Are You Consciously Observing the Number 111 in Your Everyday Life?


Many of us who have awakened to a spiritual and wisdom-seeking lifestyle start to observe the inescapable phenomena of repeating numbers that seem to follow us everywhere.

For those new to this frequent occurrence, it seems intriguing, doesn’t it…?

The first thing you must know: There is no such thing as “coincidence.”

This synchronicity is unique to your higher self, a message from the Universe to YOU.... to assist you along your individual journey.

Numbers are one of the few unchangeable truths in this existence.

Numerology is the in-depth study of the significance they hold in our reality and beyond.

Numbers each hold a certain “weight.” Even when a number is combined with other numbers, it never fails to contain the appropriate message within the final product.

This makes it an incredibly effective method for higher communication to come through our dimension, but only once one has developed awareness to the occurrence.

If you are seeking spiritual truth in this topic, chances are you are already consciously, (or unconsciously), developing a higher spiritual awareness.

The magical angel number 111 has a miraculously intense message contained within its vibrational weight.

First, let’s break down the energy of each component: Number 1, Master Number 11 and Number 3.


The number 1 in numerology is the primal force of nature, ruled by THE SUN, and represents new beginnings, along with the energetic power to create with skills and talents that come naturally.

Even the shape of 1 reflects the internal meaning: the self-assured ability to stand upright as an individual.

It also is reflective of the qualities necessary for leadership:

  • Motivation
  • Logic
  • Assertiveness
  • Skill
  • Independence
  • Ambition to achieve success

The 1st sign of the zodiac is Aries, a cardinal fire sign that literally embodies independence.

Aries can be considered the leader of the pack, representing initiation, aggression, and a pioneering energy that faces life “head-on” like a ram.

In the Tarot, card 1 is THE MAGICIAN.

It is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, skillful analysis, and logic.

The Magician card also represents the four fundamental elements of THE ALCHEMIST, which are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

An alchemist has the creative power to alter reality, and when this card appears it means you contain the energy to build a new life cycle.

If you work to pull together your skills and tools, you will channel that energy toward a desired new beginning.

The number 1 reminds us we are insightful beings.

It encompasses your own personal beginning; the true “self” contained within the soul outside of the ego we experience in this physical form and human experience.

It holds the weight of being true to your inner beliefs and sacred goals, as that is where Source energy lies.


The number 11 in numerology is a MASTER NUMBER.

It represents ILLUMINATION: the inevitable energies and messenger of humanitarianism, revelation, intuition, idealism, enlightenment, and awakening.

It holds the weight of connecting with the higher YOU, a reminder that we must all strive to know and consciously embody our soul purpose and life mission here on Earth.

The 11th sign of the zodiac is Aquarius, which stands for the determination to assist others by giving back the experience of our own beliefs. Aquarius embodies intellect, inventiveness, and humanitarianism. This can be displayed as the pouring out of life and spiritual strength to a tainted world, like the symbolism of the water bearer.

In the Tarot, 11 is JUSTICE. It is ruled by Libra, the astrological sign of balance on the scales.

Your thoughts, actions, and serving your higher life purpose are being spiritually judged according to everything you perform. Both consciously and subconsciously!

Master number 11 is also a KARMIC NUMBER.

If you hold a Karmic Debt number 11, you reap incredible rewards in this lifetime by being faithful to intuition instead of the rational mind.

If you expect the best, the best will follow you. Unfortunately, if you expect the worst, you will receive the same back, (demonstrated within the universal law of attraction). It is said people with a Karmic Number 11 may even have a fear there is “no God.”

Ironically, most of us will start noticing repeating 1’s before any other number. Maybe this is our first reminder there is more to life, becoming evident by the synchronistic events that start around you!


