3 Tarot Spreads That Will Help You Make Sense of Your Romantic Relationships

Everyone’s relationship runs into rough times at some point.

UnknownKnowing the right Tarot spread for relationships will help you make decisions. These decisions will improve your partnership.

There may be more and more arguing in the home. Or, there could be stagnancy and uncertainty about your future together.

Whatever the reason, relationship problems are common. There are many websites, books, and TV shows out there that aim to fix relationships.

But, at the end of the day, it comes down to your own gut feeling. However, those feelings can be hard to decipher….

In this article, we will discuss 3 Tarot spreads for relationship problems.

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The First Spread: Simple, Yet Powerful

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The first spread, as you can see, follows a simple pattern. The numbers are in order, reading from the top down. Despite this simple layout, the Tarot spread is a good indicator for your relationship. How Tarot spreads work is easy. With each card, there is a question you must ask, and the card you pick up is the “answer” to the question.

In this spread, the first card symbolizes how partner A sees partner B.

The second card symbolizes how partner B sees partner A. It’s easy to forget to see the other partner’s viewpoint in a situation. How you think your partner sees you may not be an accurate reflection of the truth. With this Tarot spread, you will gain insight into the other person’s perspective.

The third card answers what partner A wants from the relationship.

The fourth card answers what partner B wants from the relationship. Each person may have a different goal in mind. This break in communication could be causing the problems.

The last two cards spell out the future for the couple. Card five answers what partner A wants from the relationship.

Card six answers what partner B wants from the relationship.

This Tarot spread is designed to show you the other person’s opinion. They may have a different perspective on the relationship. This will give you insight that you may not have had before. With this spread, you can see whether you and your partner are compatible.

The Second Spread: A Detailed Analysis

The second tarot spread is a little more complicated. Renowned psychic Sylvia Abraham is the pioneer of this spread. The pattern is easy to follow; there are just more questions. In this, it is slightly staggered. There are nine cards, and each answer a specific query that the Tarot user may have…

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The first card, on the bottom right-hand corner, reveals what the problem is. Perhaps the couple is having trouble identifying what has gone wrong in their relationship. This card will help.

The second card, just above that, asks where the conflict is. This is like the first card, except this asks “where.” The conflict may be more attached to one person in the relationship. This is not to shame anyone or single them out. It is just another way of clarifying what exactly the issue is.

The third card is in the bottom lefthand corner. Before picking it up, ask yourself if you caused the problem. The third card aims to answer who caused the issue in particular.

The fourth card is the answer to whether you actually see your part in the problem. Admitting responsibility can be tough—no one wants to take the blame. But, in order for the relationship to work, you must be honest with yourself.

The fifth and sixth card are in the middle of the spread. The fifth card symbolizes past experiences with the Tarot user’s partner. Relationships may have started out well and then soured. They also may have been problematic from the start. Knowing the history will give you an indication of the future.

The sixth card answers the serious question of abuse. Is one partner abusing the other? Is there a potential for abuse? In new relationships, it can be difficult to see someone’s bad side. Abuse is, unfortunately, way too common among partners.

The seventh card reflects whether there is a third party involved. This could mean an affair, an overbearing parent, or some other problem-causer. The involvement of a third person is another factor in the problem that must be addressed if it’s there.

The eighth and ninth cards are the final ones in the spread. The eighth card answers whether financial issues are involved in the problem. Money is a major cause of relationship issues. It also is a huge factor in divorce.

The ninth card answers a question that may have been on your mind for a while. Will this relationship end? The future is yet uncertain. There may be opportunities for you and your partner to work it out. Tarot will help you decide if you are compatible enough to last.

The Third Spread: Tried-And-True

spread 3

This Tarot spread is tried-and-true. It has been used countless times to help people understand their relationship difficulties. It is simple, with just five cards.

The first card, directly in the center, starts off the Tarot session. It symbolizes your relationship happiness levels. You may be denying that you’re unhappy. It’s easier, sometimes, to not admit there is a problem. This first card will reveal the true contentment (or lack thereof) that you feel.

The second and third cards answer questions about your needs and wants. The second card reflects what you need to grow as a person. A relationship could be keeping you stagnant. It may be preventing you from achieving your potential.

The third card symbolizes whether your needs will be met. The needs that card two revealed should not be ignored, and the third card shows if they will be.

The fourth card asks what action you can take to improve your life. This may be to continue to work on the relationship. It could also mean to take a break. Whatever the Tarot reveals, you should do what is best for you.

The fifth card answers a very important question. What can you do to stay emotionally healthy during this process? Keeping up your emotional strength is vital. Without a sense of inner peace, you won’t be able to solve the problem and help yourself.

Tarot spreads can reveal a lot about you that you may not have been aware of. These spreads shed a new light onto your relationship. They can help you figure out where the problem is. They will also help you determine if these issues can be resolved or if it is best to move on.

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  1. Wow. Thank you for all the great information I wasn’t familiar with only the third spread. I am of course going to draw the first spread immediately so that I’ll know how I feel!

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