The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 555

Are You Seeing the Number 555 Everywhere?

555, again. It was there on the clock when you woke up, and again on the clock when you randomly glanced at your dashboard in the car. You rewind a movie to a part you missed, and happen to stop at the 5:55 mark without trying. And it seems every time you look at your cell phone, there it is – the battery is at 55%. Of course.

It’s like 555 is teasing you, following you everywhere you go! Can this really be a coincidence? Or is it a meaningful message, contained within synchronicity, from the angels?

When you see Angel Number sequence 555, it means that change is unavoidable, and is coming.

What were your thoughts at the moment you spotted another 555? If you were thinking of making a change in your life when this number appears, consider it validation that it is the correct path to take. It reminds you we must let go of the old in order to make room for the new, which means releasing old habits, doubts perceived

If you were thinking of making a change in your life when this number appears, consider it validation that it is the correct path to take. It reminds you we must let go of the old in order to make room for the new, which means releasing old habits, doubts perceived

It reminds you we must let go of the old in order to make room for the new, which means releasing old habits and fear-based thought patterns.The change that is coming can have both immediate and long-term effects, so preparation and adaptability

The change that is coming can have both immediate and long-term effects, so preparation and adaptability are required from you now.

Seeing 555 repetitively means that change is approaching, and you have to be in the mindset that you are excited about the change, having no fear while staying practical and stable in your methods of preparation.

It could also be a reminder that you are not taking the steps necessary to prepare for the coming change, and you need to start right now.

Angel number 555 contains an epic message within its magical energetic vibration.

Before we begin deciphering what 555 symbolizes, we must comprehend the concept that each number in the sequence carries its own energetic weight.

To fully comprehend, let’s break down the energy of each component. They are:

  • Number 5
  • Number 55
  • Number 6

The significance of number 5

In numerology, the number 5 reflects the energies of CHANGE.

It also holds the qualities of innovation, expansiveness, constructive freedom, rebellion, pioneering, adventure, restlessness, action, variety, opportunity, independence, and life experience.

It also represents:

The 5 senses
The 5 projections from the torso (4 limbs and the head)
5-pointed stars

The number 5 gives off the most energetic and dynamic vibration of all the cardinal, single digit numbers.

Even though it is created from a mix of both feminine and masculine characteristics, 5 is generally considered to hold a stronger feminine nature.

This witty nature of the 5 is a daring one – always in motion, unpredictable, and constantly in need of change. With the quality of changing on a whim, the 5 takes all change in stride; adapting whether the change was planned, or not.

The 5 represents a vibration of energy concerned with personal freedom, the type of freedom unbothered by responsibility or conforming to expectations of society. The rebellious, pioneering, and expansive qualities of the 5 are displayed typically within societal boundaries: religious, government, and educational institutions.

The 5th astrological sign of the zodiac is LEO. The fire elemental aspect of this fixed sign emanates strongly with the energy of the 5 – enthusiasm, bursts of energy, and they also LOVE to use innovation light the fire under others to get things started.

A Leo’s generosity and enthusiasm are legendary, as are their beliefs.

They have opinions on every topic imaginable, and zero hesitation to express them. This “bigger than life” personality holds a tendency for overreaction and exaggeration, which helps them to excel as natural ENTERTAINERS, (as with the 5!). They are typically incredible hosts, because they find fulfilment in being the catalyst to make others enjoy life as much as they do.

Leo being represented by the lion is no coincidence.

The lion is an animal that represents a regal nature that can accomplish many things because of their ambition, sticking to projects when the others lose stamina.

They love attention, luxury, and being the victor or hero. As they can finish tasks that most can’t, Leos also cannot help calling attention and praise to themselves and their accomplishments. Attempting to back a lion into a corner is never a good idea; in our physical form, Leos resent anyone demanding they change their behavior or way of thinking. Try to do this, and the lion will quickly show the intensity of their intractable nature.

Dignity is also so significant in their lives, that if they are wronged, they do not forget. However, they will warm up if those who betrayed them are sincere in requesting forgiveness.

