and sustain focus. This is useful as it helps the ability to see a situation from all sides, angles, and different points of views. This stone aids in self confidence, self assuredness, and respect. The courage that this stone helps one to exude is more of a softer, calmer, and more natural sense of courage, rather than a blatant and aggressive sense of courage.

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Who Could Benefit from Amazonite?

It helps reduce anxiety

This stone helps to heal and soothe the mind and body, alleviate fear and worry, as well as help lessen the emotional disturbances that occur after trauma or traumatic events. This stone is said to align the etheric body with the physical body, and aides in maintaining optimal health.Amazonite filters information that passes through the mind and combines it with the power of one’s intuition giving a clear vision.It helps stimulate to powers of clairvoyance, (clear seeing. The term used to describe when one can see spirit, either subjectively or objectively), and is often used in divinatory techniques, such as meditations, tarot readings, intention setting, and spell work.

Increase your levels of creativity

Amazonite is often loved by those working within the arts as it aids in creative endeavors and inspiration. It helps to give the ability to express one’s creativity freely and opens up the mind to new ways of thinking and feeling.It is also known to be a very spiritual stone, as Amazonite is beneficial to all levels of consciousness. It has the ability to help one see every angle of a problem, situation, or event. Detach one from their emotional standpoint and place them into a more understanding and spiritual state. Known to create a state of open mindedness, amazonite is great to place in an office setting or where one paints, writes, or creates. The atmosphere will feel lighter and the concentration on the project will seemingly become easier.Many artists of all kinds enjoy the company and power of the amazonite stone in their work spaces and lives.

To bring the energy of Amazonite into your work area, place a small piece in a prominent location. 

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Help to speak the truth

Amazonite may be worn as a necklace to help the wearer speak the truth more precisely and clearly. It is common for jewelry to be made of amazonite as the stone is powerful and beautiful. This stone opens the throat chakra, so it helps enable the wearer to speak with confidence, clarity, and courage.Amazonite is a common stone used by lawyers and people involved in court cases or legal matters due to the concise communication they feel it brings to them. Wearing amazonite around the neck places the crystal at the chakras that it vibrates most closely with, (throat and heart), and makes the crystal the most effective.

Reduce joint pain

Due to the copper bearing nature of this stone, Amazonite is a great metaphysical tool to use in battling an arthritic condition. To help ease arthritic pain, either place the stone directly on the joint or pained area, or for a more convenient and longer term solution, place the stone in your left pocket.You could also keep it in your sock or bra on the left side. There really is no right or wrong way, as long as it is on the left or touching the skin. Obviously, if the stone is touching the skin, it is the most potent and has the most amount of healing benefit for the wearer. Skin to crystal contact is the best way to reap the powerful crystal’s benefits.

How to use Amazonite in Stone Medicine

Amazonite is known to be beneficial in balancing metabolic deficiencies and disorders. Such problems may cause tooth decay, arthritis, osteoporosis as well as calcium deposits. To help such issues, making an elixir will help ease the body back to its natural state. Place amazonite in a glass of water (preferably one with a lid) and leave it overnight. This is called chakra water and is used for healing and energizing purposes. Taken in 3 small doses a day, you will receive helpful benefits. As with many blue stones, amazonite is worn or used to promote healing, and specifically reduce fevers, remove ulcers and their causes, as well as reducing inflammation.

A Stone That Reduces Radiation?

Amazonite has a very special quality in which it has the ability to block geopathic radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Everyday items that we come in contact with that place us at risk for such pollutants are cell phones, computers or wifi routers, and microwaves. Amazonite works best to help lessen the effects of these pollutants by being placed between oneself and the source of radiation. Try pairing amazonite with shungite or black tourmaline for even better results. You could place a small flat stone on to your cell phone for protection, or even place a specimen near your microwave or computer for added protection from these invisible but harmful waves. We often don’t think about the harm that things we can not see may cause, but amazonite, has got your back when it comes to ensuring you are at least a little bit safer.

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How can Amazonite be used in magic?

Rituals of new life and celebrations of hope most commonly use amazonite.Wear amazonite in rituals where an important belief needs to be stood up, such as injustice or prejudice. Many times, amazonite is added to the water of a warm bath before a ritual, as it is believed to aid in purifying the inner being as well as the outer flesh.This stone will aid in making a leadership role feel natural. Many ancient Egyptian royalty kept amazonite amulets or statues, jewelry and gems near them. It was even found buried with King Tut. Biblically, it is said, (and also highly likely), that the third stone in the breastplate of Moses is thought to be amazonite.

Amazonite, the sleep whisperer

Amazonite is also known for promoting deep and relaxing sleep. Leaving a specimen on your night stand or even under the pillow or bed can help aid in this type of sleep state.Amazonite is also excellent in halting nightmares. It can be hard to remember to charge a crystal when it is a bit out of sight though, so do not forget about the amazonite in the bedroom while charging the other crystals around the house!

Other Crystals that work well with Amazonite

Amazonite pairs greatly with other stones such as nuummite, moldavite, and phenacite.Paired together, these stones help one to see the greatest truth. Pairing this stone with crystals such as lapis lazuli or clear topaz helps the amazonite vibrate at its full potential. All throat chakra stones pair well with amazonite and will aid in help it to perform at its best ability. Throat chakra stones are typically blue in color. An example of another throat chakra stone would be turquoise or sodalite.

To open your chakras  I recommend you get a piece of jewellery so you can wear it everyday and let its magic get to work on you. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

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Cleansing and charging Amazonite

Like most crystals, amazonite absorbs negative energy within a space.Crystals need to be cleansed and charged on a regular basis to ensure that they are being used and kept their fullest potential. Amazonite should be cleansed once a week to keep it at its optimum power. You can do this by running the stone under warm water and drying it in the sun for at least one hour.Placing the stone on or near mint is a beneficial way to help it recharge as well. To charge amazonite, (or any crystal), set the crystal out in the moonlight on either a new moon, first quarter, full moon or last quarter. This is when the moon is the most potent and the crystal can absorb the most amount of energy.Enjoyed this article? Then subscribe to my newsletter below to get more spiritual and mystical goodness sent straight to your inbox every Sunday!

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