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How to Tell if You Have Clairsentience…

What is clairsentience?

You pass a person or meet them for the first time, and you suddenly get a hunch…

You just know how they’re feeling, even if they try to hide it or are not aware of their emotional state themselves.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s very affected by their surroundings – you cannot work, unless your surroundings are harmonious; you are sensitive to light and bright colours.

Read on to find out if you may possess the psychic gift of clairsentience. Continue reading

Clairaudience: What is it and do You Have it?

Do you tend to hear things that other people don’t?

Noises, rustling, ringing or creaking sounds that seem to come out of nowhere?

Or maybe someone calls your name, but when you turn around, you realise that no one said a word?

Do you need your time out to recover from the noises of the world, with music and lights off?

If you answered: ‘Yes, oh my gosh, that’s totally me!’ to any of these statements, then keep on reading to discover if you might be clairaudient. Continue reading