They can be stubborn, and resistant to what the 5 represents: CHANGE…but only CHANGE that is not of their own making. This is interesting, and almost as if Leo being represented by the 5 is a universal test for that group to pass – adaptability to accept inevitable change.

In the Tarot deck, the 5th card is THE HIEROPHANT. He is the counterpart to the High Priestess, and also known as the High Priest, Chiron, the Shaman or the Pope. The visual of this card is very intricate and telling of its meaning. The Hierophant’s right hand is raised, and a triple scepter, crossed keys, and two initiates at his feet are displayed.

This right hand raised is extremely common in nearly every religion or belief system, and for a reason. The Magician of the tarot deck has this same hand raised as well. But while The Magician has an energy of taking from the raw power of the Universe to manifest in the physical, The Hierophant holds an energy of taking that universal power and dispersing it throughout the world in the form of religion.

The triple scepter represents his control over all three worlds: mind, body and spirit. The crossed keys reflect the balance necessary to unlock mysteries – balance between the spiritual and physical, or the conscious and subconscious minds. The two initiates knelt before him represent his task of bringing them into religion, so they can assume their roles.

The Hierophant is a spiritual teacher, a trusted guide who assists us in connecting with the divine.

The Magician simply points the way, while The Hierophant “takes us by the hand,” so to speak, to lead us to our spiritual goal. The card reflects a nature of needing to honor tradition in your life, or maybe start some traditions of your own. His appearance actually shows you are dealing with an energy that is not free-spirited or innovative in any way, but rather more appreciative of tradition. Such is the energy of religious beliefs and rituals.

The Hierophant represents the gateway to a higher spiritual consciousness, reached in a manner of ritual and learned by word and example. Being the 5th card in the major arcana, this is in stark contrast to the number 5’s expansive ways; instead of innovation, you need to learn to adapt (like with the Leo energy).

The number 5 exudes the epitome of versatility along the journey to what is deemed to be the ultimate in “personal freedom.“

A master adaptor of adaptability, the 5 energy relates to people, presents ideas, and eventually get what it wants.

It is independent in mind and soul, a quick-witted vibration that is both clever and analytical.

The energy may be restless at times and signifies tendency to stray from long projects, and this impatient nature can cause an erratic or scattered nature.

A 5 is not the energy of sticking to a normal routine, being more of an adventurous risk-taker. It has a hard time staying in any place too long, because with the 5, change is a necessity.

5 also reflects a continuous state of chaos brought on by this love of constant change. With the energy that has a thrill for taking risks, the indulgent nature ensures a “forever young” quality, with an excitement for spirituality, sexuality, love, and LIFE in general.

The 5 also emits ambition, energy and quick mind which can help you attain something effortlessly…faster than anyone else could.

A 5 makes up its own mind, regardless of expectations and possibly rebels against specific stereotypes and ideologies. Unconventional, it reflects being drawn to the eccentric, esoteric and outcasts of life. It represents being opinionated and changing your mind often, (but always having contemplated the matter beforehand).

5 energetic frequency radiates a free spirit and free thinker vibration – PROGRESSIVE, UNCONVENTIONAL, NON-CONFORMIST, SENSUAL, ADVENTUROUS and here to EXPANSIVELY shake things up and CHANGE THE WORLD.

The energetic qualities of number 55

The number 55 holds a strong vibrational energy in numerology, as with all repeating numbers. A repeating number intensifies the energetic frequency of the original number. And in this case, it is the number 5.

55 reflects twice the energy of the 5: versatility, adventure, curiosity, idealism, action, facing challenges and learning lessons through this life’s experiences. As this energy is duplicated, it represents releasing the fear-based emotions and doubts to be able to look forward to new and better opportunities that are coming.

Angel Number 55 is a message from your Higher Self to keep a positive outlook about anything ‘new’ entering your life, keeping an open mind of everything in the future being presented to you. Everything happens for a predestined reason, regardless of the reason for the change, (and it may not be understood at the moment). These events occur so you can release old burdens to live freely and pursue your soul purpose and life mission.