1+1+1 = 3. The number 3 in numerology represents self-expression, art, creativity, imagination, spontaneity, and social enthusiasm. It is also reflective of the universal trinity, such as:

  • Father-Son-Holy Spirit
  • Mind-Body-Soul
  • Conscious-Subconscious-Superconscious

The number 3 is also representative of the energies of the Ascended Masters in the spiritual dimension.

These are the powerful teachers, prophets, and healers who once in human form, yet became transcendent of human limitations.

They inspire those of us who seek higher spiritual consciousness and guidance. When a 3 is seen, it reminds us that our thoughts are being heard and being responded to by universal and divine energies.

The 3rd sign of the zodiac is Gemini, which stands for a dual nature.

This duality embodies exchange and interaction, highly regarding ideas and communication.

This can be displayed as the ever adaptable and flexible split personality of their symbol, the twins, which perfectly reflects the dualistic nature of the sign.

In the Tarot, 3 is THE EMPRESS, the mother of Gaia. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, passion, beauty, abundance, and fertility. It reminds us to create beauty in our lives, getting in touch with our senses to experience deeper fulfillment.

It also shows when we need to discover new ways to express ourselves and bring forth those ideas that have been building deep inside.


(and the combined message the higher divine is attempting to communicate with it!)

The repeating number sequence of Angel Number 111 holds the combined energies, vibrations, and attributes of number 1, Master Number 11, and even the number 3.

Additionally, remember any triple number sequence holds the weight of that individual number, highly intensified.

After comprehending what each of those numbers individually holds vibrationally, the meaning of Angel Number 111 becomes clear:


If you see the repeating Angel Number sequence 111, your thoughts at that moment or action in daily life are in alignment with the universe and your spiritual path.

Your intuition is correct.

Make a mental note of the thoughts passing through your consciousness at that moment, and keep them FRUITFUL.

You are powerfully manifesting and practicing awareness of thought will undoubtedly serve your awakening and mission.

If you keep your thoughts as positively balanced as is possible consciously, you learn to release fear-based ideas upon inception, without dwelling upon them.

This will provide abundance in whatever your soul finds desirable – if you don’t just BELIEVE, but also KNOW what you’re capable of.

Be a lightworker. Trust that everything higher is supporting you at that moment, and be an ILLUMINATING guide.

This message encourages you to share your intuitive leadership and creative gifts with humanity.

You have unique philosophies and EXPERIENCE that was divinely organized.

All you must do is utilize the predestined astrological, geographical, and physical tools gifted to you in this lifetime.

You can create a new consciousness starting in your own life, which will then vibrate out to assist in raising the vibration and consciousness of the collective community. There is more to this life than meets the eye.

“If the voice in your head is you..who is the one listening to it?”


Intuition is the ability to understand or “know” something immediately, without any conscious rationale attached.

What MADE you glance at the clock at that time?

Some believe that 90% of our own consciousness stays up in the higher realms, and a mere 10% fills this physical body.

Whether it is your superconscious-level soul, ancestors, angels or ascended masters…rely on that inner wisdom. Typically, the first thought that comes to your head is your intuition. TRUST IT.

The universal law of threes explains that two is recognized as positive and negative; it only becomes a unit when combined with a neutralizing force.

Three is a unit, neither of the original two is more powerful than the other, and each behaves for itself for the benefit of the whole.

If you are seeing triple number sequences of any kind, never doubt it has a special meaning for you at that time.

Once you recognize, acknowledge, affirm and show gratitude to this message you are being sent, you may start seeing new numbers.

It is possible that ascension lesson and advancement in your consciousness is underway. Embrace this growth and anticipate that new messages will start to arrive.

If you see 111’s coming back around, try to remember this small lesson your read here…as your guides believe it may need to be revisited.

Or maybe you will start to see 111+_ (another number).  This is where it gets fun. You’re definitely receiving an enhanced message, with a new numerological value added to it!

Raising your awareness is raising your consciousness.
Acknowledge and show gratitude.
Then watch the magic unfold, over a lifetime of ever changing synchronicity in numbers.


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