These messages call on the energies of letting go of what no longer serves us, preparing for changes to occur in your life, in the near future. If you see 55 everywhere, it is a sign from your Higher Self that change is coming, and it will be okay if you have a positive mindset.
The last number that you need to be aware of to understand the full meaning of the sequence 555 is number 6.

The energetic qualities of number 6

Are you questioning why number 6 is included for the analysis of 555?
Because in numerology, we reduce. So, 5+5+5 = 15.
15 then reduces to 6, (1+5 =6).

The number 6 carries the most harmonious vibration of all single-digit cardinal numbers. The 6 represents a feminine energy of idealism, stability, and creating peaceful environments. The energy of the 6 is considered “THE NURTURER” of the cardinal numbers. It is an energy of compassion, maternal instinct, and love…with a very down to earth and grounded inner wisdom.

The 6 has an energy of analysis, getting to the heart of a matter while solving problems easily and logically…as a nurturing-natured mother may be naturally able to do in fairness. That being said, the 6 energy also carries a domestic vibration – craving a stable home life, spouse, and/or children…for both practical reasons and love-based emotions.

The 6th sign of the zodiac is VIRGO, represented by the symbol of the virgin and ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. Virgo is an EARTH sign, and embodies the epitome of innocence, organization, and perfectionism. It reflects a hard-working, analytical, critical and detail-oriented energy, which will eventually manifest physically on this earthly plane of existence.

In the Tarot deck, the 6th card is THE LOVERS card. It depicts partnership, commitment, decision-making and life choices. Though not representative of simply the idea of LOVE itself, it IS about major life choices. Those choices include couples but also decisions made regarding partnerships in general. This can include business partners, friendships, siblings, and countless more.

The Lovers card is ruled by GEMINI, which represents the epitome of DUALITY itself.

It is no coincidence that the visual display of The Lovers card also portrays DUALITY. One man and one woman are present; one is standing by the TREE OF LIFE, and one is standing by the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. They are deciding whether to follow their emotions, intuition and heart…or follow their temptations/obligations in physical life.

Are you seeing 555 everywhere?

The repeating number sequence of 555 encompasses the combined vibrations, energy and attributes of all the numbers we discussed – number 5, number 55, and even the numbers 10 and 6.

Let’s review the characteristics we discussed for each number:



Frequency of 

If you see Angel Number 555 repeating in your daily life, change is coming, and it is imminent.

There may not be a choice in the matter, so you will have to utilize your innovative skills while being extremely adaptable to change you are not initiating yourself.

The 5 loves change, so this message should not bring anxiety, but rather excitement.

By releasing any fear-based or negative emotions you have about coming events or changes in your life, you will reap the benefits of the experiences, learning life lessons significant to your soul contract.

By being dynamic, innovative, and flexible…while also keeping a pragmatic strategy to your actions, you will come out on top with a nature that combines both nurturing and logic.

And remember, thoughts are energy that reflects back to the Universe, eventually creating your reality, so keeping your future thoughts positive about what this means can only serve to your benefit, anyway!

What should I do if I see 555?

Always take a moment to mindfully think of where your thoughts were headed at that moment.

Make a mental note, and keep your intuition on alert. Chances are your thoughts are very much aligned with your purpose in the Universe, and your first reaction to seeing this number is intuitive.

Trust it. Your higher guides will reveal the message meant for you.

By being mindful and aware of your conscious thought processes, you will accelerate your spiritual journey and life mission.

Releasing fear-based concepts will start to come easier to you, especially when you see this number and follow its message to remain adaptable and actually look forward to changing. This change coming may have been something you have been waiting for, for a long time.

Practising this daily, even when you do not see this number, assists in attaining a higher consciousness and positive abundance in your life.

Your intuition and Higher Self will give you guidance, raising your confidence to believe you can make it through whatever is coming your way.

If number 555 shows itself repeatedly, change is absolutely coming for you – keeping an adventurous mindset that you are craving change and not fearing it… while staying down to earth…will benefit your path now. Or it could be a reminder that you are not taking the steps necessary to prepare for the coming change, and you need to start now.


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